First Into Action

First Into Action The SBS was first into battle a month before the SAS in the Falklands War and again in the Gulf War yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the higher profile The SBS draws its manpower solely

  • Title: First Into Action
  • Author: Duncan Falconer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • The SBS was first into battle a month before the SAS in the Falklands War and again in the Gulf War, yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the higher profile The SBS draws its manpower solely from the Marine Commando Units, and the Royal Marines are the oldest and most battle honoured regiment in the world FIRST INTO ACTION is the first Special Boat Services memThe SBS was first into battle a month before the SAS in the Falklands War and again in the Gulf War, yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the higher profile The SBS draws its manpower solely from the Marine Commando Units, and the Royal Marines are the oldest and most battle honoured regiment in the world FIRST INTO ACTION is the first Special Boat Services memoir written from the inside It tells how Duncan Falconer trained with the Royal Marines in Deal before being recruited into the SBS at Poole in Dorset The regimen of ruthless training is graphically described and the book also includes revelatory accounts of SBS operations in Ulster, Bosnia and the Gulf War, and of the intense rivalry between the SAS s individualist mentality and the team based, marine ethos of the SBS Duncan Falconer s grippingly detailed memoir is sure to command the attention of anyone interested in the Special Forces and how they operate.

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      Duncan Falconer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the First Into Action book, this is one of the most wanted Duncan Falconer author readers around the world.

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    1. I've read other books about the SBS, but this is the only one I've seen by an ex-member of the SBS. It's a good, entertaining account of the author's time in SBS. Much of it covers Northern Ireland, but it also includes mention of marine anti-terrorist rehearsals on oil rigs and the like.The author seems frustrated that the SAS get more recognition than the SBS, and this comes through quite strongly sometimes. The author sometimes states that he can't give details about various aspects. This see [...]

    2. This book was brilliant. It is hands down the greatest account of someones military career I have ever read.This book follows the career of the book's author, who at the age of 19 becomes the youngest person to serve in the British special forces, in the mysterious S.B.S. The book has the standard components of a special forces biography, a little bit about his early life, an almost unbelievable account of how hard selection is, followed by various accounts of frankly ridiculous situations that [...]

    3. A rough book, but a fascinating one about Britain's Special Boat Service, that looks into everything from counter - insurgency work in Northern Ireland to the dynamics of one of the great inter - service rivalries of all time between the SBS and the Blades of the Regiment.

    4. First Into Action by Duncan FalconerThis was an enjoyable, informative and delightful read. I picked it up in the morning and had finished it by nightfall - always a sign of a good read.The author was a member of the Special Boat Service one of Britain’s special forces and the lesser known of the other rather more famous one, the Special Air Service or SAS. Therein lies a tale as the author seeks to put the record straight in recording tales of derring-do by the SBS. Feats that were seemingly [...]

    5. Tip TopI enjoyed reading this book immensely. First hand accounts are often better than fiction. This book will remain an endearing memory for the rest of my life. All thumbs up. Outstanding!

    6. These kinds of memoirs can be hit or miss, generally a miss. This is absolutely a hit. There is no posturing and no superfluous detail. Informative, taught, and well paced.

    7. Interesting readAccidentally discovered this book, overall decent read, at times wish author provided more details about operations and techniques used by SBS

    8. We all know about the daring exploits of the infamous SAS. For some reason, the SBS – the Special Boat Services – have been somewhat overshadowed, and unfairly so. With personnel drawn from the Royal Marines and Marine Commando Units after the most robust selection process ever devised, the truth is the SBS is the oldest, most-decorated and most frequently first into battle of any regiment that flies the British flag.The appropriately titled ‘First Into Action’ brings readers the rivetin [...]

    9. Although one would expect an embellishment of an operative's experiences in the SAS, SBS, (insert special operations group here), this book is overly sensationalized. There's no doubt that it's entertaining, as is the common expectation for such a genre. However, Duncan's perennial bashing of the UK's own SAS, the US' SEALs (at one point in the book, Falconer suggests that the SEALs are extremely 'soft', ignoring their history as UDTs during WWII and Vietnam and their rigorous selection process, [...]

