The Puzzle

The Puzzle UPDATED NEW EDITION EDITED BY AWARD WINNING AUTHOR EDITOR WINSLOW ELIOT Samantha Jamison an author revisits her husband s past to solve the mystery surrounding his questionable death She suddenly b

  • Title: The Puzzle
  • Author: Peggy A. Edelheit
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • UPDATED NEW EDITION EDITED BY AWARD WINNING AUTHOR EDITOR, WINSLOW ELIOT Samantha Jamison, an author, revisits her husband s past to solve the mystery surrounding his questionable death She suddenly begins to have doubts Was her marriage a fa ade Plagued by constant questions and second guessing herself, She digs deeper and becomes obsessed just like her husband The qUPDATED NEW EDITION EDITED BY AWARD WINNING AUTHOR EDITOR, WINSLOW ELIOT Samantha Jamison, an author, revisits her husband s past to solve the mystery surrounding his questionable death She suddenly begins to have doubts Was her marriage a fa ade Plagued by constant questions and second guessing herself, She digs deeper and becomes obsessed just like her husband The question is who can she trust Who killed him But instead of stalking the killer, she s being stalked REVIEWERS A must read thriller starts this mystery series off I loved it A powerful and original narrative exceptionally insightful best kind of read a masterfully constructed thriller What a terrific read Peggy Edelheit kept me glued to the page It kept me reading till the endok me a bit by surprise a 5 star puzzle that hooks you the moment you start reading It kept me glued to my Kindle I highly recommend it An enjoyable read I recommend this book Ms Edelheit does a wonderful job of taking the reader on a fun mystery ride The Samantha Jamison Mystery Series 2 WITHOUT ANY WARNING 3, 86 AVENUE DU GOULET 4 A LETHAL TIME 5 MOUTH OF THE RAT 5.5 THE RIVIERA IS BURNING 6 DEATH KNELL IN THE ALPS Website samanthajamison

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    1. Peggy A. Edelheit

      I hope you enjoy my NEW EDITION of BOOK 1 THE PUZZLE the rest of the series.Follow Author Sleuth, Sam, as she solves fast paced, keep you guessing mysteries of the unexpected with humor.A heartfelt THANK YOU to all my readers and your POSITIVE feedback I am so very grateful.Stop by my website, samanthajamison to sign up for updates, learn about my Samantha Jamison Mystery Series, and read some personal and occasionally humorous blog posts of mine that inspired some of these mysteries and hear about new releases I d love to hear from you Enjoy the series

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    1. Samantha Jamison heads to the small town of Highlands, NC to uncover the truth behind her husband, Stephen’s, untimely death. Foul play is suspected so Samantha doesn’t know who she can trust. A vicious storm, s robbery, and a car crash heighten her fears until she sees enemies around every corner. As Samantha continues to dig she learns there are others working to keep the communities secrets. My personal favorites are Betty & Hazel, a couple of little old ladies who manage a local book [...]

    2. Whenever a mystery abounds with a slew of captivating characters, from quite delightful to those on the abrasive side, it’s a good read for me. Add in a myriad of complex twists and turns that confound the revelation of a mystery and it becomes a great read. THE PUZZLE does all this and more; it is a ‘best kind of read’ for the author adds insightful elements, psychological depth, to her characters.The title, THE PUZZLE, intrigued me and once I began my read, each revelation drew me more i [...]

    3. Thanks to my childhood spent reading Nancy Drew, I always love a good mystery. And that’s what I found in The Puzzle, the first book of the Samantha Jamison series. The first chapter’s attention-grabbing subtitle, “My Letter to My Dead Husband” catapulted me into the story and swirl of unsettling questions facing a young widow. Not long after Samantha’s husband, Stephen, dies in a tragic car accident, police inform her that someone had tampered with his brakes. Bewildered, grieving but [...]

    4. The Puzzle (Samantha Jamison Mystery)Written by Peggy A. EdelheitReviewed by Author Roy MurryWhat would you do if the police came to your front door and told you your loved one had been murdered? This is the beginning of The Puzzle.Samantha is in denial. How could this be? I just took him to the airport. How did he die behind the wheel of a rental car on his way to his hometown?To put the pieces together in this hard to explain event, she goes to the source, trying to put The Puzzle together – [...]

