Anti Sentient Strange things are happening in Los Angeles a vintage guitar shop owner finds a strange woman lingering near his shop as he closes up for the night a homeless man attacks a waitress returning home fro

  • Title: Anti-Sentient
  • Author: Linda J. Butler
  • ISBN: 9781452469119
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • Strange things are happening in Los Angeles a vintage guitar shop owner finds a strange woman lingering near his shop as he closes up for the night a homeless man attacks a waitress returning home from the late shift the residents of a West Los Angeles apartment complex are awoken in the middle of the night to discover a group of strange people attacking a man in the buStrange things are happening in Los Angeles a vintage guitar shop owner finds a strange woman lingering near his shop as he closes up for the night a homeless man attacks a waitress returning home from the late shift the residents of a West Los Angeles apartment complex are awoken in the middle of the night to discover a group of strange people attacking a man in the building s courtyard In each instance the attackers move slowly and unsteadily, with eyes that are milky white and teeth like razors Similar events are happening all over the city Videos of the attacks have begun to filter onto the internet The media is blaming the outbreak of violence on terrorists The actual cause is far insidious.The only hope to stopping the outbreak can be found at the headquarters of Nardock International, a drug research company secretly testing a new gene therapy, Anti Sentient 6, on human subjects Inside the headquarters walls, a test subject has begun to metamorphosize into a creature, devoid of humanity The fate of the City of Angels, and perhaps mankind, depends on what happens within the next few hours.

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    • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ↠ Anti-Sentient - by Linda J. Butler ✓
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    1. Linda J. Butler

      From the age of ten, I wanted to read adult novels I remember sneaking The Godfather from my Mother s bag and being captivated I tried to read The Autobigoraphy of Malcolm X next, but I just couldn t wrap my mind around the the concepts and the language It would become a favorite book of mine as an adult, and always remind me of my mother and her love of reading I fell in love with horror the first time I saw Night of the Living Dead It was in black and white, and looked like a documentary I was convinced it was real, and I was terrified Then I read the Exorcist and was scarred until adulthood After years of being a worker bee with no direction, I re entered the academic world and rediscovered my love for literature and found my voice as a writer My first novel includes, clinical trial studies, bipolar disorder, zombies and familial discord I tried to create real characters, situations that can be visualized, and an occurance made disturbing because it s plausible.

    952 thoughts on “Anti-Sentient”

    1. First off let me say I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it. The story is interesting and fast paced, the zombie origin is well thought out,the zombies truly creeped me out, and the characters (in the first half/three quarters of the book) are well drawn and believable. That being said this book is way too short. The last half felt rushed, and the characters loose something in the rushing towards an end to the story.

    2. Ms. butler quickly established characters you could care about and one despicable one you hope gets his just reward. If you're a fan of zombie stories , this one takes off quickly and never stops. A fun and scarey read!

    3. THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE AUDIOBOOK VERSION.DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes.My problem with the book is the woman hired to do the narration. While I appreciate her efforts to convey emotion, they were simply too overwrought. This made many of the characters seem shrill, hysterical, and instantly unlikeable. It also undermined the growing horror of the story, because rather than a gradual realization of the threat and a corresponding increase in fear, the characte [...]

    4. "Anti-Sentient" or: "Characterization in Times of Trouble".Essentially a short story about 1000 zombies somehow throwing an entire urban center into chaos, Ms. Butler jars the reader into and out of Family-Guy-esque, non-sequitur character-defining segues, with little heed for pacing. While I appreciate getting to know my protagonists, these segments come at the expense of the story. I am most of the way through the book, and know everything about the characters, except why I should care about t [...]

    5. "Anti-Sentient" by Linda J. Butler is the story of Abby, her boyfriend and some of their neighbours as they are trying to escape an apocalyptic Zombie epidemic in LA. The phenomenon has been created by a new psycho-pharmaceutical trial, something which Abby's father is responsible for.As you can imagine, the personal conflicts in this story and the side-theme of drug testing and its ethics make this book a particularly gripping read with more than 'just' Zombie action.I found the beginning sligh [...]

