The Mockingbirds

The Mockingbirds Some schools have honor codes Others have handbooks Themis Academy has the Mockingbirds From the glossy pages of its admissions brochure the prestigious Themis Academy appears perfect in every way ex

  • Title: The Mockingbirds
  • Author: Daisy Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780316090544
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some schools have honor codes.Others have handbooks.Themis Academy has the Mockingbirds.From the glossy pages of its admissions brochure, the prestigious Themis Academy appears perfect in every way exceptional academics, extraordinary students, the kind of extracurriculars to make an Ivy League proud, and zero instances of student misbehavior But this boarding school is Some schools have honor codes.Others have handbooks.Themis Academy has the Mockingbirds.From the glossy pages of its admissions brochure, the prestigious Themis Academy appears perfect in every way exceptional academics, extraordinary students, the kind of extracurriculars to make an Ivy League proud, and zero instances of student misbehavior But this boarding school isn t as pristine as it appears There s a dark underbelly to the perfect record the Themis administration flaunts Student infractions are rampant, and it s up to a secret vigilante society, the Mockingbirds, to maintain order on campus a responsibility their members take very seriously Alex Patrick never thought she would need the Mockingbirds But when she s date raped by another student, she doesn t know where else to go As much as she d like to forget what happened, she can t escape the daily reminders of what went wrong that terrible night Before she can summon the courage to take a stand, she ll have to accept that her battle for justice is not hers alone Standing up for someone, especially yourself, is worth the fight.

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    1. Daisy Whitney

      By day, Daisy Whitney is a reporter and ghostwriter At night, she writes novels for teens and is the author of THE MOCKINGBIRDS and its sequel THE RIVALS Little, Brown Her third novel WHEN YOU WERE HERE releases in June 2013 Little, Brown , and her fourth novel STARRY NIGHTS Bloomsbury hits shelves in September 2013 When Daisy s not inventing fictional high school worlds, she can be found somewhere north of San Francisco walking her adorable dog, watching online TV with her fabulous husband or playing with her fantastic kids A graduate of Brown University, she believes in shoes, chocolate chip cookies and karma You can follow her writing blog and new media adventures at DaisyWhitney I don t rate books on GoodReads, nor do I check the site so please friend me on Facebook instead.

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    1. Wanna know what I did for a whole day after reading The Mockingbirds? Well, I did absolutely nothing besides sit there and think about it. My body was doing stuff, but my mind was always somewhere else. My mind was in The Mockingbirds. I absolutely can’t get this book out of my head. It will always be with me wherever I go. This is not a book I think I will ever be able to forget.Alex was such a strong character. She was the victim of a horrible crime, date-rape. But she refused to go under, r [...]

    2. Added this book a few days ago.Bought it yesterday.Decided it was crap. Returned it.I had a "review" on here, but I took it down because in reality, it was an open invitation for trolls to gripe me out. No thank you. The end. Most of the reviews I've posted haven't been getting a lot of attention, so I doubt this one will matter, either.

    3. This is what I thought The Mockingbirds would be: a powerful, heart-felt, intriguing and emotional read. It has a lot of components that appeal to me like mad: boarding school, mysterious society, fierce vigilante justice with a traumatised but strong and sympathetic main character.I was SO thrilled to finally have a copy, especially after reading so many fab reviews.Unfortunately, I found myself kinda bored while reading this. First off ~ the first chapter is intriguing. The prose utterly appea [...]

    4. What happens when, being a hater of Issues Books, you're confronted with an Issues Book concerning an issue you actually feel strongly about? Every element of plot in The Mockingbirds -- every character -- has some function in the task of showing that sex without explicit consent or ability to consent is rape; that though rape may be a difficult crime to prosecute and so humiliating to the victim going through the process, those victims who speak out are validating victims everywhere. I agree wi [...]

    5. I really hate when I wait so long to review a book after I read it. I don't even have a copy of it here to refer to, so I'm really just giving my impression of what I could remember from this book. If I remember correctly, this was Daisy Whitney's first novel, and frankly, I felt like it showed. I found the story idea really interesting, but the execution of the plot and the writing itself was a bit so-so. The basic premise is that at an elite boarding school, a small group of students called th [...]

    6. Rating: 2 Stars/DNFHere's the thing about Daisy Whitney's The Mockingbirds - if you aren't invested in the characters and if you aren't a fan of the way this issue is handled, you'll likely not enjoy this book. Now, that isn't to say it's a bad book - at all. In fact, I'm more than a little thrilled that Whitney wrote a book about date rape, set in a boarding school, all with a secret society who takes matters into their own hands. From the surface, it sounds fantastic. When you dig a little dee [...]

