Shosha It is Warsaw in the s Aaron Greidinger is an aspiring young writer and the son of a rabbi who struggles to be true to his art when he is faced with the chance of riches and a passport to America

  • Title: Shosha
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It is Warsaw in the 1930s Aaron Greidinger is an aspiring young writer and the son of a rabbi, who struggles to be true to his art when he is faced with the chance of riches and a passport to America But as the Nazis threaten to invade Poland, Aaron rediscovers Shosha, his childhood sweetheart still living on Krochmalna Street, still strangely childlike who has beenIt is Warsaw in the 1930s Aaron Greidinger is an aspiring young writer and the son of a rabbi, who struggles to be true to his art when he is faced with the chance of riches and a passport to America But as the Nazis threaten to invade Poland, Aaron rediscovers Shosha, his childhood sweetheart still living on Krochmalna Street, still strangely childlike who has been waiting for him all these years In the face of unimaginable horror, he chooses to stayOne of Isaac Bashevis Singer s most personal works, Shosha is an unforgettable novel about conflicted desires, lost lives and the redemption of one man.

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      131 Isaac Bashevis Singer
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    1. Isaac Bashevis Singer

      Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish American author of Jewish descent, noted for his short stories He was one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 His memoir, A Day Of Pleasure Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw , won the U.S National Book Award in Children s Literature in 1970, while his collection A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories won the U.S National Book Award in Fiction in 1974.

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    1. المجتمع اليهودي مجتمع مثير , تحب تسمع حكاياته , تقرأ تاريخه , تشاهد الأفلام الى تتخذه موضوع لها , ليس شرط أن تحب هذا المجتمع , بل إن إثارته هى من ضمنت له نجاح تلك الأعمال .فتاريخ تلك الأمة (اليهودية) بأحداثه وشتى ما تعرضوا له من ظلم وكثرة ما اقترفوه من جرائم (الفرع الصهيونى بالذات) [...]

    2. Mysteriously consoling. A long contemplation about life. Most characters felt same, maybe because all human beings are same deep down. We all desire the same, we hope for the same. So why war? That's the question. Where is God? If there ever was almighty it wouldn't make any sense looking back dark and bloody days in history of mankind. It was sad yet very interesting perspective from few intellectual Jews from Poland just before Hitler's coming. They keep wondering everyday why they are not esc [...]

    3. Una storia d'amoreLeggo nella "descrizione del libro": "Shosha" può essere letto in molti modi: come la parabola dell'ebreo sradicato, come la storia di un'educazione sentimentale, come il viaggio iniziatico di un artista, ma forse il modo più giusto è proposto dallo stesso autore. Alla domanda "Che storia è quella narrata in Shosha?" Singer rispose: "Una storia d'amore".Non ricordo con precisione in quale dei modi indicati io l’abbia letto (più di trent’anni fa), ma, per il ricordo dol [...]

    4. Varsavia in dagherrotipoQuando ho iniziato a leggere Shosha, le prime pagine non mi convincevano.Singer racconta una storia che è in larga parte la sua (molti elementi sono esplicitamente biografici). Accumula nomi, personaggi, dettagli di luoghi, usanze, riferimenti geografici.Ho avuto l’impressione di leggere l’opera di un bozzettista, un memorialista nostalgico. Non è il mio genere. Fortunatamente, ho proseguito.In effetti, le immagini di Singer scorrono davanti agli occhi rapidamente, [...]

    5. UPDATE 4/16/15 I'm going to read this again, trying to capture the mid-1930s Poland that my characters (in my new novel) are currently living in.***Singer, writing in 1978, presents many poignant details of Jewish life in Warsaw in 1939, just before Hitler came. There is a pervading sense of the imminent destruction of an entire way of life in the Yeshivas they studied the Talmud so long as Hitler - his name should be blotted out - did not attack, each day was a gift from God No one knows wha [...]

    6. First off, thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Jo Jackson, for my fathers' day present of Isaac Bashevis Singer. I said once that I like the feeling of finishing an author's first (to me) book, and feeling like we've just started on a long, probably lifetime relationship. That's how I feel about this amazing book. Unbelievably beautiful and poignant and the tiniest bit triumphant (kaynahora) and resilient. My favorite quote: For a long time Shosha didn’t speak. Then she said, “Arele, I mis [...]

