Firedrake The New York Times best selling fantasy author Richard A Knaak brings to print an epic realm of magic and intrigue In Firedrake a land ruled by the shape lifting Dragon Kings Cabe Bedlam is hunted f

  • Title: Firedrake
  • Author: Richard A. Knaak
  • ISBN: 9780595092147
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times best selling fantasy author Richard A Knaak brings to print an epic realm of magic and intrigue In Firedrake, a land ruled by the shape lifting Dragon Kings, Cabe Bedlam is hunted for both the legacy he represents and the future he may bring Yet, dragons may be the least of the dangers, for in a land drenched with sorcery, Cabe s very legacy may be whThe New York Times best selling fantasy author Richard A Knaak brings to print an epic realm of magic and intrigue In Firedrake, a land ruled by the shape lifting Dragon Kings, Cabe Bedlam is hunted for both the legacy he represents and the future he may bring Yet, dragons may be the least of the dangers, for in a land drenched with sorcery, Cabe s very legacy may be what destroys him

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    1. Richard A. Knaak

      Richard A Knaak is the bestselling author of Dragonlance novels, the Dragonrealm and Black City Saint series his own creations , six novels for Blizzard Entertainment s Diablo series, and six works in the Warcraft universe He has also written several non series fantasy books.

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    1. I first read this book when I was in the sixth or seventh grade, and I loved it. It turned out to be the start of an entire series, which I loved even more, until it sadly died off. The author has revived it in the form of six PDF stories available through his website (sff/people/knaak/annou), which I have not yet picked up, but certainly plan to. I decided to re-read these mostly as a form of comfort food…we lost the family dog earlier in the week, and I wanted something that would cheer me u [...]

    2. Overall this was a really fun read with some interesting ideas. We follow Cabe Bedlam and a host of other characters who live in a world ruled by the Dragon Kings, a race of dragons who can shape shift. A group of warlocks known as the Dragon Masters attempted to defeat the Dragon Kings, taking over rule of their own kingdoms, and failed. The reader enters the story long after this failure, following a descendant of the leader of the Dragon Masters. The world in this is extremely fascinating. My [...]

    3. Ohnivý drak je prvá kniha z celkom populárnej série Dragonrealm od Richarda A. Knaaka, ktorá obsahuje už 15 kníh, pričom na ďalších troch knihách autor práve pracuje. Ohnivý drak je kniha, ktorá buď zaujme alebo nie. Je to v porovnaní s ostatnými knižnými sériami jednoduché dielo s novým originálnym svetom.Dej: Cabe je obyčajný čašník v meste Mito Pica. Zo svojho detstva si veľa nepamätá. Je vychovávaný svojim "otcom" Hadeenom (lovec) a vedie pokojný, i keď ť [...]

    4. This book is great. While I don't go for all fantasy books with dragons or wizards or what have you, I can say without doubt, this book was astounding and something that is defiantly worth your time to pick it up and take a peek inside.

    5. I have abandoned this book on the last 15 pages. I could not bring myself to finish it.The premise of this book definitely has potential. Dragons attempting to enslave the world (or at least control it), politics, different types of creatures and magic working together.However, I feel as though some things are too campy. There seem to be a lot of 'all-powerful' beings with insane powers that can't do much against the main bad guy because he is more 'all-powerful'. The main character never really [...]

    6. Although Knaak is a wizard as far as creating worlds and fantastical beings goes, he is sadly lacking in both character development and writing style. I found "Firedrake" easy to read, but at times it was quite dull. Knaak's language lacks both brilliancy and originality. His prose is such that I know several fanfiction authors who could do a great deal better. He somehow manages to sap all of the dramatic potential out of his action scenes, so that they end up sounding like he was bored when he [...]

    7. This is the book that introduced me to the Dragonrealm. This is the first novel of the many others about the Dragonrealm. I got the "Legends of The Dragonrealm" book, so it's this book along with two others in one big pocket book.This book is amazing. You get the rich exploration (with your mind) of the Dragonrealm that Richard creates in front of you. Then you get to follow the poor Cabe Bedlam on a journey into who he really is and what he is destined to be.This might sound as a cliché, i giv [...]

    8. This book was a little full of clichés but there was nothing in particular that I didn't like about it. I enjoyed the approach to the dragons- the variety in levels of drakes was neat. The addition of Darkhorse and the Gryphon made for an interesting cast of characters. The romance felt a little rushed, mushy and necessary but the rest of the content was good.

    9. After reading Shade, it was a must to find out how everything happend. The start of the series is amazing. Anyone who loves dragons this is a must read.

    10. Quiero volver a retomar el genial pasatiempo de leer, y que buena manera de comenzar con esta saga. A pesar que leía un poco cada día, me atrapo sin duda la manera como narra.

