The Dream of a Thousand Nights

The Dream of a Thousand Nights Neriah the crown prince of Tazier escapes his father s deadly wrath with the help of a Jinn named Tamir Knowing that the other Jinn would find and punish him for falling in love with a human Tamir

  • Title: The Dream of a Thousand Nights
  • Author: Shira Anthony
  • ISBN: 9781613721155
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Neriah, the crown prince of Tazier, escapes his father s deadly wrath with the help of a Jinn named Tamir Knowing that the other Jinn would find and punish him for falling in love with a human, Tamir takes Neriah s memories of their brief time together and leaves him with only a jade pendant as a token of his love Tamir is then stripped of his powers and imprisoned for hNeriah, the crown prince of Tazier, escapes his father s deadly wrath with the help of a Jinn named Tamir Knowing that the other Jinn would find and punish him for falling in love with a human, Tamir takes Neriah s memories of their brief time together and leaves him with only a jade pendant as a token of his love Tamir is then stripped of his powers and imprisoned for his crime.Ten years later, Neriah is still on the run from the King s assassins, but each night he dreams of a lover whose face he cannot see and whose name he does not know, but who fills his heart with peace Tamir, freed at last from his prison cell, poses as a pleasure slave and offers to serve the prince Although Neriah does not recognize Tamir, he falls in love with the powerless Jinn But just when Tamir has earned Neriah s trust, he is forced to betray it There may be no hope of mending their broken relationship, but Tamir is determined to see Neriah on his rightful throne even if it costs the Jinn his life.

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    1. This book was hard to rate for me, since I really, really wanted to like it and still ended up being unable to. Might’ve been only me, but I stumbled upon some of my pet peeves here which ultimately left me underwhelmed by this book.On the one hand, it had many elements I’m usually very fond of. The setting alone – I adore the Arabian Night fairytales, which was one of the reasons I grabbed this book as soon as I had the chance. Then the premise – I like angst, and I like forced separati [...]

    2. 3.5 starsNeriah, the crown prince of Tazier, is running for his life after witnessing his mother's death at the hands of his father's orders. Tamir, a young Jinn, heals Neriah when Neriah becomes injured and unconscious. Tamir has loved Neriah from afar for years which is forbidden for any Jinn and so after he saves Neriah and lets him go with a cleansed memory of their encounter, Tamir is punished. Losing his powers for loving a human is the least of Tamir's problems when they meet again ten ye [...]

    3. There were a few things about this book that would normally have me hitting the roof or growling at the very least. I did not care, not one single bit. This story managed to engage me completely making me cheer for Neriah and Tamir, making me want to shake some sense into them, taking me to unexpected places, breaking my heart, making me cry like a fool and finally end up happy. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Bring on Amir!

    4. My first M/M romance, "The Dream of a Thousand Nights" is a fantasy/fairy tale about a prince and a Jinn and the power of love. This long novella (45K+ words) was inspired by a short story I co-authored a few years ago.A little bit of BDSM, a little magic, a nasty old king, lots of angst, handsome princes, Jinn and lots of sand If you're curious, there's a link to an excerpt (Chapter 1 in its entirety) on my profile or at the DSP website. -ShiraPS: If you're interested, the short story that ins [...]

    5. This book was written to create as much angst as possible.Lovers separated by the authority? CheckedLover has to witness the other one being humped by another man--and the other one seems to enjoy it? CheckedLover has to choose between the lover's life and his own love? CheckedLover has to be alone for several years knowing that the other one is used as a boytoy but he cannot do anything about it? CheckedLover has to let go his loved one because he loves another person? CheckedAnd these are on t [...]

    6. If you've marked this as "to read" but haven't yet, I strongly urge you to make the time to do so. I don't often read this genre because so much of it is poorly-written with storylines that have not been logically thought through; however, when Shira asked me to help edit her manuscript, I found myself being drawn into the story almost as if by magic. The alien yet familiar setting is the perfect backdrop for the plot driven by both Fate and unyielding love. The characters, while very much like [...]

    7. Light-hearted and sweet, but still oh, so achingly beautiful. That jade pendant is so totally a consummate Chekhov's gun it's not even funny.It's great. I like that it tackles serious subjects, but still maintains a light tone. I think the lightness adds to the fairy-tale/myth-like quality of it much more than a darker tone would have.And it's got a moral.It's got a nice ambiance. Very 1001 NIghts-esque.