    5. What a tangled mystery! This book is nonstop weaving, from start to beginning. Every time the narrator seems to have figured something out, she discovers she had it wrong, and it's much more complicated than she thought. The story is clever and entertaining, and I wanted it to keep going.Samantha is a delightful voice. There were a few sections in the middle that moved a little slow, where she spent time going over the same thoughts, but they were brief and barely noticeable. The rest of the cas [...]

    6. Packed this in at 34%. It just started heading off into a fantasyland and I couldn't believe what I was reading anymore. It started with promise but in the end you really had to wonder if Sam would be THAT stupid. She seemed totally ill-equipped to live a life in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Then she receives some threatening calls and notes yet still goes merrily off on a hike all alone which is pretty idiotic.She thought someone was following her on a trail and she is saved by a friend as [...]

    7. The title says it all - it is a puzzle and a good one! It is worth taking the time to get to know the different pieces - perhaps even making chart to keep them straight in your mind. I read the book almost in one sitting - I couldn't put it down - I love puzzles! You will be introduced to a collection of strong female characters of differing ages and interesting backgrounds with some humorous interaction.I found the book to be well written, easy to read and the basic premise of the story being t [...]

    8. I love puzzles and this was a truly unique one. The author weaves a story giving minute details about a townspeople's past , in such a way as to keep the reader captivated from start to finish! The story unfolds a little at a time as the pieces of the puzzle are introduced. It seems however that not all the puzzle pieces are where they should be. The characters constantly change their behavior and causes the heroine to trust and then distrust those people who surround her.Fortunately the hidden [...]

    9. I do not generally read this type of book. To my surprise it is written in the manner of the old Miss Marple, or Snoop Sister series of investigations were written. The style is quite different for today but enjoyable. For those who are familiar with the actions of smaller towns and their secrets the author conveyed their actions accurately. It is exactly as the story tells you, when it comes to prying secrets from small towns the information comes in small tidbits and can be a lesson in testing [...]

    10. Samantha Jamison lost her reticent husband under mysterious circumstances, and, In an effort to understand what was going on she returns to the town where he lived prior to their marriage. Here she confronts the residents who knew him, quickly discovering that they are reluctant to divulge everything they know. Samantha is left to unravel the secrets of her husband’s past by following the clues, and in the process discovers not only the truth, but some things about herself. The Puzzle is an en [...]

    11. This book is truly a 5-star puzzle that hooks you the moment you start reading. Samantha Jamison is driven to find out who murdered her husband Stephen. The author does not spare the twists and turns. Every page is filled with intrigue. Samantha isn't sure who to trust. From the phone calls to the accidents that keep happening, this story keeps the mystery rolling. Samantha's character grows throughout the story. I loved how Ms. Edelheit unraveled the answer to THE PUZZLE slowly - and the answer [...]

    12. I loved, loved this book! What a terrific read! Peggy Edelheit kept me glued to the page with her description of events and her likeable (and not so likeable) characters. I can still see Samantha running around her house, storm brewing outside, while her laptop stared back at her, demanding her to get back to work. And… the characters, Betty and Hazel were a hoot. I can’t wait to start her next book in the series. Five stars, Ms. Edelheit! You did good!

    13. Samantha sniffs out leads, clues, and leaves no stone unturned while investigating her husband's death in THE PUZZLE. She unravels the missing pieces in the puzzle that was her husband's life, learning about herself in the process. There are some great and unexpected twists, and a cast of colorful characters. The setting is fun and believable, and the pace is perfect for a mystery. Ms. Edelheit does a wonderful job of taking the reader on a fun mystery ride.

    14. I thought this was an interesting, captivating old fashioned mystery novel. I enjoyed that the mystery didn't revolve around a murder, but instead around the main character's deceased husband's biological parents. There were several interesting characters, and you were never quite sure who was good or bad, trustworthy or not. The ending was a surprise, but one that was pretty impossible to guess given the facts provided.

    15. While I thought the beginning of this book held great promise, it didn't deliver in the end. The situations the main character kept finding herself in indicated that a bigger story was evolving. The ending seemed highly improbable. We weren't given insight into the missing but regularly referenced character to believe that the "truth" of what happened was realistic. Very disappointed and can't recommend this.

