Something Reckless

Something Reckless Prim headstrong and beautiful Penelope is determined to expose the licentious affairs of the ton s randiest rakes Now one of their powerful number the unrepentant libertine Jeremy Vaughn Duke of Ki

  • Title: Something Reckless
  • Author: Jess Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780061283970
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prim, headstrong, and beautiful Penelope is determined to expose the licentious affairs of the ton s randiest rakes Now one of their powerful number the unrepentant libertine Jeremy Vaughn, Duke of Kilgrath has been selected to put an end to the prudish lady s interference Jeremy s plan is devilishly clever He will join Penelope s war against immorality, fighting passioPrim, headstrong, and beautiful Penelope is determined to expose the licentious affairs of the ton s randiest rakes Now one of their powerful number the unrepentant libertine Jeremy Vaughn, Duke of Kilgrath has been selected to put an end to the prudish lady s interference Jeremy s plan is devilishly clever He will join Penelope s war against immorality, fighting passionately by her side, all the while showering her with anonymous erotic missives designed to titillate even the coldest, most unwilling maid He will break down her defenses and inflame her repressed desires by escorting her in the interests of their noble campaign to London s most notorious pleasure palaces And he will visit her boudoir masked during the night to school her in the deliciously sinful arts she wishes to abolish Then he will expose her hypocrisy to the world.But the handsome rogue s scheme is doomed to go awry, even as the lovely Penelope sheds her every inhibition and freely gives in to his every whim For in this sensuous game of hearts, it s the seducer who becomes seduced .

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      USA Today Bestselling author Jess Michaels likes geeky stuff, Vanilla Coke Zero, anything coconut, cheese, fluffy cats, smooth cats, any cats, many dogs and people who care about the welfare of their fellow humans She watches too much daytime court shows, but just enough Once Upon a Time CaptainSwan FOR LIFE She is lucky enough to be married to her favorite person in the world and live in a beautiful home on a golf course lake in Northern Arizona.When she s not obsessively checking her steps on Fitbit or trying out new flavors of Greek yogurt, she writes erotic historical romances with smoking hot alpha males and sassy ladies who do anything but wait to get what they want She has written for numerous publishers and is now fully indie and loving every moment of it well, almost every moment.Jess always loves to hear from readers You can email or send snail mail to Jess MichaelsPo Box 10291Prescott, AZ 86304In addition, Jess is super some would say obsessively active on both Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow her on one or both from the links provided here And sign up for her newsletter to be the first to know when there is a new release out and for a chance to win a 75 Gift Certificate just for being cute.

    649 thoughts on “Something Reckless”

    1. 2 1/2 to 3 stars Something Reckless I'm sad to say, is not as good as the first book in the series, Everything Forbidden. The heroine in this book is awful and the complete opposite to the first book's heroine, Miranda. Where Miranda was a character to be loved and admired, Penelope, this books heroine, is shrewish, childish, and very self-righteous. She was a hard heroine to like. Also, this story's plot is much more far-fetched and unbelievable than the first books, which was fairly unrealisti [...]

    2. Ooooo this was goo-oo-oo-d ! Not only does it have my favourite love/hate theme happening but the emotional involvement between the h/h coupled with the steam factor of an 120° in the shade(!) all came together beautifully making for a fantastic read that just whipped right by. Jess Michaels certainly knows how to develop a story without making it too long, bogging it down with filler and diving right into the romance from the first few pages.This is historical erotica without the ick, with a s [...]

    3. As much as I loved the first, I had trouble even liking this one. At least, it improved toward the end and left me with a better impression that even made me consider rating with 3 stars. However, the overall impression wasn't good. My main problem was Penelope. Immature, childish, prudish and naive, she was the exact opposite of her sister. She leads a campaign against the ton's mens' excesses and pleasures, without knowing what pleasure is and stubbornly believing that only men can feel it, ev [...]

    4. Já é o 4º livro que leio da autora e sempre gostei dos seus livros. Teria sido mais compreensível ter lido tudo pela ordem correcta mas a culpa foi da editora que lançou tudo ao contrário.Mais uma vez esta leitura foi de extrema rapidez. Muito semelhante aos outros livros da autora em termos de enredo e personagens foi com felicidade que vi que a Penelope era uma personagem diferente das anteriores. Gostei dela pela sua luta em que não acha justo que as mulheres daquela época ficassem em [...]

    5. I liked this but I thought there would be more antagonistic exchanges between the h/h. The guilt factor on both sides got a bit old as well but I like a reformed rake story sometimes and I thought that this one could have been more catagorized as that theme instead. But now I have to go back and read book 1!

