Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet

Green Deen What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet The Earth is a mosque Muslims are compelled by their religion to praise the Creator and to care for their community But what is not widely known is that there are deep and long standing connections be

  • Title: Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet
  • Author: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Keith Ellison
  • ISBN: 9781605099460
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
  • The Earth is a mosque Muslims are compelled by their religion to praise the Creator and to care for their community But what is not widely known is that there are deep and long standing connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism In this groundbreaking book, Ibrahim Abdul Matin draws on research, scripture, and interviews with Muslim Americans to trace The Earth is a mosque Muslims are compelled by their religion to praise the Creator and to care for their community But what is not widely known is that there are deep and long standing connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism In this groundbreaking book, Ibrahim Abdul Matin draws on research, scripture, and interviews with Muslim Americans to trace Islam s preoccupation with humankind s collective role as stewards of the Earth Abdul Matin points out that the Prophet Muhammad declared that the Earth is a mosque Deen means path or way in Arabic Abdul Matin offers dozens of examples of how Muslims can follow, and already are following, a Green Deen in four areas waste, watts energy , water, and food At last, people of all beliefs can appreciate the gifts and contributions that Islam and Muslims bring to the environmental movement Ibrahim Abdul Matin not only shows the myriad ways American Muslims are contributing to the resolution of the environmental crisis that threatens us all but also goes a long way toward humanizing the Muslim community by sharing with the reader the lives of so many extraordinary, talented, and visionary people Imam Zaid Shakir, Zaytuna College, Berkeley, California Ibrahim blends his passion for a green economy, his love and understanding of faith, and a deep commitment to justice in this book Van Jones, founder, Green for All At a moment when distortions of Islam are what feed most Americans, Ibrahim Abdul Matin has done something both practical and inspiring He persuades us that the imperiled environment is both common struggle and common ground for people who share, it turns out, than simply God John Hockenberry, Emmy award winning journalist, author of Moving Violations, and host of National Public Radio s The Takeaway.

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      130 Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Keith Ellison
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    About “Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Keith Ellison”

    1. Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Keith Ellison

      For over a decade has been a passionate voice for the planet and its people He is a consultant with The Frontier Project, the author of Green Deen What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet and contributor to All American 45 American Men On Being Muslim Ibrahim is a former sustainability policy advisor to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Outward Bound instructor In 2002 he helped to found the Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment Ibrahim has blogged since 2004 as the Brooklyn Bedouin and has appeared on FOX News, ABC News This Week, and the Brian Lehrer Show and on WNYC s nationally syndicated show The Takeaway His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, CNN, The Daily Beast, and GOOD Magazine In 2013 Ibrahim was honored by NBC s TheGrio as one of 100 African Americans Making history today He lives in Brooklyn, NYC with his wife and two sons.

    357 thoughts on “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet”

    1. Initially the book liberally gives airtime to the current existence and overplay of consumerism, globalisation and the importance of recognising the environmental arguments. The author's own upbringing and examples are current and help the reader relate to an upbringing that may cut across semi-urban middle class suburbia. Again, these are subjective and wisely, the book moves swiftly into definitions of what a green deen (or way of life) could be/ should be. Abdul-Matin is determined to give a [...]

    2. [ This reflection/review has also been published at my blog seriouslyplanning.wordpress] I love the natural environment, but I am my most energetic and passionate when I’m in a beautiful city. I love the gleam of skyscrapers, the chatter of coffeeshops, the bustle of a crowd, and the feeling you get in a large city that you could meet a wonderful new friend just around the corner. This book however, asks us to think about the world that our city hides from us. It asks us to think about where f [...]

    3. Abdul-Matin proffers interesting and insightful solutions to what we should be doing on a grand scale with regards to looking after our environments, e.g. Investing in green mosques and showcasing some of the laudable efforts of Muslims making environmental changes in their communities. It takes just before halfway through the book for the gems to really show through. What I found lacking at the start was suggestions on what we can do on an individual level. Initially, the book offers inspiratio [...]