    7. Lo leí en español, como siempre, uno esperaría leer en yiddish, debemos perder tanta riqueza de la lectura por el mero hecho de intentar reproducir en un idioma tan diferente lo que Bashevis Singer nos propone. La edición que yo leí trae un comentario de Alan Lelchuk autor de "Sexo, Tora y revolución". Altamente recomendable y también un extracto del discurso de B. Singer cuando recibió el novel.Es notable en B.Singer como nos puede contar cien y más veces una realidad desde diferentes [...]

    8. الرواية ذات مستوى فنّي جيّد تحكي قصة يهودي بولندي إبان الحرب العالمية الثانية ومذابح هتلرعند طبع الرواية طرحت جدلية كبيرة حول هل تطبع الروايات ذات التوجه الصهيوني الواضح -مثل هذه الرواية- وساق القوميون الحجج على أن هذا شكل من أشكال التطبيع لكن في وجهة نظري أن الأمر ليس كذلك [...]

    9. Mi problema con este libro fue que, si bien la prosa era bella y el personaje principal era un tipo con una historia muy interesante, me costaba entender qué estaba sucediendo a mi alrededor. Hay muchísimos aspectos, costumbres y definiciones sobre la cultura judía que las daban por sentadas y no entendía, así como también los hechos y aspectos históricos que rodean la historia y que tienen más protagonismo que la historia en sí como el comunismo, el nazismo, la cultura judía como ya d [...]

    10. 3.5 stars, rounded up for the novelty of the experience. This book has very little plot. In short, the son of a rabbi grows up during WW1 and loses faith (not in God, but in organised religion, humanity, the future). He drifts aimlessly through 1930s Warsaw, wanting to be a writer, but spending most of his time pursuing and being pursued by women (the Russian-American actress with the sugar daddy, the Gentile maid, the Stalinist who is sure she will be arrested any day now, the married intellect [...]

    11. Very good novel of Poland in the days prior to Hitler’s invasion in 1939. The main character is a Jewish writer, Arele Greidinger, who travels in both the secular Jewish world of Warsaw’s political and literary circles and the ghetto Hasidim in which he was raised. “I was brought up on three dead languages—Hebrew, Aramaic, and Yiddish (some consider the last not a language at all)—and in a culture that developed in Babylon: the Talmud.” Singer wrote many of his works like Dickens did [...]

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    13. رواية لطيفةتعتبر سيرة ذاتية لراويها أو كاتبها أو ربما ليست كذلكبيحكى الراوى حياته منذ كان طفل فى بولندا فى حى اليهودأبوه حاخام وهو من طفولته كان متماشى مع الجو الدينى دهوأحب الكتابة وعاصر الفترة النازية وهرب لأمريكاوفى النهاية أستقر فى الكيان الصهيونىليها هوامش كتيرة فى آ [...]

    14. This book has personal relevance to me. My grandfather was a Polish Jew who fled to Cuba, but his siblings and parents perished in Poland. My favorite aspects of this book where the descriptions of Jewish life in Polish cities and small towns leading up to WWII. I found the descriptions of the various bickering political organizations humorous, and they reminded me of why my grandfather was wary of politics. This book tells a hard story but not one without the magical realism of everyday life.

    15. La malinconia del lettoreDefinire l’indefinibile è impresa ardua, così come il poter spiegare lo straniamento che mi ha lasciato questo romanzo.Mi è piaciuto? Sì. Moltissimo.Ma per quanto da giorni ci pensi, non riesco a individuarne il motivo vero.Certo, è un gran romanzo, che si potrebbe tranquillamente allineare a quelli di classica tradizione: la storia, i personaggi, le descrizioni vivide, le puzze, i colori, i dialoghi, le molte dotte digressioni, sono tutti elementi importanti eppu [...]

    16. Growing up in Warsaw Aaron (Arele) Greidinger was the son of a prominent Hasidic rabbi. His life was surrounded by books and scrolls, he lived and breathed the Jewish law. He befriended Shosha, a young simple girl living in his building. Their life was surrounded by adventurous stories and Aaron's imagination. When his family moves several blocks away their friendship ends as it would be inappropriate for the son of a Hasidic rabbi to venture to her neighborhood for a visit.Years later Aaron is [...]

