Un mal principio

Un mal principio Querido Lector Siento decirte que el libro que tienes en las manos es extremadamente desagradable cuenta la triste historia de tres ni os con muy mala suerte Los hermanos Baudelaire llevan una vida re

  • Title: Un mal principio
  • Author: Lemony Snicket Néstor Busquets Brett Helquist
  • ISBN: 9780307209344
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Querido Lector,Siento decirte que el libro que tienes en las manos es extremadamente desagradable cuenta la triste historia de tres ni os con muy mala suerte Los hermanos Baudelaire llevan una vida repleta de desgracias e infortunios Vaya, que son un im n para las cat strofes S lo en este librito, se enfrentan a un malvado codicioso y repulsivo, sobreviven a un incendiQuerido Lector,Siento decirte que el libro que tienes en las manos es extremadamente desagradable cuenta la triste historia de tres ni os con muy mala suerte Los hermanos Baudelaire llevan una vida repleta de desgracias e infortunios Vaya, que son un im n para las cat strofes S lo en este librito, se enfrentan a un malvado codicioso y repulsivo, sobreviven a un incendio terrible, a un complot para despojarlos de su fortuna y se ven obligados a llevar ropa que pica Yo tengo la triste obligaci n de escribir estos desagradables acontecimientos, pero a ti nada te impide cerrar inmediatamente este libro y leer algo m s alegre, si eso es lo que prefieres.Con todo mi respeto,Lemony Snicket

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    1. Lemony Snicket Néstor Busquets Brett Helquist

      Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood His previous published works include the thirteen volumes in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Composer is Dead, and 13 Words His new series is All The Wrong Questions.For A Series of Unfortunate Events lemonysnicketFor All The Wrong Questions lemonysnicketlibrary

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    1. I am not a violent man. In my lifetime, I have never been in a fight. I've never seriously threatened anyone with violence, never made anyone feel afraid by my physical presence, never even really seriously considered doing violence to another person.Having said that, the feelings this book evoked in me were violent.Not because Lemony Snicket has written a book where terribly unfortunate things happen to small children - I have no problems with that and in fact encourage it; it builds character. [...]

    2. *I'm not going to rate this, because I've already read this book & stand by my first rating of it. I adore this story so much & I'm so happy that I took the time to re-read it. It made me feel SO nostalgic reading it. I can't wait for the netflix series!!

    3. For some reason I had the sudden urge to re-read these books so I decided to start listening to them on audiobook! I have the 11th book in a physical copy, but I will eventually be picking the rest of them up as well.

    4. Poor Baudelaire siblings, life really hasn’t been easy on them these last few days. The misfortune that incessantly befell them was heartbreaking. But the children are strong, so strong, and intelligent, and brave. They don’t have anyone else in the world but each other.I fell for them as deeply as I fell for A Little Princess’ Sarah. How could we as readers not, after beholding such tragedy?Because the orphans are so likeable, which led me to care for them and their future, I never wanted [...]

    5. YES!!! The least fascinatingly detailed book in my favorite series! It just keeps getting better and better, folks.So, for the three misguided people who haven’t read this series - first off, get ON THAT. What are you doing? There is nothing so important in your life that you can’t put it off in order to read this series.emmareadstoomuch.wordpressSecond, we follow the Baudelaires - Violet, Klaus, and Sunny - through what can only be Very Foreseeably Described as a series of unfortunate event [...]

    6. This series was my ENTIRE LIFE when I was a small human child. I saved any and all money I received to buy the books (my first collection of matching hardcovers) and listened to them on cassette tape (OKAY GUESS WHO JUST SOUNDS OLD RIGHT NOW) when I wasn't re-reading the physical copies. Hello I even intended to become a famous author myself and write under the pseudonym "Orange Peel" because obviously. So yes. I am a mild fan right here. And I decided I had to reread before the Netflix series c [...]

    7. I'm reading through this series with my daughter Celyn (10 years old, very disabled, hence Dad does the reading).Edit: Finished & reviewed all 13!So, this is a clever, entertaining book set in a world like ours but populated with bizarre characters and with distinctly dark undercurrents.Recurring themes throughout the series are:i) Adults are mindbogglingly stupid.ii) The narrator, Lemony Snicket, is a character we glimpse in tantalising snatches.iii) Words that stretch a child's vocabulary [...]