    7. “I don’t know what happened, Alex,” Casey continues. “Only you do and he does. And you’ll know for sure whenyou remember more. But I’m just saying something doesn’t sound right. It sounds as if he had sex with you while you were sleeping. Alex, it sounds like he raped you.This is such a good an powerful book.It's about standing up for yourself and getting justice-- in its own way-- but a justice that gives you peace of mind.But was it really my choice? Was it ever my choice last ni [...]

    8. 4.5 stars. Although I had a minor issue with this book, overall it coveys a serious message with an unforgettable tone.I loved the Mockingbirds. Their system fascinated me and I wanted to know more about them just like Alex did. It intrigued me that the students took it upon themselves to organize a system to deal out justice, as opposed to pleading with the teachers or administration to aid them.The issue of date-rape is austere and genuine - I realize that even though it is not reported often, [...]

    9. I loved mostly everything about The Mockingbirds. The writing was superior. The subject matter was one that needs to be talked about and the characters were drawn very well. Even the smallest character in the book had a fantastic voice. The rape scenes were believable and scary. The black outs from the drinking caused the character to remember her rape in bits and I loved that aspect of the book.I think this book in time will be looked to and taught in classes around the country. I do believe th [...]

    10. I was a little nervous about reading THE MOCKINGBIRDS. For one thing, there’s no magic. No time travel. And no spunky, sarcastic, trash-talking, slang-flinging main characters. There are no crazy action sequences. No monsters, demons, angels, or shapeshifting whatevers in sight. It’s not like any YA I’ve read recently, especially because it deals with the very difficult subject of date rape.And yet?I couldn’t put the frigging book down. I simply had to know how it would end. I felt so at [...]

    11. My Thoughts: Whoa Daisy Whitney, you sure do know how to get to us! This was a wonderful novel, so insightful and emotional. We meet Alex who is your typical student. She gets good grades and wants to do something with her life. She goes out with some friends one night, drinks a little too much, goes back to a guy's room, and gets date raped. She knows she drank a little but didn't think she drank enough to really hurt her. This book opens up the next day where Alex wakes up in a strange room, n [...]

    12. Let me first say that this book had me compelled at points. I was sneaking off to read it, wanting to know what happened next. I felt for the main character and her problems. It's also a book that got me thinking, which is always a good thing. I talked about it with friends and family, I really had to work it out. Despite my low rating, I do not think I would say I don't recommend the book just because of all those factors. However, there are just too many flaws for me to be able to say this was [...]

    13. *Please note the rating is 2.5 stars*I had expected a LOT from the book. Unfortunately, the book turned out to be a mixed bag. I know a lot of people would disagree with me; there have been so many positive reviews of the book. This is just my opinion of the book. It should not deter you, if you want to give it a try.I did not hate the book. There were good parts; but the bad parts outweighed the good. I will start with the positive aspects.The Mockingbirds has a very powerful concept. It tackle [...]

    14. I think that this book dealt incredibly well with the very sensitive and powerful topic of rape. In a lot of books, I feel as though the book expects the "hero" to stand up for themselves, like the white tree of Gondor never waivering standing alone an fbrave, But that can be really untrue! There are definitely brave people out there, definitely people who CAN stand up for themselves But there are loads more people who CAN'T, who need support and that's real and valid. I liked that this book gav [...]

    15. I was going to go with 2.5, but I am rounding up due to the realistic struggles in the novel.My biggest issue was that a lot of the plot depended on some unrealistic events, such as the delusional adults (an entire school filled with IDIOT TEACHERS??), bullying of the accused previous of the trail and charges (the pool scene? Really, REALLY? I found it more immature than anything) and how wrong it is to lie to the staff to get even with the accused.However, Alex's feelings and conflicting though [...]

    16. Rating: 0 out of 3Let's begin by stating that I know I am about the last person in the world to have read this book and I am certainly the last to post the review. That being said here goes: (If you haven't heard about this book look below for the summary)Where do I begin with this review. On this blog I am trying to concentrate only the books that I would at some capacity recommend to other readers. For the new year I didn't want to "waste" my time with books I didn't like. This book is an exce [...]

    17. This review is also found on Ink & Tea Reviews.The Mockingbirds was intended to be a quick read while I was sitting in Starbucks one day with a craving for some high school drama. I had seen mixed reviews for the book, so I went into it not expecting a whole lot. Unfortunately, my expectations were met.Our protagonist is Alex, a teenage girl at a boarding school that demands excellence. After a night partying and drinking, she is raped by another student – Carter. The first part of the boo [...]

    18. The book "The Mockingbirds" is author Daisy Whitney's first novel, and it definitely makes itself evident throughout the novel. The book follows Alex, the protagonist, through her experience after being date raped by a guy named Carter. What follows is a shallow cliche tale of a girl shunned by society, only to turn to her two gal pals and a new love interest who is actually a member of an organization of vigilante high school kids. This secret society keeps the peace by punishing wrongdoers thr [...]