    17. I was glad to finish this novel! What a relief to leave the company of Singer’s aimless, mysogynistic, pretentious narrator! The Singer scholar who recommended the book told me it was an autobiographical novel that “whitewashed” the Singer character. Did the real Singer act in a more irresponsible, distasteful manner than his protagonist?Aaron is the son of a Polish Rabbi. His earliest memories are of Krochmalna Street, a poor Hasidic community in Warsaw. Growing up during the privations o [...]

    18. What is this book about? That question defies answering. It is about the Holocaust, though the book's first 260 pages take place in Poland before Hitler's invasion, and the remaining 20 take place in Tel Aviv over a decade after. It is about the Jews who lived in Warsaw in the years before their ghettoization and deportation to concentration camps, but all of these are secondary characters in the book, and those two historical events are only described in passing in the epilogue. It is about a s [...]

    19. I love this book. Initially, childlike naive Shosha irritated me, and she even made me think that Arele/Tsutsik, the narrator, was a bit of a pervert - what kind of man marries a physically underdeveloped woman with such severe learning difficulties that she can't read or manage simple household tasks independently? But Shosha grows, and so does Arele, though not in such a straightforward way.It's set in Poland, amongst Arele's circle of Jewish intellectuals and theatre people. He's cast off his [...]

    20. I secretly hoped that Singer would write like Potok did. Of course that is a ridiculous thing to want. He had an even simpler style than Potok, but it grew on me. This was quite a tragic story, but the hope still was present at the end of the book, very quietly. In both Singer and Potok's books, I find elements of my religious life that I connect with very deeply. Namely, that the existence of both light and dark within a religion is the very thing that makes it alive--a living entity. The confl [...]

    21. è un amore sgraziato, incomprensibile, ingenuo, mistico quello tra aron e shosha- che pervade tutto il libro, straripa e corre parallelo con l'amore per un mondo ormai scomparso- quello della varsavia prebellica, con le sue miserie, le sue contraddizioni, i suoi sfarzi poi spazzati via dall'invasione nazista. è un libro di donne questo romanzo- oltre a shosha ci sono sua madre bashele, dora, betty, celia, tekla: tutte diverse fra loro, tutte inquiete e preda di pulsioni, fermenti, ideali, scon [...]

    22. I enjoyed the first half of this book more than the last half. It is a rather odd story about a Jewish writer in Warsaw in pre-WWII. I imagine the book depicts well a segment of Warsaw life at that time. Lots of examples of the dark underbelly of humanity. It certainly demonstrated the depth of denial people had if they didn't want to grapple with the reality of the encroaching Nazis. I felt the ending was abrupt and left me hanging. I didn't feel the characters were well developed. Since anothe [...]

    23. I was concerned when I picked this book up because it was by Isaac Bashevis Singer and I always got the impression that his novels were a bit difficult to read, but after reading it a little in the bookstore I bought it and I loved it. I paid attention to every detail and I loved the book as well as the main character Shosha, I am surprised that no one has tried to make this book into a film it was really an enjoyable read. Years later when I dated my first wife, as it turned out she also read t [...]

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    27. "Non può esserci risposta per la sofferenzan per chi soffre."Un giovane uomo, fatalista e disperato al tempo stesso, scrive in una lingua che - in ragione di quella tragica sorte che si delinea inesorabile pagina dopo pagina - sta per essere cancellata dalla faccia della terra.Attorno a lui la vita frenetica, incosciente, farsesca, violenta e ingiusta di Varsavia, città che danza sull’orlo del baratro che la inghiottirà per sempre.Varsavia che venne disintegrata e quarant’anni dopo, quasi [...]

    28. Yes, this book is tragic and sad in a sort of unspoken sort of way. However, it is also exceptionally fulfilling. Singer chooses to keep the theme focused 100% on human progress while still staying dedicated to the intimate moments between man and vision. The result, while somewhat simplistic, is never without beauty. SHOSHA is like a wonderful dream. The experience of being in love with someone and being one with yourself through thick and thin. There are a number of things here, which, to me, [...]

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