Blitz: The Diary of Edie Benson, London, 1940-1941

Blitz The Diary of Edie Benson London A book about Edie and her family during the London Blitz in It gives accounts of the dangers and what life really was like in London during the Blitz

  • Title: Blitz: The Diary of Edie Benson, London, 1940-1941
  • Author: Vince Cross
  • ISBN: 9780439997416
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • A book about Edie and her family during the London Blitz in 1940 1941.It gives accounts of the dangers and what life really was like in London during the Blitz.

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    626 thoughts on “Blitz: The Diary of Edie Benson, London, 1940-1941”

    1. This was pretty good. Not amazing enough to give it four stars, but I did enjoy it. I could have used some more details at certain parts and when Edie and Tom surprised their parents by coming home from the country, everyone was much too calm about it. There were lots of good details concerning the Blitz. A few swear words and toward the end Edie says she doesn't believe in God because (view spoiler)[her brother died (hide spoiler)].Not a bad story; just not riveting.

    2. This book is based on the lives of people living in the famous London Blitz of 1939. It is a diary entry from 1940 by a girl named Edie. I like it because it explains how Edie's family felt during the bombing, so it explains their feelings clearly, I also like the bombing, because you can kind of feel what it's like to be there inside the air-raid shelter.Edie and her family are living in south London in Lewisham num.47 Summerfield Road with her Mum, (Beatrice)her Dad, (David) her little brother [...]

    3. This story is written in the form of diary entries from a 12 year old girl named Edie Benson living in London during the blitz between 1940 and 1941. Edie’s story describes her experience of growing up during the bombings and how it affects her, her family and her community.This is an interesting and educational story which could be used in some sort of cross curricular way between English class and history class. While the story is fictional it gives a great insight into life in London during [...]

    4. This story was probably one my favorites from the "My Story" historical series. It is a very personal, firsthand account told from Edith's point of view of World War II in England, from July 1940 to January 1941. This time is known for when bombs were being dropped on London and millions of civilians paid the price for it. The reason this story stuck with me is because it draws on a lot of historical facts, but molds it into a personalized story of a family living at that time, making it all ver [...]

    5. A young adult book the presents a well researched portrayal of life during the blitz. The cover description is misleading as only a small portion of the story concerns the evacuation to Wales - the bulk of the story is London during the blitz. While character and plot are mediocre, the book meets it purpose in providing a very good setting. Could be very useful for study of the blitz in Junior High.

    6. This is a really good book set in Lewisham, London during World War 2. It is a diary of a girl called Edie and what she goes through in everyday life.

    7. Interesting middle-grade book about living in the Blitz. Edie was an interesting enough character and I liked her description of her family as well as her POV on things, like the constant air raids, her parents going out and seeing horrible things on the streets and being evacuated with her younger brother. I wish they had focused more of the evacuation but it was very quick after everything and the (view spoiler)[brother's death (hide spoiler)] didn't come as much of a surprise after everything [...]

    8. This isn't a bad book, but it's one that's trying to wear a lot of hats all at once and suffering in the attempt. It's a story about evacuees, and the Blitz, and family strife all at once--and while that can be done well, it needs more pages than this book got. It lacks some emotional resonance, so while it's a nice little story about the Blitz, it could definitely be much better. For my full review including spoilers, check out Young Adult Historical Vault. yahistoricalvault/2017/05

    9. Very interesting book about World War II. Wad interested right from the start. Blitz follows the story of 12 year old Edie(Edith) Benson who is wise beyond her years and is smart too. She takes care of her brother when she is sent off by her parents to Wales where it's safe. But the people who house them are nasty Mr & Mrs James (The Dragons) who treat them both like slaves cause they're to lazy to do it themselves and never say please or thank you no manners at all. Edie and her brother Tom [...]

    10. This book is one in the My Story series. The books in this series are fictional diaries of young girls living during different periods of British, Scottish, and Irish history. Twelve-year-old Edith, who hates her name and prefers to be called Edie, lives in London in 1940. The war is changing everyone's lives, and not for the better. Edie and her family huddle in terror in their air-raid shelter while bombs rain down from the sky. Edie and her younger brother are evacuated to Wales, but return h [...]

    11. Wow, really not as interesting as I'd been expecting! And surprising, considering the time period. I usually love WWII stories, and usually quite like this series, so it's a shame this one wasn't a winner. It was just that not much really *happened* I mean, read the blurb:It's 1940 and with London under fire, Edie and her little brother are evacuated to Wales. Miles from home and missing her family, Edie is determined to be strong, but when life in the countryside proves tougher than in the capi [...]

    12. WARTIME GIRLThe book BLITZ all began one day when the sister and brother woke up and thair parents where gone so the big sister babe sat the little brother. Also the big sisters name is Edith and the little brothers name is Tim. It takes place in LEWISHAM LONDON 1940 WAR WW2. I like the book because I like to learn war because my great grandpa was in WW2. I refer this book to strong readers or if you want to learn. If you have the book in your hands turn to page.35 its realley sad because" their [...]

    13. I wanted to read this because my mother would have been the same age as the girl in the book in 1940 when the Blitz started. My Mum lived in the country in Surrey and didn't have to leave her home but she and her parents and siblings would have had very similar experiences as the girl in the book. My mother, Betty, had two younger brothers and a one year old baby sister and one older brotherVery enlightening as to how it might have been during the Blitz in London from a young girl's perspective

    14. A lovely book about World War II. It is based on what could have happened to a family and a twelve year old girl at the time. It is excellently written and well researched. Edith or Edie Benson is your average girl and she gives a great insight into the war effort and the time in London of the 50 day bombings. She describes her family life, school friends and the attitudes of the people at the time. It is a lovely quick and easy read.

    15. This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents. I find today's generations seem to recall more when they learn through other people (pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc.), so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Yes, "authentic" diaries would be "better", but would the language really hold the modern student's attention? Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history? Probably not.

    16. Interesting for its topic (I haven't found many childrens or YA novels about the London Blitz), but I would've liked it to be fleshed out more so I could get a sense of what it was really like. There was a great deal of telling going on, although I suppose because of the diary format, that can be expected. However, not a bad book, and one I'd have on my classroom shelves for sure.

    17. This book is set during the time of the intensive bombing of London during WW2, known as The Blitz. It is told from the perspective of Edie, an adolescent witnessing the effect of the bombing on her family and her community. The book gives the reader a feel for the experiences of the average Londoner at that difficult time.

    18. I loved this book. I had always loved reading about World War 2, but this is the first book I had read focusing on an English girl in World War 2. It was very interesting. Another great My Story book.

    19. i read this for work reasons. and it was ok. while it covers a lot and would be great for children studying the second world war, it's not really written that well and doesn't really work as a novel.

    20. I actually became obsessed with books about the Blitz and the Plague as a child. I really don't know why, I think perhaps it was the fact that the tragic events happened in London, so the scale of the disaster felt much more real.

    21. Edie's voice shares a realistic perspective on the daily lives of Londoners during the war. There is also the added element of bullying when Edie and Thomas are sent to Wales in the hope of staying safe. A great learning tool as well as entertaining.

    22. not what i was expecting i was hoping for an english ann frank sort of book instead it didnt have much of her own thoughts or feelings and just sort of stated what happened or what was going on in shorg paragraphs

    23. Three and a half stars really. Not quite as good as the other two "My Story" books about World War II, but a decent read.

    24. the book was really good at telling you what happend when they sent the children away during the second world war

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