    4. Buku ini saya baca kira2 3 tahun yang lalu versi terjemahan Indonesia.Menarik sekali, karena ternyata issue mengenai lingkungan hidup telah lama didengungkan oleh Islam jauh sebelum negara-negara barat ramai mensosialisasikan pola hidup "green life" untuk menyelamatkan bumi.Buku ini sangat saya sarankan terutama bagi anda yang berkecimpung dalam pengelolaan masjid/rumah ibadah, karena dalam buku ini juga dipaparkan bagaimana mengelola masjid yang mengedepankan aspek keseimbangan alam, seperti pe [...]

    5. "The Earth is a Mosque."On page 22: "If one of the great lies of our ages is that 'things' give us value, then the spiritual antidote is in developing your connection to God." This is an awesome book that should make us all rethink the way that we are conducting our stewardship of the earth. People of all faiths can join to restore the proper attitude of respect and caring towards God's creation.

    6. This book opened my eyes; really it did. I think it's a wonderful read for everybody. At first, I thought it was going to be boring, and just throw information at me; but - the way Ibrahim Abdul-Matin wrote it wasn't boring at all, I really enjoyed reading it! I always use to care about the environment, but this book actually made me care a lot more, and DO a lot more. Everyone should read this!

    7. A great book for individual and group study and interfaith group sharing, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin's writing is eminently accessible for people who may be newer to thinking about ecology and faith or Islam. He asks great questions, shares stories of real people, and has much to offer people at different levels of practice and study in living faithfully, caring for the earth and attending one another.

    8. While reading this book, it makes me appreciate the planet more and motivates me to always do good deeds on this Planet. To take a better care of our Planet. Every small deed is counted. Make a wave.Butterfly effect.There are so many simple ways to do in order to protect our Planet. and it always starts in our own self! At home. Our very own surrounding.

    9. Great book to outline issues that are relevant to us today, what we can do about it, and how it is connected to our deen why we should care!

    10. This book was not what I expected. He begins it with a disclaimer that he is not a scholar of religion and this book is not a study of the case for environmentalism in Islam, and yet stillI expected it to hold more weight, and something more concrete and less simplistic.He seems to start off by asserting that there are 6 principles to a green deen (without explaining how he derived them and why not 5 or 7), and then repeats the 6 principles like a mantra on almost every other page of the book. I [...]

    11. Written by one of our very own, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin. Green Deen is about the intersection of Muslims, Islam, the growing sustainability movement, activism and Ibrahim's obsession with systems: water, waste, energy, and food. He focuses on the American Muslim and their connection to the environmental movement.

    12. can be considered as a motivational book for giving an Islmaic dimension for your curiosity and care about nature and environment in general. Shows the generality prespective of Islam. Very good all in all and needs to be delivered to new generations in particular

    13. Excellent! Great analysis, lots of inspirational (mostly Muslim) folks doing great things and captivatingly written- masha Allah to all of them and Ibrahim. I hope this is the among the catalyst for much more books and movement around Greening the deen, insha Allah.

    14. Excellent. Short and easy read. So necessary. As Muslims a must as we are commissioned as khalifa of the earth or as stewards. Inspired us to create a unit on Green Deen for our KG Islamic Studies curriculum.

    15. Basically a "Living Green 101" manual offered through a Muslim lens. A solid read that should influence a lot of Muslim folks pushing for a greener world.

    16. Very nice book reminding us that we are also part in this green movement and in fact have much to offer once we realise.Spirituality combined with practicality

    17. Good book accessible to the average reader about applying Islamic principles to protecting the environment. Thoughtful and offers practical suggestions.

    18. Ibrahim is a friend of mine from my old job. This was pretty interesting & I got about halfway through. Then, the New Yorker food issue arrived. So priorities.

    19. well I have to be honest first I thought that the book felt a bit too boring and tideous because it shared a lot of Islamic background information that I already knewbut getting to chapter 10 and onwards somehow made me love the little anecdotes that the author writes and the facts about green living somewhat opened my eyes to the realization that we truly need to keep be fully aware of how we treat ourselves and everything around us in a loving and Godly fashion.The book is truly an admirable e [...]

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