Take the Body And Give Me The Rest

Take the Body And Give Me The Rest Seth stood and watched the nightmare creature as it tore its past master into bloody shreds and tried not to let the gripping fear show on his face He could feels the man s life force his memories h

  • Title: Take the Body And Give Me The Rest
  • Author: Julius Schenk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seth stood and watched the nightmare creature as it tore its past master into bloody shreds and tried not to let the gripping fear show on his face He could feels the man s life force, his memories, his talents and hard won skills filling his own mind and body and turning him into something much than the lowly soldier he d been just mere moments before.

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      My name is Julius, I m an indy Fantasy writer, from Australia now living in london or somewhere like Cambodia or Thailand if the visa office is giving me a hard time My aim as a writer is to create original things Maybe a new creature or power or look at something like vampires and demons in different ways The dream would be in 20 years people i don t know are making movies and writing books about something i originally came up with Like Bram Stoker for vampires, or Romaro for zombies.I write grimdark and gritty adventure fantasy I like a hero with a heart of gold and a blood drenched sword My favorite authors are Joe Abercrombie, H P Lovecraft and Tanith Lee I have also clocked around 200 hours on skyrim and like fantasy games, i might write a lit rpg book one day soon.My Stufffacebook juliusschenkausjulius schenktwitter xjuliusx_x

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    1. This book has a really awful title but the one thing it does have going for it is that it provides a fairly accurate description of the plot! Betrayal has left young warrior Seth a slave in a city far from his home. Things only get worse for him when his new master summons a demon and asks it to kill him! Lucky for Seth the demon is not such a fan of its master and with Seth's help they break the summoning circle and the demon kills its former master. That would have been pretty cool on its own [...]

    2. Grippingwell written despite the odd typo. the author is obviously a better storyteller than a writer, but I'll take that any day. The story is definitely worth the read for me and hit many of the themes I favor. I prefer loner MCs and this one fit me right to the T, I aleo enjoy some action, and there certainly was a lot here, I likethe MC to be grey and not the boring vanilla good guy template we see in almost every book, and if he has some smarts as well as some brawn that's all good too. Unf [...]

    3. Strong character - with a tough problem.The main character was a strong - no nonsense soldier who had power thrust on to him. Each time power was used it required a death. Even unused a death would be needed every few weeks to placate the demon or he would die. But - no one said the demon had to be fed good people. Evil ones worked just as well.I rated this novel a 4 but really wanted to give it a 3 1/2 since it ended in a cliff hanger.

    4. Original, suspense and actionIdeas 10, grammar and spelling 3. Author doesn't know difference between were (past tense) and we're(we are contraction). Mistake repeated through book. More mistakes. With editing it would have been a five star book.

    5. Despite the unwieldy and unfortunate (but exceptionally descriptive) title this book has a lot going for it. I listened to the audio version (narrator with a Scottish accent, yum!) so I can't comment on the print version. Some of the other reviewers noted it needed a better editor. The author is an excellent story teller who grabbed my attention from the beginning. The main character, Seth, finds himself for sale at a slave market. His crime? Being a country bumpkin in the big city. As the book [...]

    6. This was actually a well written book. There were spelling mistakes, weird sentence structure issues, and flow problems between perspectives of characters, but the overall book was a pleasant read. I pretty much devoured it. I'm actually looking forward to book 2. I hate cliffhangers and this one ended with one. But I was so into the book, this makes it an enjoyable read. This really should be given a 3.5 stars because of the abrupt cliffhanger ending and the various mistakes I mentioned above.

    7. I did what I could to finish this ebook, but there were simply too many errors, both grammatically and syntactically. Aside from that, I felt as though the sex scenes came off more like porno than literary love scenes. However, the overall story was still quite interesting. Unfortunately, I will never know what happens, as the errors deterred me to the point that I had to give up on it.

    8. i absolutely loved this book, im sad all the things i like to read or watch tend to end abruptly but thats where my imagination comes in. i cant wait to read the second and the third.

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