After The Last Sky

After The Last Sky New York Times Book ReviewA searing portrait of Palestinian life and identity that is at once an exploration of Edward Said s unclaimable past and a testimony to the lives of those living in exile

  • Title: After The Last Sky
  • Author: Edward W. Said
  • ISBN: 9780571139187
  • Page: 317
  • Format: None
  • New York Times Book ReviewA searing portrait of Palestinian life and identity that is at once an exploration of Edward Said s unclaimable past and a testimony to the lives of those living in exile.

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    About “Edward W. Said”

    1. Edward W. Said

      Arabic Profile Edward Wadie Said Arabic w di s i d , Idw rd Wad Sa d 1 November 1935 25 September 2003 was a professor of literature at Columbia University, a public intellectual, and a founder of the academic field of postcolonial studies A Palestinian American born in Mandatory Palestine, he was a citizen of the United States by way of his father, a U.S Army veteran.Educated in the Western canon, at British and American schools, Said applied his education and bi cultural perspective to illuminating the gaps of cultural and political understanding between the Western world and the Eastern world, especially about the Israeli Palestinian conflict in the Middle East his principal influences were Antonio Gramsci, Frantz Fanon, Aim C saire, Michel Foucault, and Theodor Adorno.As a cultural critic, Said is known for the book Orientalism 1978 , a critique of the cultural representations that are the bases of Orientalism how the Western world perceives the Orient Said s model of textual analysis transformed the academic discourse of researchers in literary theory, literary criticism, and Middle Eastern studies how academics examine, describe, and define the cultures being studied As a foundational text, Orientalism was controversial among the scholars of Oriental Studies, philosophy, and literature.As a public intellectual, Said was a controversial member of the Palestinian National Council, because he publicly criticized Israel and the Arab countries, especially the political and cultural policies of Muslim r gimes who acted against the national interests of their peoples Said advocated the establishment of a Palestinian state to ensure equal political and human rights for the Palestinians in Israel, including the right of return to the homeland He defined his oppositional relation with the status quo as the remit of the public intellectual who has to sift, to judge, to criticize, to choose, so that choice and agency return to the individual man and woman.In 1999, with his friend Daniel Barenboim, Said co founded the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, based in Seville, which comprises young Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab musicians Besides being an academic, Said also was an accomplished pianist, and, with Barenboim, co authored the book Parallels and Paradoxes Explorations in Music and Society 2002 , a compilation of their conversations about music Edward Said died of leukemia on 25 September 2003.

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    1. * محتوای کتابادوارد سعید در این کتاب اصل حرفش این است که فلسطینی ها باید به دور از مداخله ی مذهب و ملی گرایی، و صرفا با نظر به حاق واقعیت زندگی شان - همان تلاش های روزمره برای پیش بردن کارهایشان در کشورهای عربی، اروپا یا مناطق اشغالی - جایگاه انسانی خود را بدست آورند. پرداختن به ن [...]

    2. A beautiful meditation on displacement, loss and the Palestinian experience. Said's use of Jean Mohr's photographs is inspired and his literary and cultural references (not limited to the Middle East) throughout forge many links to other experiences and ideas. Highly recommended.

    3. کتاب جستارهایی است در مورد فلسطینی بودن با تمام زیر و بم‌های زندگی و تاثیر تبعید و حرمان بر زندگی انسان‌ها. سعید در مقدمه می‌نویسد «فلسطینی‌ها به رغم تمامی آنچه درباره‌ی آنها نوشته شده‌است، ناشناخته مانده‌اند.» و تلاش او در این کتاب نوشتن از جزئیات حیات انسانی فلسطینی‌ه [...]

    4. One of my former students, Ajit Chittambalam, sent me this book during the past year after he heard that I had visited Israel and the occupied West Bank. The book was a tough read for me because the author's style of writing was disjointed, and he seemed to ramble at times. That said, in terms of content, the sentiments he expressed (especially the notion that Palestinians are a nation without a land) were profound. The pictures by Jean Mohr were compelling, and the history lessons and sociology [...]

    5. دکتر ادوارد سعید در فلسطین متولد شد اما در دوازده سالگی فلسطین را برای همیشه ترک کرد.چند سالی در خورمیانه بود و بعد برای ادامه تحصیل به ایالات متحده رفت.او یکی از معدود انسان هایی است که هیچ چیز جز تعهد را به رسمیت نمی شناسد."فراتر از واپسین آسمان"که راجع به فلسطین است هم تحلیلی [...]

    6. opened by a poem from Mahmoud Darwish, this book is absolutely serious literature for every one who still believe that Palestinians are still exist. Where could we go after the last frontiers?Where could the birds fly after the last sky?After the last sky, there is no land said Edward. From his sentence, I also understand the lyrics from Serj Tankian; "even though we can`t afford the sky is over".

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