Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat takes readers on the road trip of a lifetime Are we there yet Every parent has heard this classic kid question on a long car ride and after reading this astonishingly inv

  • Title: Are We There Yet?
  • Author: Dan Santat
  • ISBN: 9780316199995
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat takes readers on the road trip of a lifetime Are we there yet Every parent has heard this classic kid question on a long car ride and after reading this astonishingly inventive new book that even turns upside down for several pages , you ll never look at being bored the same way again.Let s face it everyone knows that car rides can be bCaldecott Medalist Dan Santat takes readers on the road trip of a lifetime Are we there yet Every parent has heard this classic kid question on a long car ride and after reading this astonishingly inventive new book that even turns upside down for several pages , you ll never look at being bored the same way again.Let s face it everyone knows that car rides can be boring And when things get boring, time slows down In this book, a boy feels time slowing down so much that it starts going backward into the time of pirates Of princesses Of dinosaurs The boy was just trying to get to his grandmother s birthday party, but instead he s traveling through Ancient Egypt and rubbing shoulders with Ben Franklin When time flies, who knows where or when he ll end up.

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      Dan Santat Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Are We There Yet? book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Santat author readers around the world.

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    1. Each year I and my family read and rate all the picture book nominees. This one is nominated for 2016. I make a few comments and then add their separate ratings and their comment. There's 15 and this is the tenth being rated. My rating might be somewhat influenced by the family, naturally. Me? 2 1/2-3 stars. Santat won the Caldecott Medal for 2015 for The Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend. That was way better than this. This is a book about going on a trip and traveling so slowly tha [...]

    2. The illustrations are gorgeous, as always :)Are We There Yet? is also very innovative:1) It is literally "full of twists and turns" as the story requires the reader to turn the book upside down.2) One of the minor characters, a robot, speaks in QR codes, and if you scan them, you can see the "translation."3) The concept is unique and clever yet so simple and universal: if you are bored, the time slows down and even starts to go backwards to the prehistoric times; if you enjoy yourself, the time [...]

    3. When taking a road trip, especially one to Grandma's house, the drive can seem endless. To the point where time doesn't just stand still it moves backwards.All I can say about this book is that Dan Santat is a genius. This book is cray And I mean that in the best possible way. From time moving so slow you have to read the book backwards, to robots talking in QR codes, and even the beloved Beekle making a surprise appearance, Are We There Yet? is sure to entertain the most discriminating readers. [...]

    4. Time, when you are a kid, seems to move at an extended pace. Especially when you are bored. Especially when you are bored on a road trip. Santat’s genius new book plays with this concept the least boring way possible. A boy is on a road trip with his parents to his grandmother’s birthday party, a trip that begins to feel “like a million years”. into the past. The boy’s imagination takes his family car through pirate ships and knight jousts and roaming dinosaurs until… ZOOM, they’re [...]

    5. Another fantastic book by Dan Santat. I love the fact that the robot speaks in QR codes, that give you the translation of what he is saying when you scan them!!I just read it to several of my classes and wanted to add their feedback. K & 1st grade were a bit too young to appreciate the fact the QR codes work and translate the robot (I scanned them while I was reading and enlarged the picture). 2nd & 4th grade loved it and wanted to know what app they needed so that they could scan it whe [...]

    6. Absolutely terrific! Parents and children alike will recognize the familiar "Are we there yet?" refrain of bored backseat riders. Dan Santat's latest picture book offers an alternative - a wonderful adventure awaits travelers who utilize the power of imagination. Not only are there twists and turns in any excursion, this book requires the reader to twist and turn the pages in order to complete the story.

    7. A lovely and entertaining picture book about a boy being bored during the car ride to grandma’s house, with the ultimate message of appreciating the time you have in the present.

    8. Well, LBYR cemented its place in my heart and earned the first two 2016 favorites designation. And, so did Dan Santat. I have been a fan of his work forever but Beekle and Are We There Yet are his best work ever. Are We There Yet? captured the universality of the boring family car ride and the richness of imagination. Ingenious use of space and hilarious visual humor. This is not one to read just once. Share it with a young person and be prepared to reread it many times. PS: you won't mind.

    9. Most of us have had the experience of a long road-trip. The first hour or so is fun but after the initial excitement fades timeowwwssswnnnnn. Dan Santat takes that feeling of time slowing to a standstill and takes it a step further- time starts moving backwards! Plenty of themes and points to discuss such as appreciating the journey of life.This extraordinary road trip story is absolutely engaging and captivating. A must read!

    10. The charm is in the pictures, and in getting to turn the book upside down and sideways as a simple (yet boring) trip to grandma's house becomes an epic adventure that starts at the dawn of time and extends well into the future. (Trust me, kids: it only feels like it's taking a thousand years to get there. But yes, it even feels that way for grownups.)

    11. Maybe 3.5? This was fun but not quite as magical as I had expected. I liked the turning although I feel like it became almost gimmicky toward the end and I wonder how the story will work when being read to a crowd since some of the pages have so much going on. Still good and a lot of fun. Just not as sensational as I thought it would be.

    12. The illustrations tell the story more than the words do. We had to read it twice to fully understand it. My boys (ages 7 and 8) enjoyed it but I don't think it would work well for storytime. I recommend it for older picture book readers.