    8. We have in Egypt this saying;"Who sees the Unfortunate Events of others feel solace about his own Unfortunates""اللي يشوف ميسفورشنت ايفينتس الناس تهون عليه ميسفورشنته"So, 2016 wasn't my year -EST, 2011- and now I'm hitting "rock bottom",having "A Series of Unfortunate Events"So I said, why not give this title a try"accompanied by this mysterious black cat that sat with me the whole 2 hours read"It's really dark-fun Misfortune kids Orphans' storyAnd [...]

    9. If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. This is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were intelligent children, and they were charming, and resourceful, and had pleasant facial features, but they were extremely unlucky, and most [...]

    10. So the premise of this book (as the narrator keeps helpfully reminding us) is that this group of three children will continue to have difficult problems to overcome, and every time they succeed in dealing with one problem, another will crop up. In the writing business, this is what's known as 'a plot'.But then he takes it one step further: in addition to all the difficulties along the way, he assures us that the characters will never break this pattern, and there will be no 'happy ending'. I thi [...]

    11. When I was a child, I learned a thing or two from reading the works of Roald Dahl. The most important of these lessons is that adults are, more often than not, either evil or oblivious and, to co-opt Lemony Snicket's writing style, by oblivious I mean "lacking conscious awareness; unmindful."As an adult, I have only received mountains of proof substantiating the notion that adults are either evil or oblivious. All you need to do is watch the news or enter the workforce and you too will realize t [...]

    12. Must read! Must read! Dve godine sam jurila informaciju ko drži prava, šetali me od jednog do drugog da bih na kraju sjurila samog Lemoni Sniketa na jednom javnom čitanju/druženju s čitaocima u knjižari Barnes & Noble u Njujorku davne 2002. godine i doživela nesvakidašnje iskustvo Oko dvestotinjak dece (i njihovih roditelja) sedelo je na podu/stajalo i naizmenično se smejalo ili vrištalo i plakalo na Sniketove imitacije/interpretacije Kako su deca nekada reagovala na Branka Kockicu [...]

    13. Easily one of the best children's stories I've read, The Bad Beginning is a high stakes, whimsical twist of a fairytale.Count Olaf, the antagonist, ruins everything, but in a way that's super fun to read. As the stakes pile on, and bad luck for the main characters becomes the worst luck, and the tension reaches an all time high, the writing still maintains this playful even keel to keep everything fun and enjoyable.It had me tearing through pages to see just how bad the beginnings got. And I lov [...]

    14. This was fantastic! I read the series when I was a kid and then just now had to reread it for my Children's Lit class! And I'm glad I did! Because eff yeah! This! IS! GREAT!Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket has such a distinctive tone and writing style, and it's one that I love. He's sarcastic and realistic and cynical and hilarious. Best of all, even though this is absolutely a children's book it treats the reader (who is technically supposed to be a child) as an intelligent human who is capable of [...]

    15. I never really did get into Harry Potter. I imagine that this is viewed as a crime by most everyone on this service. For some it is heresy. But, I refuse to stand shamefaced - Hogwarts just didn't do it for me.I didn't think this would either.However, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I am of a somewhat morbid streak, and the Series of Unfortunate Events books, I must say, tickles that grotesque bone in a way most pleasing.The story of the Baudelaire Children is one filled with tragedy and d [...]

    16. I think a 3.5 about sums up my feelings. This was a joy (or as Lemony Snicket would prefer, a misery) to reread. I haven't read this book in more than 10 years, so there were a lot of details I had forgotten, but I still love the Baudelaire siblings and how terrifying and sinister Count Olaf still is to me. It is written for younger audiences than the books I usually read, of course, so I might be basing a tiny bit of my rating on nostalgia, but I still loved the experience of getting back into [...]