    16. I love Samantha! Samantha is a wonderful character. I wish I could meet her in real life. The non-stop action and intrigue makes for a book I couldn't put down once I started reading. Worse still, I'm hungry for more. Keep writing, Peggy!

    17. Wow, a very good read. I was truly impressed with the author and how she added layer upon layer of intrigue to the ever building mystery of this story. And what a surprise ending!

    18. I love the way this author weaves a tale. Sam is a writer who is propelled into a need to investigate murders and other mysteries. This is the first book of a wonderful series. I've read a few of the later books and was eager to know how the series began. The Puzzle didn't miss the mark for me. It thoroughly entertained me and keep me in a nail-biting mode as I read the in's and out's of Sam and her elderly friends as they leaped into investigating the mysterious death of Sam's husband. Definite [...]

    19. This book was very captivating with so much mystery of her dead husband she had to find out what happen to him so she's on a mission to find out. This story was amazing a page- turner a must read.

    20. A marvelous depiction of how suspicion can taint friendships, romance, and new acquaintances. The glorious product of what can weather those suspicions is the rewarding conclusion of this mystery. My favorite characters are two older ladies who actively play a role in confusing and unraveling the plot. They revel in participating and add a fun and quirky feel to an otherwise serious situation.This was an enjoyable read and a great start to a series and how our narrator got into the mystery solvi [...]

    21. A Puzzling Mystery: The Puzzle (A Samantha Jamison Mystery) by Peggy EdelheitBefore reading this novel, I decided to look at some reviews of others on the book. I was surprised to see descriptions including ‘far-fetched’ and ‘a rambling description’, however I concluded that I would judge the book for myself without relying on other people’s conclusions. Upon reading the novel, I found these things to not be an issue in my reading experience! The portrayal of the novel as ‘far-fetche [...]

    22. First, sorry if this is stilted as it seems to be redacting parts of my review! Holy cow, I did NOT see the end coming. In my defense, the author held out a crucial piece of information until you were so twisted and turned about that it almost didn't matter. I'm usually not this far off on an ending.Definitely identified with the main character as she seemed to get hopelessly tangled in half-truths and omissions from a group of people in a close-knit community terrified of neighbors airing dirty [...]

    23. I somehow ending up reading the 7th book before this one and found it did explain alot about how Samantha meets the other characters. I will have to admit I didn't enjoy reading this one as much due to it felt like the story was being dragged out as Samantha questioned person after person within the town trying to find the answers to Stephen's strange behavior and unexpected death. The author does a great job bringing the various characters to life. The commanding Jack, the professional Mike, th [...]

    24. The beginning of a great seriesThis is the book where it all starts. Samantha Jamison is a fledgling author who has a severe case of writer's block. It doesn't help that her husband dies under mysterious circumstances. Rather than continue with her novel as planned, she is piecing together the events and clues leading up to his death. In some cases, knowledge is power. For Sam, it could be what kills her too. This is the introduction to how she becomes a more popular author, lives a life that on [...]

    25. Peggy A Edelheit claims her goal as an author is to entertain and distract her readers for a couple hours, which is exactly what happens when you start reading one of her books. Her character, Samantha Jamison is a delightful young adult who is constantly stirring up trouble. In Peggy A. Edelheit first Samantha Jamison series we find Samantha trying to find the person responsible for the death of her husband, Stephan. Samantha decides to move into the house she and Stephan started to have built [...]

    26. The story intrigued me, despite horrible editingI can't say the writing was good, but I was drawn in by the storyline. However, this author seriously needs a good editor, both for proofreading purposes and also writing critique. So much of the story was just 'blather' - with no real point to it. I ended up skimming much of the book because it was too onerous to actually read every word, although this is not how I usually read books. The ending was also fairly predictable. Parts of the story were [...]

    27. Samantha Jamison, is an author and an adopted as a child. To her it didn't matter who her birth parents were but to her husband Stephen, he needed to know who his birth parents were. Samantha travels to Highlands, North Carolina to figure out who killed her husband. Along the way she becomes tangled into the web of lies and deep held secrets of the small town folks. Where is the missing key, her husband spoke of. Can Samantha solve the puzzle before some one kills her. This was an interesting st [...]

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