    11. Este libro no pudo tener más clichés típicos de un mal Anime de fantasía porque no le dió el tiempo al autor.

    12. For me this is one of those books which you open and don't close till you read the last page. I loved this story, its quite dynamic with interesting twists of the plot. My favourite character is without doubt the Dark Horse. Also I was quite intrigued by Shade, but as far as I write this review after reading a couple of books of Dragonrealm, now Shade is a much more tragic character for me, and his fate is perhaps the only thing in Dragonrealm that I'll never be able to forgive our author here

    13. This was the debut novel from an Author who has now evolved into, what some may call a wizard in the arena of creating fantastical worlds and their inhabitants. He is well known amongst the World of Warcraft community for his penmanship of some of their lore novels and, it was through this medium, that I became aware of him. I decided to read this as I was intrigued to see how his love for writing fantasy not only began, but how it had progressed over time.The main protagonist in this book is a [...]

    14. I think that this is a fun little read. It was pretty self contained and not overly lengthy. It builds a rather beautiful world that you beg the author to explore. There are a few cheesy things that can be expected from the author's experience at the time. The time period was likely also a factor in this. Thankfully the book doesn't drag too much and largely focuses on the action to help counteract these. I read this as part of a collection of the first three books. Looking forward to Ice Dragon [...]

    15. Ow, I think I need to leave off of reading fantasy and horror from the 80's and probably the 90's. Richard Knaak has written several dozen books, and according to the blurb on the back of "Firedrake" at least 36 of them have made the New York Times bestseller list. That may well be true, but Firedrake, if written today, would not find an agent, no less an editor willing to publish it.Lets start with the head popping. Nowadays you're allowed to switch POV but it's expected that within a single sc [...]

    16. cynsworkshop.wordpress/201As a longtime fan of Richard A. Knaak, I have to say, this novel was a bit of a disappointment. Not to say that I was bad, it wasn’t. Knaak has a knack with words and description,but at times, the dialogue within the novel was too much. It was forced and didn’t capture the characters as well as it should have. There were times even when the dialogue was a bit painful and dull. Other times however it was fun, snarky and enjoyable, but the way the novel moved and my f [...]

    17. I liked it better than I thought I was going to by the halfway point. But, the character development is slow andcking. I think I'm supposed to be invested in and attached to Cabe & Gwen, but in truth they creep me out. (view spoiler)[Having your main love interest be the ex-"lover" of your main character's dead GRANDPA (even if he did out part of his life force into te boy) is just gross to me (hide spoiler)]. Maybe I'm just weird like that. Also, the story jumps around a lot. As a result th [...]

    18. Really interesting. This book was a pleasant surprise. The worldbuilding is very well-done; I think the idea of the dragon empires is really creative. The character dynamics, especially between the dragon kings as well as anywhere involving the lesser dragonkind, is really interesting; more complex than it seems on the surface level, I think. The balance of power is always shifting; the whole story is a web of intrigue because the reader never absolutely knows who's responsible for what and who' [...]

    19. Un libro que me eludió durante sus buenos quince años, porque en su momento no pude conseguir la edición de Timun Mas y, pues esto de lo digital tiene sus cosas buenas. Narra las aventuras del joven Cabe Bedlam (el Luke Skywalker en turno) en el reino de los dragones, quienes cambian de forma y tienen esclavizados a los humanos, aunque una fuerte revuelta ocurrida hace un montón de años, y liderada por Nathan Bedlam (abuelo de Cabe) intenta conseguir liberar a la humanidad del yugo draconic [...]

    20. The Dragon Kings have ruled over the realm for as long as any can remember. In the past Dragon Masters, powerful sorcerers, fought to free mankind from the Kings tyrannical rule. The strongest and last of the Masters, Nathan Bedlam, was brought down while slaying one of the Kings. Years have passed and the fiery, shape-sifting beings are at it again. It is up to Cabe Bedlam, the unknowing grandson of Nathan, to join the fight and save the realm. That's if he can learn his powers and stay alive f [...]

    21. Shape shifting dragons, sorcerers and witches, the protagonist's girlfriend imprisoned in a pillar of Amber. And she's got a thing for his grandfather, except he is his own grandfather, sorta. And his dad wants to kill him (not sure if it's his son or father he hates more, good thing they are in one package). Oh, and there is lots of dragon carnage, since there are so many of them.The downside is that there is too much activity packed into the book, and it all wraps up rather randomly and too qu [...]

    22. This fantasy novel was different than anything I've read so far. The characters were interesting, but they weren't as well developed as I would have liked. It seemed like their stories jumped drastically from point to point. The story itself was good. I enjoyed reading as the plot progressed and was definitely surprised at a few plot points. I'm enjoy stories involving dragons and Knaak did a great job incorporating dragon lore into the story while expanding on it by adding his own twist.Overall [...]

    23. I had a buddy in college that loved these novels (tips hat to Seth S.) -- in fact, having read this book, I now realize that some of the material in a few AD&D sessions he Dungeon Mastered was borrowed :) Pretty good read, although Knaak writes more in the vein of Philip Athans and others who are sparse in their prose. I much prefer the lyrical quality of the writings of authors like Tolkien, Guy Gavriel Kay, Daniel Abraham, etc. Still, some nifty fantasy-fiction concepts in the book, and I [...]

    24. My brother told me I should read this series, so I decided to give it a try. The story wasn't bad but there was almost no character development. This fact made it hard for me to get attached to any of the characters. Also the story was very scattered, I understand there were several story lines going on but it would change sometime from paragraph to paragraph.

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