    10. The more I think about this book the more I like it. The personal nature of the story, the human experience of a man on course to become the best killer training can produce--I found his voice engaging and at times even comedic despite the grave nature of the events he described. The only reason I didn't give the book five stars was because of the lack of combat descriptions. Perhaps, the author didn't have the luxury of disclosing the strategies and techniques behind the firefights he must have [...]

    11. A thoughtful, intelligent book which I read with considerable interest. My Dad's cousin was in the SBS and won two Military Crosses and a US Silver Star. I was in the army around the same time as the author and knew Robert Nairac, who gets a couple of pages in the book.The bits that resonated most with me were the stupidity and incompetence of so much military life: the shortage of good officers, the ambush on the wrong IRA address, the SAS operatives arrested in the Republic of Ireland after a [...]

    12. First time I read a book about the SBS and besides learning the truth behind who was really behind some of the special forces operations originally associated with the SAS, I can't say I learned a lot. A little detailed description of events, equipment sand techniques could have helped too. Also since dates are missing I had to go through all the trouble of correlating known events to the ones mentioned in the book to find out there approximate time period. But all in all if your intention was t [...]

    13. Hugely enjoyable readI enjoy military history and autobiographies of people who have "been there and done that", and this is easily in my top 5 favourites. The style of writing is engaging, interesting, often funny and occasionally sad. It's all told in a way that almost feels like you're sitting talking to the author as he recounts his stories and anecdotes, and that was really great!I came upon this book after reading the John Stratton series (also written by Duncan Falconer) which I would hig [...]

    14. Duncan Falconer- First into action I brought this book new based on my reading his book “The Protector” That i really liked, This book didn't disappoint. me at all This book though is a true story of Dycan's time in the Irish elite milltary unit,In this book Ducan change some names etc as to not reveal anyone’s name to cause problems as some still maybe working under coverIf you are into true military stories this book is a must read,I give this book 5*

    15. The SBS (Special Boat Squadron) - recruited from Royal Marine Commandos - is less well known that the British Army's equivalent, the SAS - the subject of a whole library of books in recent years. This makes Duncan Falconer's account of his time in the SBS all the more interesting. In a well paced narrative the author takes the reader on a journey from Royal Marine bootcamp through SBS selection to the battlefields of Northern Ireland, Bosnia and the Gulf. Fascinating reading.

    16. This inside account describes how Duncan Falconer trained with the Royal Marines in Deal before being recruited into the SBS at Poole in Dorset. The book includes gripping accounts of SBS operations in Ulster, the Falklands and the Gulf War, as well as the tough initial training that Falconer experienced. Provides valuable insights into life in the SBS, how it operates and how its ethos differs from that of the SAS. Highly recommended.

    17. Brilliant read! Falconer an honest, likeable, humble and witty storyteller. Brilliant to read amongst all the tales of Daring do that other special forces authors tell, the tales of cock ups and mistakes and bad luck. If Falconer intended to write a book that would make the SBS look good at the expense of the SAS, the. Mission accomplished!

    18. Hands down the best account from a Special Forces operator's life on the frontline.Gritty, dramatic, entertaining, and makes me bloody pleased I never went through what Falconer did. Some amazing and surreal experiences are related and I've reread my dog-eared copy multiple times now.Very highly recommended.

    19. Thought this book was a great read if your into the Special Boat Service which is the U.K's special forces equivalent to the U.S Navy SEALS. Talks about the training and different missions Duncan has been on.

    20. This is a thrilling, action-packed account of the author's experiences through training and combat with the Royal Marines and then the Special Boat Service, including accounts of action in Northern Island and the Middle East. Highly recommended.

    21. very good book, good account of life in the unit. not much is known about the SBS, so it was refreshing and interesting. detailed, i liked how he also added a bit about the training. the end was kind of weird though Nice to read about something new.

    22. If you are a fan of the genre, you can't go wrong with this book. I found it a little slower than Bravo 2.0 but it is no less action-packed and certainly worth your time. Good reading!

    23. Very interesting insight into the lives of the brave men of the SBS - some staggering stories of mental and physical strength in some incredible circumstances.

    24. A real bootneck legend. The subtle humour shows the humility of the writer and makes the reader warm to him more than his contemporaries.

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