    17. Ayyyy, me ha gustado mucho.El primer libro de la saga Una serie de catastróficas desdichas (en inglés A Series of Unfortunate Events) me ha conquistado lo suficiente como para hacer la loca inversión de seguir leyendo la saga -y digo loca porque son 13 libros cortos con precios variables entre unos y otros.Lemony Snicket me ha enamorado con su estilo ¿o debería decir Daniel Handler? En cualquier caso, ha sido una novela con la que he estado entusiasmado mientras la leía. Cuando la dejaba, [...]

    18. The Baudelaire children - Violet, Klaus and Sunny - are suddenly orphaned when their parents tragically die in a fire. Their new legal guardian? A distant relative, the devilishly conniving Count Olaf, who will stop at nothing - not even murder most foul! - to get his hands on the Baudelaire family fortune. So begins the children’s Series of Unfortunate Events… I know this is a kid’s book but I surprisingly really enjoyed it - it not only held my attention but entertained me quite a bit to [...]

    19. Eu não aguentava mais ouvir toda a população mundial falar desse livro e eu não ter lido ainda. Acho que o trailer da série do netflix foi o estopim pra eu pegar e começar de vez. E eu gostei bastante.Me surpreendi como, apesar de ser um livro infanto juvenil, ele é sombrio e sarcástico. Quase como se fosse uma crítica aos livros do gênero. Amei os personagens (Sunny dona da minha vida), e o ritmo da história é muito gostoso. Mesmo curto, é bem inteligente e com uma trama divertida. [...]

    20. To Beatrice-darling, dearest, dead.If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. I think it is important how a book starts, because that sets the tone for the rest of the book. I myself have been guilty of prematurely-"prematurely" here means "before the time is appropriate"- judging the quality of a book based on its beginn [...]

    21. UPDATE 19/Jan/20174 Stars!!!!I am updating my reviews for all the books in the series because I realized that they are much better than I initially thought. After a while, I realized I really did like this book and it's very unique. I know I still would have liked it more as a child but I still really like it now. It's so sad and that's what makes it different because it's not all happy. In life, not everything works out. UPDATE 10/Dec/20163.5 starsThe more I think about it I've realised this bo [...]

    22. Made for kids, but adults like it too! The Bad Beginning is one of those kids' books that doesn't try to "talk down" to their level. Yes, it breaks the 4th wall and assists the reader with more advanced words, often for comedic purposes, but it never feels like the drudgery of a school lesson. This first book in the series concisely sets up the sympathetic main characters and their dilemna, pits them against their colorful arch enemy and sweeps you up in the saga straight away. A most excellent [...]

    23. This is the first time I have reread this since the first time I read the series. I listened to the audiobook for this and loved it!

    24. Review to come and other reviews on my blog (bio)-------------------------------------------------------------------I never read these books, but saw them everywhere on and they looked fun. Well, fun not. This series is tragic and sad. I felt so bad for the kids and you wish it will all come to a good end. It was very quick to read and the story was great. I can imagine children picking these up and loving them. :)

    25. The Bad Beginning is about three terrible, wicked children named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, who live with their gentle, agreeable, talented, and handsome distant relative, Count Olaf, soon after their parents tragic and timely death. They come to live in this beautiful, enormous house, where the children wreck havoc on their loco parentis, or legal guardian. I hope everyone reading this knows I am being ironic, because as the Baudelaires know, that all of what I said is untrue. To correct my stat [...]

    26. You haven't read The Series of Unfortunate Events before? You gasp! NoWell, YES. I have now! Sort ofI've read The Bad Beginning and why did no one tell me how much fun these books were?! It's a quick read that has the right amount of everything. Horror, deception, dark humour, a riveting storyline and very, very bright children. You all probably know what it's about though. I'm just late to the party. I can now officially jam son the bandwagon for the NETFLIX SERIES THOUGH!!! The excitement is t [...]

    27. People have always told me that this was a dark series, but I didn't expect it to be this dark! This is a children's book series?! :') It was great, I really enjoyed it!! I can't wait to carry on with this series, which to be honest, I wasn't expecting to feel! It was such an interesting, short and quick read and thankfully didn't traumatise me or scar me for life like the movie did at eight years old

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