    6. Having read the first book in this series, I was unsure how much I would like it. How wrong I was to doubt it. This was a brilliant book and a rather nice chage to the usual.I loved the heroine who had been thrown into this role as a champion for the women of the ton through an innocent remark. The character was well rounded and I genuinally felt for her. Here was a woman who desperatly wanted someone to love her but due to her past relationship and what happened to her sister, it shaped her int [...]

    7. These books by Jess Michaels are really fast quick reads. So in that fact, they are great. However, you pay a little more for them than other books, and I sort of feel frustrated because I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Not in the length/size of the book and not in the plot. This plot particularly seemed weak and farfethced. But, it wasn't a bad book, I just feel like I should be getting something meatier for my money. Plus, the sex doesn't blow me awaye writes well, but its sort of [...]

    8. Não posso dizer o que realmente penso deste livro bom, talvez possa porque eu não sou exactamente conhecida por contornar o discurso directo. Ora bem: este livro é uma série daquilo que os indianos, no Kamasutra, se referem como Cunnilingus. Eu já estava enjoada de tanta descrição desta prática - sabores e cheiros e ruídos e novamente. E quando pensava que a história ia andar em frente, lá estava ele novamente mascarado, ajoelhado entre as pernas dela de novo Oh God, nem 5 páginas de [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI liked this book but wasn't completely in love with it. I have read other reviews and most thought Penelope was a bit childish, I didn't really see her that way, and that Jeremy's personality was inconsistent, which I did see a little bit of. I liked them together, I definitely liked the overall plot but something about this book didn't draw me in. I also couldn't believe they had really fallen in love with each other. I felt bad for Penelope because of the position she put herself int [...]

    10. I picked this up not knowing it was #2 in a set until just now. I had suspicion, as there were a couple of references to things that were never fully explained in this one however it didn't seem necessary to have read the first to enjoy the second, which is always a good sign in my opinion. Its too easy for authors to lean heavily on the recap of what happened in the other story, or to make only vague references assuming you've already read it. This had just the right balance.In fact, the whole [...]

    11. The heroine was so annoying in this book, that 3 stars is really all I can summon. She manages to forgive in the end, but she never really admits she was wrong, and to me that is just annoying. I kinda sorta hated her. Yeah I know, this is make believe but I actually know people like her. Ugggggg makes you want to smack someone!

    12. Gostei mais deste livro do que do anterior livro da série. Penso que, aqui, a história se sobrepõe às cenas eróticas, das quais, confesso, não sou a maior apreciadora. No entanto, continuo a ler estes livros pelas personagens, pela história e pelo amor que, no final, sempre tem prevalecido.

    13. I really liked this story, and what's not to like? A rake that is reformed by a lady who does not approve of men who take pleasure in taking mistresses while married. It was a simple HOT read that I'm glad I finally read.

    14. Not nearly as good as book 1 but overall not bad. I liked Penelope and I felt bad for her but the story seemed a little outrageous and unbelievable. Still a good read especially the sexual tension. Jess Michaels does a fine job with steaminess!

    15. Romance histórico bastante erótico. Me gustó. Una combativa puritana y un duque libertino decidido a convencerla de las ventajas del placer.Me gustó porque compré el cambio de los dos: ella descubre la pasión y que no es algo malo, y él descubre lo malo que el trae el exceso (adulterio, desprecio a la mujer, violencia de género, etc.). No que lo haga él, eh.Lo único que no me convenció (en ninguna novela) es esto de que el tipo tenga dos personajes y ella no se de cuenta que es la mis [...]

    16. When Penelope Albright married Lord Norman, a much older, callous man, she believed she was doing the right thing for her impoverished family - and also ensured that she would never succumb to the sins of the flesh like her older sister Miranda did. Even though it turned out so well for Miranda, Penelope won't speak to her or see her. Now that her husband has died, Penelope is free - but to do what? He poisoned her self-image and only helped fuel her fear and dismay of pleasure.A few passionate [...]

    17. 3.5 - Opinião BrevementeLer Jess Michaels é sempre sinal de que nas próximas horas nos vamos rir, transportar para outros tempos em que a sociedade está cheia de etiquetas, (falsos) moralismos, e em que o escândalo pode acabar com a vida social de uma pessoa. Os bons casamentos, os interesses financeiros e, principalmente, a imagem que os outros têm do indivíduo, tomam graus de significância hoje considerados desmedidos, mas que na altura faziam parte do ar que respiravam. Em Sedução P [...]