    8. This review was written prior to this book being picked up by publisher. Final content may not be reflected in this review.Moving on:The biggest compliment I can give to this tale is that I remained awake past my bed time to read 'just a little more'. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Tamir and Neriah. The world created around these characters (Tazier) is at once original and familiar. It had a very Middle Eastern feel to it, coupled with some magic and otherworldly elements (Aladdin meets King [...]

    9. Reviewed by Kristen: I love the setting and idea of the story, but I'm a torn about the actual story.The characters are amazing. I love Tamir and Neriah. Both are complex and I understand why they act the way they do.What makes me torn about this is that there's a part of the story that is blurring the lines of consensual sex and just plain rape between one of the main characters and a Jinn. While Tamir didn't object, he didn't really have a choice because Jinns are these beautiful creatures tha [...]

    10. This book is about a bunch of overgrown teenagers with raging hormones, irrational, stubborn and angry. There is no reason to their actions, no logic in their thoughts. The writing itself is on immature side. Disappointed. The rating is for the 40% I've suffered through.

    11. Enjoy and was so into it so much I delay my work, oh the torture. had much fun reading and rooting for the prince and ex jinn. The end was pleasing

    12. Wow, what a tragic emotionally plotted story. I, of course enjoyed it, but it was a bit to dramatic for my taste. We got an happy ending what do we need more.

    13. a sweet and good story written like an old Arabian tale. i think i'll follow this author to see if it's not just a one shot.

    14. This book was nothing like I expected it to be but soooo much better. I cried a lot but it was so good and the ending was perfect. I'm definitely going to recommend it.

    15. Amazing. Loved the story, loved the characters, loved that the villain (Amir) was not that much of a villain after the author presented his point of view, his desires and pains. Loved that there were actually consequences for the decisions the characters made. I give this book five stars. However, I would like to comment on the ending: As much as we all love HEA, I would actually loved the story more if it ended with chapter 15 (in that case the story would get five and a half stars from me). A [...]

    16. 3.5 starsFor all the angst in this story, you can see this review, since I think that covers all. Part of the plot (Tamir's being punished for helping Neriah, a human - and Tamir erasing Neriah's memory) evokes emotion for me to feel what the characters are going through, but other part (Amir's forcing Tamir to choose him for Neriah's safety -- plus the blurry line between consentual and not since jinn's body is made for pleasure) is just a bit too much to convey the angst.It's still a good nove [...]

    17. Sowhen I first picked this up I didn't read the blurb. I really just made an assumption that it would be similar to One Thousand and One Nights with a few changes. Well, I was really wrong. Okay maybe not really, but still they have nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they're both set in the same place and time. Anyway, the writing was good, easy to follow, and kept the same patterns throughout (big pet peeve if they don't). Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the whole J [...]

    18. The concept of this book was good but the characters didn't really speak to me. I couldn't find myself liking Neriah and Tamir was too "perfect" even with the whole incident with his former teacher. The beginning of the story seemed too unrealistic. They meet face to face for the first time. Neriah just takes Tamir's word for everything then they both are in love by the time they part. The story was just a little to easy when it came time to explain things with no indication of the solutions bef [...]

    19. I'm a sucker for a fairy (genie) tale. I loved this story. It was very well developed. I know some people may have issues with a middle part of the story, but I accept it as part of the nature of the creatures involved and as a given by the author. It's her world so who am I to say how it works. I would definitely recommend this book is anyone cared to ask me.

    20. Wonderful tale with professional prose. I enjoyed Tamir and Nerah and the sense of the old Middle East came alive beautifully. That was perhaps the best part of the novel. There were no patronizing characterizations either.

    21. The characters tortured themselves, and I tortured myself when reading this. I love Arabian Night themes but this is too much.

    22. Very cute. The author has a very clear voice and the characters were put together rather well. I was pleasantly surprised by how sweet this little short was.

    23. like a poetry,the dream of thousand nights gives something like euphoria can not to saymeo & romeo will be romantic love story here,you'll knows it:)

    24. I finished this book late in the night and since then I have been dieing to write a rewiew. (Spoilers ahead) First of, I hate hate hate how a person who was so vile, so bad, beyond cruel, he was a rapist to be exact and the reason for all their problems got scot-free. why?? I really like drama in my books. And angst too, but when you pile it all together one after another it becomes sort of difficult to give them their happy ending. The readers/viewers are always suspicious that things would go [...]

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