The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace This hauntingly beautiful novel deals in utmost simplicity of language and narrative with the paramount themes of most great literature love death and the maturing of the individual Commonly seen as

  • Title: The Ice Palace
  • Author: Tarjei Vesaas
  • ISBN: 9781557130945
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • This hauntingly beautiful novel deals in utmost simplicity of language and narrative with the paramount themes of most great literature love, death, and the maturing of the individual.Commonly seen as the legendary Norwegian writer s masterpiece, this story tells the tale of Siss and Unn, two friends who have only spent one evening in each other s company But so profoundThis hauntingly beautiful novel deals in utmost simplicity of language and narrative with the paramount themes of most great literature love, death, and the maturing of the individual.Commonly seen as the legendary Norwegian writer s masterpiece, this story tells the tale of Siss and Unn, two friends who have only spent one evening in each other s company But so profound is this evening between them that when Unn inexplicably disappears, Siss s world is shattered Siss s struggle with her fidelity to the memory of her friend and Unn s fatal exploration of the strange, terrifyingly beautiful frozen waterfall that is the Ice Palace are described in prose of a lyrical economy that ranks among the most memorable achievements of modern literature.

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    1. Tarjei Vesaas

      Tarjei Vesaas was a Norwegian poet and novelist Written in Nynorsk, his work is characterized by simple, terse, and symbolic prose His stories are often about simple rural people that undergo a severe psychological drama and who according to critics are described with immense psychological insight Commonly dealing with themes such as death, guilt, angst, and other deep and intractable human emotions, the Norwegian natural landscape is a prevalent feature in his works His debut was in 1923 with Children of Humans Menneskebonn , but he had his breakthrough in 1934 with The Great Cycle Det store spelet His mastery of the nynorsk language, landsm l see Norwegian language , has contributed to its acceptance as a medium of world class literature.

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    1. In such a short amount of time and in so few, yet potent, words, Vesaas delivers a chilling, metaphor-driven tale of loss set in the dense winters of Norway. You really should read this book. It is a very quick read, but it will remain with you long after you finish the last page. Vesaas, who was a decorated poet as well as a novelist, delivers a fresh, poetic and concise prose that damn near flows off the page. The real majesty however, is in the way he crafts an environment that reads like a l [...]

    2. We have a significant amount of snow on the ground for the first time in four years. With this influx of winter weather, it is comforting to read books about snow and colder climates. I have seen a number of friends review Tarjei Vesaas' definitive book the Ice Palace. In need of a foreign prize award winner for classics bingo, I decided to read his masterpiece for myself. Short in length, this novella is poignant in its prose as Vesaas writes of grieving and survivors guilt' in this harrowing [...]

    3. “Promise in deepest snow from Siss to Unn: I promise to think about no one but you.”Sometimes, only a gleaming glance is enough. Siss and Unn, two eleven-year old girls living in an isolated, rural community somewhere in Scandinavia, need only a single evening together to forge an uncommon friendship that will change their lives irreparably. When four eyes full of gleams and radiance beneath their lashes, filling the looking glass, shine into each other, words become redundant. A disturbing [...]

    4. When a few dotted lines can cuff my heart into a promise and bind my palms over it in sombre armory, keep me lain in its pristine shadows for hours and yet freeze the time in crystalline imagery, I beam at the prospect: the prospect of living in that promise; that promise which lights up with the chandeliers of frosty realizations hanging from the ceiling of dreams and a sea of incomplete chances freezing my being. A life is made of promises; some made to self, some to others. And like a diffide [...]

    5. The Ice palacetakes place in the raw scenery of the Norwegian late autumn . The evening roaring heralds the strengthening of the ice covering the nearby lake , and in the shadow , on the roadsides unnamed creatures are skulking . But you are not afraid of darkness , Siss , are you ? There’s nothing to be afraid of . It’ll envelop you with soft coat and then you can hear its indistinct voice . Its loves to play sometimes with you , but you know all its clever tricks , all these whispers and r [...]

    6. 3 "at times hypnotic, at times beautiful but mostly stilted" stars. I glanced and saw many five star ratings for this book. I ask myself "What have I missed? What have I misunderstood?"I decide that this book simply did not resonate deeply for me.I loved the descriptions of the changing of the season in a small Scandinavian town and the use of the frozen waterfall as something monstrous, profound, beautiful but inanimate. This is the way I felt about the book as well. Inanimate.o cold to allow n [...]

    7. The more I like a book, the more I hesitate about how to write it up in a review, about how to capture its beauty and how to convince other readers that it is worth checking up. I read The Ice Palace in one sitting, then I sat and thought about it for a week. At first glance, it is such a simple, straight-forward story, told in understated, minimalist prose. Two young girls meet after school and believe they could become close friends, yet they shy away from giving in to their impulses too fast, [...]

