The Only One Who Matters

The Only One Who Matters No man and no heart left behind The Only One Book Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career Senior Chief David Flint doesn t know which is worse struggling to adjust to life as a civilian or wat

  • Title: The Only One Who Matters
  • Author: Cat Grant L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: 9781619220508
  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • No man and no heart left behind.The Only One, Book 2Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career, Senior Chief David Flint doesn t know which is worse struggling to adjust to life as a civilian, or watching his lover, Lieutenant Commander Josh Walker, leave for one deployment after another.Missing the career he loved and knowing all too well the danger Josh faces doesn t hNo man and no heart left behind.The Only One, Book 2Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career, Senior Chief David Flint doesn t know which is worse struggling to adjust to life as a civilian, or watching his lover, Lieutenant Commander Josh Walker, leave for one deployment after another.Missing the career he loved and knowing all too well the danger Josh faces doesn t help And as Josh walks out the door for another assignment, David can feel their relationship cracking under the strain.With so little time between assignments, Josh has no idea how to fix things with David One thing he s sure of, though if they don t find a way to resolve the rising tension between them, there s a storm coming they might not be able to weather But he plans to give it his best shot when he gets home.Assuming he makes it home alive Warning Contains plenty of smoking hot sex between two dudes who just wanted to be SEALs, not deal with all this romance crap They went and fell in love anyway, and now have to figure out how to make it work while saving the world and teaching their puppy not to beg.

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    1. Rating: 2.5 starsThis book didn't make much sense to me. It's pretty much a "trouble in paradise" sequel to The Only One Who Knows filled with predictable drama and bad editing. So let me just list my issues with this book:* Someone get this book an editor. Please. Missing words, repeated words, verb tense issues. Granted, it wasn't like every page had a blaring error, but I've had to reread sentences enough times that it bugged me moderately.* How the heck is Flint only 40 years old?! He spent [...]

    2. Review by The Blogger Girls.I absolutely loved the first book in this series and fell in love with Josh and Flint right from the get go. They faced quite a few challenges back then, and that has not lessened any this time around.Now, Flint, or David as he is now a civilian, is having a lot of trouble coming to grips with the ending of his SEAL career and acclimating to his new life. He is at a bit of a loss as he recuperates from his injury and tries to figure out what he will do with his life. [...]

    3. This sequel to The Only One Who Knows should be read after the first book - there is a lot of both character and plot in the first volume that informs this story. In that book, two strong, capable and independent Navy SEALs began a relationship, in the shadow of obstacles of their differing ranks and the institutionalized homophobia of the military. This continues their story. *This review contains spoilers for the first book*.If anything, I liked this book more. We get a lot of stories about me [...]

    4. Men in UniformG sighG! These Two Military Men Are Absolutely Positive Alpha Adorable!OMG, this Book, I Loved!Love the beginning loved the middle and love, love loved the ending!This one was better than the firstG, SERIOUSLY LOVED!The ActionThe Romance The MCsThe SCsThe PaceThe StorylineThe PTSD ( of which normally I hatebut, this! This was believable).This book was great, but man oh man, the best part was~The Ending , it was so Swoon-Worthy Fab!And, PERFECT!

    5. (Just a WARNING, but since this book is the second in the series, this review is going to have some pretty big spoilers for book one, The Only One Who Knows. If you haven’t read book one (and you really should) it might be a good idea to give this a miss until you are caught up. Thanks.)Josh sighed and crushed his cigarette under his shoe. He was exhausted. He loved David so much it hurt, but was that enough? And even if it was, how much longer could either of them deal with this tug of war be [...]

    6. Such an interesting contrast to the first book. The way the relationship gets challenged by the very thing that brought them together. Very strong writing - liked the evolution.

    7. As I mentioned when I finished 'The Only One Who Knows', book one in 'The Only One' series by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt, I have been on pins and needles waiting for this second installment. In my opinion, these books should be read in the order they've come out, because if you miss the first book then you won't get a whole lot of backstory that is fairly integral to this second book in the series. 'The Only One Who Matters' exceeded my expectations and I thought that would be tough to do. I mean, [...]

    8. I'm confused by the not so great reviews I loved it! Maybe not quite as good as the first, but it was very good! I did see a couple of editing issues, but they weren't a big deal. I like the conflict and drama between Josh and David, liked the addition of Jenny and her drama, and loved the ending. I'm glad we didn't have to read about what specifically happened to Josh, I wouldn't have wanted to see thatOverall a great couple of books from a great couple of authors!

    9. I love these guys my heart hurt for them so much. The struggles they go through, I can't imagine what this would be like. This book feels so real to me. Military families go through so much shit. I don't even know what to say. I just loved this book, the story, the men, the supporting characters. Loved it.

    10. True rating 2.75 stars. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Definitely not as much as I did the first book :-/!! The MCs pissed me off; Josh moreso than David. The only reason I didn't give this book a solid 3 star rating is because I did skim quite a bit toward the end :-/ and it just couldn't hold my attention. The book ended fantastically though and the HEA was a beautiful one :-)!!