    13. Wildly imaginative and full of exquisite, energetically saturated illustrations. Worth the wait! (Dan Santat will be in Athens the DAY this book comes out--please join us in hosting him on 4/12 at 6:30. Email avidhens@gmail or visit the Avid Facebook event page for info.)

    14. A magnificent picture book! Absolutely ideal as a gift for a boy or a girl, age 5/6 and up. Especially now since Spring isumspringing and Summer break seems right around the corner--this means road trips are in many kids' futures. And this book shows a completely fresh and exciting way to survive a long car ride. By unplugging and leaping into the imagination zone.Follow along with this young boy as he rolls across the miles; daydreaming about cowboys, pirates, knights, dinosaurs, and even more [...]

    15. Man oh man does this book hit home. Sitting in the back of the car with my brother and sister going on vacation was epic. Are We There Yet? catches that feeling I had perfectly. It really did feel like time went backward. Great pictures and a fun story every kid or former kid will enjoy.

    16. Readers are taken on a road trip of a lifetime. Typically car rides can get boring, but the author and illustrator, Dan Santat takes readers through the main character's imagination, and time starts moving so slow, that it feels as though it is going backward. By the end of the story, the main character realizes that there is no greater gift than the present and to enjoy the ride! The illustrators vivid images paired with the author's descriptive language help to bring the book to life for the r [...]

    17. This brilliantly illustrated book tells the familiar story of a young child's experience on a boring road trip. The story unfolds as we follow his imagination to far off lands, time periods and even the future, as he tries to make sense of the unbearable time passing in the car. A unique quality of the book is the layout of the text, that requires the reader to flip the book around twice, which is an enticing hook to engage readers. The illustrations are created with bright paint strokes, with e [...]

    18. This is a simple little story with a refreshing stroke of creativity. In the story, a little boy on his way to his grandmother's birthday party badgers his parents with the age-old car trip question: "Are we there yet?" And as he grows increasingly bored, his mind starts to wander and before he knows it, he and his parents are off on a crazy trip through time and space. The book itself gets in on the act, with the story flipping over entirely, so that the reader must turn his or her copy upside- [...]

    19. We've all taken trips; some more eventful than others. There are travels where the destination is everything. We can't get there fast enough. On the flip side there are places we can't wait to leave; home has never been sweeter. In many cases the getting there is far better than the arrival. The best kind of excursion is a fascinating combination of transportation of choice, stops and starts full of unexpected, funny surprises, a much-anticipated journey's end, and a safe, satisfying return.With [...]

    20. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.This is a fun twist on the classic “Are we there yet?” plot of a child complaining in a car ride to his parents with a good moral. Drifting off possibly and entering an alternate dreamscape where all the pages are upside down, the boy in this story goes hundreds, thousands of years backwards, encountering cowboys, pirates, and dinosaurs. His parents are appalled by all of these strange encounters, but the boy doesn’t notice the wonders they are p [...]

    21. ARE WE THERE YET? by Dan Santat is an inventive picture book that explores the age old question “are we there yet?”.When a young boy becomes bored on a long road trip to his grandmother’s birthday party, he imagines that time goes so slow that it begin flowing backwards. Along the way he sees pirates, knights, camels, and even dinosaurs. However, soon the story shifts to the future.Careful readers will spot QR codes that can be read by electronic devices. These codes lead to secret message [...]

    22. We've all been there, done that. We've all suffered the children asking over and over. We've all (well, quite a few of us) have had the next generation of children plaguing us with that perennial question! So Dan Santat has put the problem into a book - and solved it!This beautiful book has the family on a car journey, but to diminish the tedium they imagine a trip back through time. So the reader travels also - there are pirates, there's Ancient Egypt, and of course there are dinosaurs. Eventua [...]

    23. Sometimes, for a kid, a car ride to Grandma's for a party is soooo dull that things seem to go upside down and backwards! That's the theme of this imaginative picture book, written and lavishly illustrated by Caldecott Medal winner Dan Santat. Kids will enjoy turning the book over and laughing as this family travels backwards through history, then speeds forward too fast!But of course everything turns out all right in the end.

    24. Any kid who has been on a long car trip can relate to this story about being so bored your mind starts to wander into fantasy. The book has to be turned continually to read it, which I found annoying, but kids might like. The artwork was great with an almost graphic-novel-like paneling. It was a little too long/busy in both plot and pictures for an ideal storytime book (for me), but I think a lot of kids would like it for a one on one read.

    25. I wish I had a fantastically exciting read like this on those many long boring car rides! Such a creative way to show one child's imagination taking the front seat while he is forced to languish away in the back, watching the time pass by. Note to other parents: When my daughter would ask "Are we there yet?" I would always respond simple with: Yes. It usually worked to staunch further questions.

    26. I’ve taken my own children and grandchildren on long trips, and also my students. The common words are always “Are we there yet?” In fun comic-like illustrations, Santat shows the crazy experiences of a long trip, especially when one has a great imagination. Through desperation, time slows down so much that the book goes backwards, and in to strange places, like the time of princesses and pirates. It will be THE book to take along on your next road trip.

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