    8. What a bedeviled activity reading is!When one reads the book or what has one read just before, are circumstances that alter the relationship between the printed pages and the reader. I came to The Ice Palace after finishing The Long Ships, which had delighted, illustrated and greatly amused me. After Bengtsson’s smooth but engaging jocularity, I was not ready for the lyricism and the evocative tone of Vesaas’s book, and it took me several pages to adjust my senses. The new coldness made my e [...]

    9. Tarjei Vesaas has written an absolute masterpiece here. Read it - Examine the ice palace on the cover of the book and the picture of a girl. Use your imagination and think of imagery and symbolism, snow, ice, water, new seasons, mental trauma, the mirror that reveals all, two eleven year old girls, an outsider and the other the leader of a group at school. The catalyst is the ice palace.Meet death and then the birth of the phoenix. What is the wild bird doing and what is the significance? The wo [...]

    10. Many years ago (decades even) I watched this movie on television about the life of American poet Maya Angelou. The details of the story have long ebbed away but there’s this one scene that I recall vividly. In it a sort of teacher figure is telling the young Maya about how beautiful words can be, how wonderful it is to love them. I guess this conversation remained with me because at the time I didn’t understand it. I loved reading books already, I loved the stories they told and the adventur [...]

    11. Frostily immaculate and mysterious as the titular ice formation. Tunnels of ice, spires of ice. Rooms with only entries and no exits that beckon, beckon.There's so much that fascinates here: the ethereal descriptions of northern landscapes, and accompanying slightly alien compassion of its communities, the inexpressible pre-sexual bonds of children, the inexpressible secrets and promises of self and other, the ice palace, always the ice palace. The simple direct language all the more capable of [...]

    12. There is a serious elegance to this little book. Set in Norway, The Ice Palace is the story of Siss and Unn, two eleven-year-old girls, and their brief but intense friendship. Vesaas’ approach to the insecurities and awkward communications of the two adolescent girls is dealt with so tenderly, it made my bones ache. The descriptions of ice and snow are vivid, beautiful. So vivid in fact, that half way through I started to feel cold. Seriously. The heating was turned on, a blanket was fetched, [...]

    13. A profound encapsulation of time, its passing, couched as a read for preteen girls, versed in the plain-speak of short sentenced nordic prose. Hmm.I read for a bit with a shoulder shrug but then I heard the words spoken out loud. Strange, it sounded much like my voice. Not my aloud but my inner voice. Swept suddenly along not an ice floe to grab onto I was within the story. The story was simple and sad. The main character, the hub of her clique at school is drawn to the newly arrived girl who ke [...]

    14. Based on the ratings, when I first started reading this and feeling unimpressed (and occasionally even a little annoyed), I half-convinced myself that the author had suffered his entire 73 years with a case of Imminent Death Syndrome, along with Male Pattern Baldness and Sorta-Looks-Like-Willem-Dafoe-itis. I was wrong says now-me to past-me, because this gets better and better the more you get used to the stilted prose, accept it as a voice for (admittedly a bit too sage and emotionally nuanced) [...]

    15. A novel with a scarcity of words but with a delicate, dreamlike poetry; a story that makes you taste the coldness and isolation of winter in the middle of the summer; an adult writer who can see through the soul of an eleven year girl, down to her utmost fears; a remembrance of childhood with all its awkward moments; two girls that are linked in life and beyond; a secret that is never spoken, buried forever in ice; a promise that is kept, no matter if it brings estrangement; a wonder of nature, [...]

    16. They were still dragging the river, downwards from the waterfall where there were pools. The ice-coated dragging poles stood in the snowdrifts at night, pointing upwards.All roads led to Auntie’s house. Everything collected there, all lines of communication met in this lonely woman, Unn’s sole anchor. The blind lanes crossed there at a clear, tearless point of intersection.‘I see,’ said Auntie.‘Thank you,’ she said, ‘It can’t be helped.’Unn’s anchor in life.What is the time i [...]

    17. It started with a glance. It ran high as a fever. It swept the frosty roads and froze into the green ice palace. It sought its labyrinths, breathed in its strangeness. It settled deep inside Siss. It was the greatest treasure she wrapped under her coat in that most difficult winter of all. Promise in deepest snow from Siss to Unn:I promise to think about no one but you.To think about everything I know about you.It was the promise that gave Siss the solemnity she needed for Unn. Something that wo [...]