    11. The Only One Who Matters   183 pages Book Description: No man—and no heart—left behind.  The Only One, Book 2Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career, Senior Chief David Flint doesn’t know which is worse: struggling to adjust to life as a civilian, or watching his lover, Lieutenant Commander Josh Walker, leave for one deployment after another.Missing the career he loved—and knowing all too well the danger Josh faces—doesn’t help. And as Josh walks out the door for another ass [...]

    12. Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThis book is a continuation of the story the Only One Who Knows. Yes, it can be read on its own but I think you’ll get more out of it if you read the other book first. That being said, I started this book and read it from beginning to end; I simply could not put it down. The Only One Who Matters was phenomenal; the writing was sharp, the plot compelling, and the characters rich and deep.Foll [...]

    13. Where do I start?! I loved this book. I fell in love with Josh , I fell in love with David. They were both in different places in their careers. Josh was a Navy SEAL leader and David injury had cost him his career as a Navy SEAL. I loved how the authors made you understand where both David and Josh came from. You had Josh that love being a Navy SEAL and David that loved it too but he had to give it up not by choice because of an injury. He had to see the love of his life continue with something [...]

    14. 3.5 stars(Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven’t read the first book)David and Josh are living together, their relationship completely out in the open. David continues his PT for his leg injury but that may be the least of his problems. His career as a Navy SEAL is over. The adjustment to that, and Josh’s continual dangerous overseas deployments eat away at him. The not knowing if Josh’ll make it back… that worries David more than anything.What I like about this second book is how it [...]

    15. Vast improvement over the first book. Being in a relationship with an active duty SEAL is hard for most people. When you used to be a SEAL and know exactly what goes on out there, it's even harder. David's having to adjust to civilian life and is going through his physical therapy for the injury that ended his career, and having to do most of it alone. Josh is caught between his love of the SEALs and his love of David, as well as being overwhelmed by both. It's a balancing act that they both are [...]

    16. Even better the the first book in the series. It really touches some true to life issues facing military spouses and it does it in a sensitive and believable manner. I also felt a stronger bond with main characters in this second book. The writing allowed me to really get inside their heads and feel what they were feeling. Well done; I hope to see more in the future.

    17. The Only One Who Matters is really the second half of The Only One. It's more about how David Flint & Josh Walker map put a live for themselves after injury alters their plans for their future. I really enjoyed watching Flint learn to become a more open person. Cat Grant & LA Witt are a wonderful writing team.

    18. Hm, this was difficult to rate. I really love Josh and Flintd their journey in the relationship is heartbreaking and seems so real. it was a good read. but it kinda lacked of Josh coming to terms that he really loves Flint. I had a hard time not skipping too many pages where they were apart from each other.

    19. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the first book with David and Josh, and this sequel certainly didn't disappoint me. This was a highly emotional read and any book that makes me cry with it's emotional content is awesome! Also, there's some smokin' hot m/m scenes with Flyn and Walker, oh yeah! I'm looking forward to the next with these two.

    20. Josh and DavidOk, I know I said this after the first one too but I would love more of this couple. lol I think there could be more after the way it ended. Maybe? Hopefully. Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

    21. °•○★5 Stars ~ KAPOW!★○•°A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewWe received an arc of this book, in return for an honest review. Honestly? Pre-order this book now. It is GREAT!! This was such a great read! The Only One Who Matters continues Flint and Josh’s story. At the end of The Only One Who Knows, Flint was forced to retire from the SEALs because of his injury and he and Josh have moved in together. I was curious as to how they would deal with these two major changes in their [...]

    22. The Only One Who Matters is a follow-on sequel to The Only One Who Knows (which means, yes you need to read book 1 to understand book 2). We pick up a few months after the end of The Only One Who Knows. David and Josh have settled into a life. Josh is gone on missions more than he is home, and David is still trying to find his way in his post-SEAL world. This book is a ode to our wounded warriors as well as those who are left behind to wonder when or if their loved one will be coming home.David [...]

    23. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsSo I really loved the first book in this series, The Only One Who Knows. It is a great combination of sexy romance, lovely relationship building, and excellent military story. So I was really looking forward to reuniting with these guys and seeing how they fared in the wake of David’s injury and retirement.Where this book really excels for me is in the military angle. Once again Grant and Witt really capture both life in the military and the missions themselves in [...]

    24. This did an excellent job of trying to portray a couple in crisis. Mostly I never believe it when the boys fight, but here, with Josh & David both battling different sorts of demons, I was (a bit) worried. The relationship has to go through a few jumpy times: The introduction of Josh's family, the missing of birthdays and Christmases and the ever constant worry of Josh never returning.I fully engaged with this developing love (and its sweet sweet final scene).

    25. Not bad. Dudes are cohabiting. 1 dude still a SEAL and the other injured, being treated, having retired. So good conflict around SEAL dude leaping off and doing SEAL things. You know, read this a day ago, and can't remember how it ended. I liked it enough to read the last book which involves a BABY. I know they got married - can't remember which book it was in. I got to know the retired dude more than the non-retired dude.

    26. Loved this book! I fell for Josh and David in "The Only One Who Knows" and it was great to see how things went for them. Cat Grant really gets across the heart-ache of separation when someone's deployed - from both sides. The characters are strong,likeable men and the author isn't afraid to let them act out their emotions just as "real" military men in their situation would - with a rawness that really gets to you. Not a comfortable read at times but well worth it.

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