    19. One of my favorite authors recommended this book, so I was excited to begin reading Daisy Whitney's debut novel. The opening chapter was strong, inviting the reader in; Alex's voice was both humorous and completely honest. But the chapters just got worse after that, and I found that I had stopped enjoying it after about fifty pages.This was definitely a strong message, and one that should be taken seriously by all readers. I admire what Whitney was trying to do, and for the most part I think she [...]

    20. The teachers and administrators at Themis, an elite boarding school, are clueless. When an incident arises about bullying, cheating, stealing, or other student crimes, it's brushed under the rug. After all, the students at Themis are some of the brightest, most talented students in the country! They can't do any wrong. That's where The Mockingbirds come in. Equal parts Boo Radley and Atticus Finch, The Mockingbirds are the vigilante justice system in place for the students, by the students. They [...]

    21. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooWhat happens if one night you imbibe too much alcohol - and when you pass out someone rapes you?This is what happens to Alex. She is attending a private school and studies music. One January morning, she awakens to find herself in a bed and a room where she has never been before. She is naked and there is a strange guy in the bed with her. She sees opened condom packages and then realizes what has happened, though she cannot remember the details. She ca [...]

    22. The Mockingbirds is actually a very good book, and for those wondering it has nothing to do with the Hunger Games. This book is very realistic and touches a topic that is needed to be brought up. The main character lives in a boarding school high school, one day she gets drunk (even though normally she tries not to). When she is drunk a series of misfortunate events take place that include her. As she starts remembering what happens she becomes more and more frightened. Her school believes not [...]

    23. Grade: B-After Alex is date raped at the prestigious Themis boarding school, she seeks help from The Mockingbirds, a student run, a secret underground justice group. With the help of her friends, The Mockingbirds, her sister and a potential love interest, Alex struggles to reclaim her sense of self and safetyE MOCKINGBIRDS isn't your typical date rape novel. Alex tells her roommate immediately after the incident, who immediately calls it rape, avoiding the secrecy of many stories where the victi [...]

    24. I received this ARC from the publisher.Alex remembers drinking a lot at the concert last night. She doesn't remember how she ended up in her classmate's dorm room naked. She's mortified that everyone will think she's a slut, but slowly she begins to remember more. When she tells her best friends and roommates, T.S. and Maia, about what happened, they explain it: date-rape. Mostly Alex just wants to crawl into a hole and die, especially when it seems the guy, Carter, has told all his water polo t [...]

    25. Tackling the difficult subject matter of date rape, The Mockingbirds is a thoughtful and powerful read. I think the story is so compelling because it’s so easy to relate to the protagonist, Alex. This story about date rape and standing up for yourself felt very raw and honest and and like this situation could happen to anyone. I was immediately hooked on the story with the opening sentences.The book presents the circumstances regarding the rape and the aftermath. Alex deals with a lot of guilt [...]

    26. A book as impactful as Daisy Whitney’s debut novel comes along only once every few years. THE MOCKINGBIRDS is at once tender and empowering, clear-cut and sensitive. It’s the kind of book that needs to be read by everyone, yet doesn’t scrimp in the important qualities that make up good literature.I would say read this for the mere fact that EVERYONE should be educated about the personal and societal consequences of date rape, but it’s also more than that. Yes, the book’s subject is one [...]

    27. Read this if: you like books about boarding schoolsThe book "To Kill a Mockingbird" (this book is a walking tribute)you like obvious mysteriesyou like trial booksyou play piano (I loved all the references, it made me want to practice all the classics again) you are interested in pianoyou like secret societies (that aren't totally secret)you liked "The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks", it was similar in some ways (I still prefer Frankie though)you like flashbacksyou like non-gender s [...]

    28. Alex is a junior at a prestigious boarding school, a dedicated musician, and the sort of person that rarely pays attention to the daily gossip and chit-chat of school life because she is so focused on her long term goal which is Juilliard. All that ends when she is date raped by a classmate she barely knows, and becomes the subject of gossip and slurs. Although Alex wants to go on with her life and avoid being a victim, she has many questions about what really happened to her that night and to w [...]

    29. The Mockingbirds is an astounding debut novel from Daisy Whitney. I was blown away by her amazing writing and her gut-wrenching subject matter. Just plain wow.Alex Patrick is not a slut. That's why when she wakes up naked in a strange guys bed she knows something is wrong. It turns out she's right to be worried. She can't remember anything about the night before but she knows she had sex with the strange guy. When she finally admits that she was date raped she doesn't go to the police. No, she g [...]

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