    18. Minimalističko remek delo.Apsolutno ne knjiga za svačiji ukus. Mislim da će za većinu fokus biti na subjektivnom osećaju koji ostaje posle čitanja. A to zavisi od samog karaktera i prijemčivosti za ovakve knjige.Za mene je ovo jedna od onih knjiga o kojima zapravo i ne želim mnogo da razgovaram,želim samo da iznova i iznova proživljavam utisak koji je na mene ostavila.Postoji mali broj stvari koje mene, kao inače prilično neurotičan karakter, smiruju. More tmurnim danima, LED sijali [...]

    19. Pročitala sam maločas u Matici, podstaknuta besnim urednikom, otud shizofrenično paralelno čitanje. Vesos je sve ono što bi Bariko hteo da bude kad poraste, ali ne može. xD Poznato je da nisam obožavalac Barikovih eksperimenata posebno jer mi se čini da mnogi pisci nemaju sposobnost da delo koje nije precizno određeno u vremenu i prostoru (u smislu da može biti bilo ko, bilo gde, bilo kad) uverljivo napišu. Za početak, Dereta je u opisu malčice Neću reći omašila, ali neprecizno i [...]

    20. I recommend checking out the excellent reviews by the trio of initialed men: Nate D M. Kitchell, and snkevich. Like them, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, though perhaps I was unduly influenced by having read Vessas' "The Bridges" a few weeks earlier. Both books recount stories about young people and Vesass's simple prose occasionally feels too over-explanatory until you realize the vast chasms of unspoken detail that lie at the very core of these trauma-stricken narratives. These novels jealous [...]

    21. This short and marvelous novel was published in 1963 by the Norwegian novelist Tarjei Vesaas, its translation by Elizabeth Rokkan following three years later. The story is simple and quickly told. In a rural village eleven-year-old classmates, Siss and Unn, who have not been close, spend an emotionally charged evening together, forming a fierce and indelible bond. The next day Unn, uncertain about facing Siss so soon after their experience, skips school and explores an ice palace formed by an im [...]

    22. Afraid of the dark? No. Bright woodwind players had appeared and were walking along the sides of the road.Read this during an ongoing depressive episode, but still found it magical, the tenderness of its narration, its maturation. Alas, its first few scenes are its best, or perhaps my mood simply took a downturn thereafter, a tension, assumed importance, an apprehensive hope. (view spoiler)[When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a [...]

    23. This is the kind of book (goes down pat in under two hours, btw), where the reviews will utilise more lyrical lingua than actually sourced in the text: it is that sparse and economical with its prose. Written as if for children but with a message no child will understand, it invokes long forgotten memories of Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘The Little Match Girl’ (the ONLY tale, apart from Wildes ‘The Happy Prince’ which ever made me cryd still does, even though now that I’m old [...]

    24. I have this tucked away corner of a shelf with a small stack of books, a treasure trove of only the most specific kind of simple, magical, eerie, uncannily wise books. Saved up, tucked aside, bottled away, just in case there’s one day, off chance, wild notion, life gets inadvertently full of little tangled limbs and skint knees who clamor for bedtime stories with sleepy eyes. “Break glass in case of kids,” it could say. They are not children’s books. But, somehow, they are the books that [...]

    25. This is the novel that will make you want to learn NorwegianA short poetic volume that is part schoolyard romance, part winter wonderland, The Ice Palace explores the intense bonds of friendship that form at the brink of adolescence--and the pain when such bonds are severed in their infancy. Vesaas's simple yet lyrical prose captures perfectly the world of eleven-year-old Siss and adds a poignant urgency to her hopes. At once both familiar and inscrutable, this is a truly original work -- one im [...]

    26. "Çok basit bir öyküyü, çok basit kelimelerle nasıl bir şiire dönüştürürüz?" sorusuna verilmiş güzel bir kitap. Örnek bir alıntı vermek gerekirse;“Bir giz var burada. İçlerindeki bütün kederi açığa vuruyor ve onu, ışığın bu geceyarısı oyununa ve ölüm kuşkusuna bırakıyorlar. Ve onlar büyülenmekle oyalanıyorlar. Buzun ıssız köşeleri arasında dağılmış durumdalar, fenerlerden çapraz ışıklar parlıyor, bunlar başka yarıklardan ve prizmalardan ya [...]

    27. The Ice Palace depicts a quite unusual psychological climate.Shocked by disappearance of her friend Siss experiences a deep psychological trauma…“The ice construction rises above them, enigmatic, powerful, its pinnacles disappearing into the darkness and the winter cloud drift. It seems prepared to stand eternally… There is something secret here. They bring out what sorrows they may have and transfer them to this midnight play of light and suspicion of death… The men are lost in the game [...]

    28. I'm re-reading some of my old favorites this month. It has been over ten years since I've read them, so can't wait to see if I'll still enjoy them as much. Update: Just as good as all those years ago. Such a strong, disturbing, unique and unforgettable novel.

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