    6. Anti-SentientBy Lind J ButlerNarrator Lisa CartmellDate 2012Length : 5 hr, 9 min. 55 sec.StoryThis is a post apocalyptic book with a focus on strained relationships, which gives it a rather unique twist, how do you survive in a world bent on destroying you if you can't trust your own father? Read this book and find out.ProductionNarrator Lisa Cartmell did a good job in narrating this book, capturing and keeping a grip on my imagination as she takes me from one character to the next.Recommendatio [...]

    7. I will admit the cover freaked me out a bit but once I got on to the reading I was hooked and read it in one sitting :)This was such a refreshingly NEW take on Zombies. I loved how the author used a drugs trial as the start. I really enjoyed this book and is a MUST read for anyone who likes a good gritty read :)EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!

    8. Butler comes up with some novel ideas towards a by now well played out genre. That being said, what really soured me in this book was the characters. Aside from being two-dimensional, they seemed to have their lives and jobs pulled from the bucket labeled Hip Jobs for Characters.

    9. its a great read that move quickly into what everyone is reading it forZOMBIES. A very well thought out story that introduces characters you relate to and grow to know quickly and is definitely a must read.

    10. This is a really scary book, a real page turner. I don't even read this genre, but I couldn't put it down. I really recommend it!

    11. Easy, enjoyable read. Some really funny lines (in a sick, twisted kind of way.) Quick but fairly solid character development.

    12. The very first home that I ever owned was a small bungalow that was built in the 1920's. Electricity had been added after the home was built. There were all kinds of switches and plugs that were random, at best. I had no idea what went with what. For me, the easiest way to figure things out was to just start pushing buttons and flipping switches. It was an effective experiment and certainly helped me figure things out.But what happens when the switches that you are flipping are genetic markers? [...]

    13. Where do I start? This book is about an experiment that has gone horribly wrong. I'll say it has a few warnings between the lines. You might want to stay away from clinical trials especially if genetic manipulation is involved. Technically they aren't zombies in the conventional sense of the term, however they mostly act that way. I thought the storyline was really good and the book is well-written. It took me a few hours to read and I had a hard time putting it down because I had to see what wa [...]

    14. This was a well written novel with great character development. The zombies are used as vehicles to bring out the personalities and emotions of the various individuals in this story. The relationship between Abigail and her father is the driving force behind the plot of this novel.This is not just a tale about zombies, but instead it’s a story about how real live humans react to dead zombies. The way Linda Butler handles the reactions of her various characters makes for a great novel.

    15. 3.5 stars, marked down to 3 because of typos, the occasional bit of bad grammar and the flagrant misuse of semi-colons. This was a good enjoyable story with nice characterization, but would have been better if edited. Some parts of the story seemed very rushed, which was strange interspersed with the characters' detailed backstories.

    16. Finally a fresh take on zombies! A young woman and her boyfriend watch people killing one another outside of their window. Her father offers them shelter. Little did they know the nightmare that was waiting on them. I absolutely fell into this story and did not want it to end. The only part that threw me was the ending. When you get to it you'll understand why I am confused. WaAR

    17. No me gusto paRa nada, mal desarrollo de los personajes, final abrupto y sin sentido, la trama tiene muchisimas fallas y aunque la literatura zombie es por definicion, cliché, este libro hace uso y mal uso de los mismos,, nada recomendable!

    18. Sadly my dear friend and first time author Linda passed away last week from Breast Cancer She fought a good fight This book was excellent and so sad she didn't finish her second But she got to live her dream and have this published Please give a read in Linda's honour.

    19. Too choppy, too junked up, too stupid! I didn't like any of the characters or connect with themWhich is kinda important for a "zombie eats your face off "book!!

    20. Really quick read! Not a whole lot of substance but I was totally okay with it because it was essentially nonstop action! I really enjoyed this book!

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