    18. This story was the second installment to the Albright Sisters series by Jess Michaels. I haven’t had the chance to read the first though I have had a gist of what happened to Penelope’s sister Miranda, who was the heroine in the first series. I didn’t really like the character of Penelope Albright in this story. As a heroine, I thought her character was really weak. Her campaign to expose the excesses of the ton’s “Nevers” was really lame. I was kinda hoping that her crusade would be [...]

    19. As much as Jess Michaels tried to tell us the opposite, I have to say, WHAT A HYPOCRITE !!!And while I'm at it, WHAT A DUMBASS. The idea of reforming the ton is admirable, and initially I was behind our chick. But the FIRST OPPORTUNITY she got to indulge in THE VERY THINGS SHE WAS CRUSADING AGAINST (albeit by accident) SHE TOOK IT!!! Missy you are a discredit to people with conviction EVERYWHERE !However the biggest buffoonery and (there isn't another word for it) HYPOCRISY is the fact that she [...]

    20. Thoroughly fast paced and entertaining read! I loved loooved it!Stunning novel of high passion with a totally bad ass handsome Duke and a passionate heroine. Loved all of the book, I was reading the Desperate Duchess before this one and noticed the major difference, here every page was interesting and was entirely relevant.I always love the idea of secret identity in my romance novels and how the revelation happens is always my favourite part. Sometimes i hunt for that kind of storyline and glad [...]

    21. Leia a crítica completa emoslivrosnossos/201"()Num ritmo narrativo bastante acertado para a dimensão do romance, com uma linguagem bastante acessível, que não descura o meio social elevado e a época histórica em que a narrativa decorre, a autora consegue manter um clima de conspiração que apenas se resolve no final da trama, prendendo as leitoras à história. O romance contém diversas cenas de cariz explícito ao nível sexual, descritas com a sensibilidade, a ousadia e o detalhe a que [...]

    22. 4.5 stars WOW! I cannot believe that I almost passed up on this book because some of the reviewers still hated Penelope. I mean, I didn't like her all that much in the last book, but the premise of Something Reckless sounded too juicy to pass up. I am so glad I decided to read it because it was even better than the first book! Sure, Penelope is less likable than Miranda and sure, even Jeremy came off as too smug for his own good, but Penelope & Jeremy held my interest from beginning to end. [...]

    23. I should have figured it out when the first book of this series was only a few bucks and this - as the second book - was $10. Although, I really enjoyed the first book of the series, I have stopped reading this one to find another book. It's slow and not much of a page turner. Too much description and not enough dialog. I am not a fan of those books that each time the character says something there is a long description of deep personal thought. I prefer books that let the characters tell the st [...]

    24. I liked it and the same time frustrating. After reading this story, I am moved because I felt the characters of hero and the heroin. Chasing Penelope for her surrender, is a kind of frustrating and exciting and the same time. Although, I am wondering to what happened to her cause for exessive sensuality, did she persue it? Around the ending it's a bit of rushed. I am wanting more of the story. The ending did not statisfy me, because it keep me wondering if they got married? Did something more be [...]

    25. Não consigo. Não consigo mesmo. Não consigo gostar deste género por nada deste mundo.Este livro não tem substância nenhuma. É só sexo, sexo, sexo. Okay. Isto é um erótico, eu sei. Mas mesmo sendo um erótico não deveria ter substância? Eu acho que sim. Personagens chatas e sem personalidade. História sem sentido.Com este livro desisti deste género literário. Tentei gostar deste livro. Mas não consegui. Só lhe dou duas estrelas por causa da capa. É linda.

    26. Surprisingly good! I was not a big fan of Taboo and hesitated about buying this one, but it was a bargain book and I needed one more item for the free shipping:-)Glad I bought it. Quick enjoyable read. It read more like a typical historical romance with some added steam. Found that it did not matter that I had not read the first Albright Sister's book, so it can be read stand alone. Think I will go ahead and read Miranda's story next.

    27. When you pick a book up and don't put it down until it is finished you know it's a good read. Jess Michaels writes a very convincing historical erotic romance. Never does the sex overshadow the story, which is very important to me. I pre-order this authors books because I'm never dissapointed in what she writes!

    28. Penelope is a frigid, prude, bitch! There is just no other way to describe her! I didn't like her in the first book and I really didn't like her in this book. The story is however, interesting. I liked the plot and the idea of the book, just not Penelope. If she had been less angry with her sister I might have felt sorry for her. As it was, I just plain did not like her.

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