A Diamond in the Mud

A Diamond in the Mud They ve always been friends Do they dare to be After a bad breakup Alex Abbott is living with his parents and looking for a job The best thing about being home is seeing his closest friend again Goin

  • Title: A Diamond in the Mud
  • Author: Sterling Rivers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They ve always been friends Do they dare to be After a bad breakup, Alex Abbott is living with his parents and looking for a job The best thing about being home is seeing his closest friend again Going away to college didn t diminish Alex s attraction to Gavin Crawford one bit but Gavin is straight, and doesn t even know Alex is gay Gavin is tired of serial monThey ve always been friends Do they dare to be After a bad breakup, Alex Abbott is living with his parents and looking for a job The best thing about being home is seeing his closest friend again Going away to college didn t diminish Alex s attraction to Gavin Crawford one bit but Gavin is straight, and doesn t even know Alex is gay Gavin is tired of serial monogamy For now, all his energies are going into his fledgling motorcycle shop Reconnecting with Alex gives him a boost, as does the other man s offer to help him with advertising But when Alex confesses he s gay, Gavin s initial surprise is quickly overcome by curiosity and other feelings it s difficult to put a name to Alex is relieved by Gavin s acceptance, but becoming than friends is fraught with danger If he lets himself fall for the one man he s always wanted, his heart will be shattered once Gavin goes back to women Will Alex risk everything And if he does, how can Gavin convince him that he s not just playing around this time

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    1. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4!This one took me a while to get into ,but once things started moving I started to really enjoy it. I do have to admit that I would have liked to see the other person making the stand at the end but that's okay. Gavin was such a big sweetheart. I loved him.

    2. 3 HeartsYou know what’s strange? All the elements I need for a remarkable story were here. We had friends to lovers, gay for you, unrequited love, angst, the whole 9 yards but this didn’t do it for me. This story wasn’t bad but the spark wasn’t there. I didn’t really get the total connection between Alex and Gavin. There was no question on how deep their friendship ran but the romantic connection lacked for me. I was disappointed on that because I felt since they were so close for most [...]

    3. This was a solid 4 stars for me despite the typos. It could've been less because there is the whole "I'm not gay, it's just him" thing going on but I felt like the way Gavin had his epiphany was pretty believable. He never connected with the women he dated or slept with and everyone in his life treated him like a failure except for Alex and his parents. Alex was more than his best friend. He was more like the best friend you marry. The one who supports you no matter what and reminds you that you [...]

    4. I'm a big fan of friends to lovers, and a gay/out/only for you type of plot. I thought that the chemistry between Alex and Gavin was great right from the start, they were funny together, then sweet, then sexy, and I loved the very end of this story. The part I wasn't so crazy about was the sudden need for angst and conflict near the last quarter of the book, and it kinda surprised me since when I had read the blurb, it made me think that Gavin was going to have the personal identity crisis and g [...]

    5. I read a lot of books and I mean a lot. So far this year I've read approximately 230 books. Reading as much as I do things can get repetitive. The concept of two best friends falling for each other has been done multiple times especially in the M/M genre. You get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Then you come across a book that stands out and makes you smile. "A Diamond in the Mud" is one of those books. I found myself so much while reading my cheeks hurt. Gavin was amazing, h [...]

    6. I loved alex and gavin relationship, poor alex goes home due to his breakup and gavin there to greet his friend. I loved there connection between the two and how they each learn from each other the love these two share was breathe taking even threw there ups and down between the two friends becoming lovers was sweet and sincere. This was a sweet read. I received this copy for my honest review.

    7. Sweet readGood pleasant read, some wording mistakes but enjoyed the light hearted read. Loved the characters in essence a short nice story.

    8. This sweet GFY was fairly entertaining but just didn't make me feel anything beyond amusement at some of the banter between the two guys. Gavin was likable enough but Alex's character was just kind of puzzling. Alex supposedly had graduated from college 3+ years ago but he has just finished an internship and is still waiting to start his first job. He came across as a rent-boy, what with him living with his much older and wealthier boyfriend who dictated every aspect of their relationship, despi [...]

    9. This was a nice easy-flowing read. I just love gay for you stories and this one had an extra twist: The guy who only has been with women so far does not even know his good friend is gay!Alex is the one who has always known he is gay, he is the quiet and sensible one of the two, whereas Gavin has slept his way through many womanly beds so far.until an accident brings them to spend much more time together in a confined space. While Alex always felt something more for Gavin, now also Gavin feels dr [...]

    10. This book was all over the place - the writing was shoddy and patchy, the characters were without character, there was nothing to hold on to.

    11. Gah. "Unfortunately, he'd never see it on his marriage license; driver's license; paycheck; or bank statement.""The jet bridge approached with the speed of molasses but it wasn't like he had the energy to lift his butt out of the seat. A boisterous giggle drew his attention to the side and Alex watched with longing as a couple snapped a selfie. They'd been gushing about their honeymoon all throughout the flight and Alex had been tempted to wrap his pillow around his ears. He'd been so close to k [...]

    12. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.I am one of those readers who can overlook a few editing/spelling mistakes in a book, if the story grabs my attention. I liked the idea of this story, but I will admit that there were problems at times with my becoming distracted when the mistakes (especially when the word prostrate was used instead of prostate - one of my pet peeves, I will admit) were more numerous than I expected. Having said that, I do love friends to lovers storie [...]

    13. This was a nice little surprise. I have a weird thing with books whose names go on FOREVER, and it's often I skip that book, for something else instead. IMO: use the blurp for the book to describe what's in the story, NOT the name of the book But this book had some nice reviews, and the GFY (if done right) can be a freaking awesome story.First off I loved Gavin, I thought he was fun and cute and a great MC. Alex however was Weird. He has known he was gay since high school, and still he didn't te [...]

    14. I really liked this book. I have never read anything by this author so I am glad I gave it a go.The story of friends to lovers has been done many times. I have never read a m/m book that did that. I am not new to m/m romance but I am so glad that I stumbled upon this one. Alex has left he home he has had for the last 5 years as he and his boyfriend broke up. Only to find out he was cheating. He is picked up at the airport by his childhood friend Gavin. When something happens to Alex, Gavin is th [...]

    15. Such great chemistry between Alex and Gavin…I really enjoyed Alex and Gavin’s story, these men are such a beautiful complement to each other even before they begin to explore their attraction that it was impossible for me not to be swept away by them. Friends who reconnect after spending years apart, the genuine affection they have for each other shines brightly. I especially loved the playfulness of their friendship, and how the banter between them flowed so naturally. The teasing is good n [...]

    16. I received this book free for an honest review.3.5* rounded up to 4I really enjoyed the relationship between Gavin and Alex. They were the perfect compliment to each other. Gavin acted like a boisterous child at times but you also saw a caring side to him and hi. showing responsibility to his business. Alex is the more sensible quiet one. But when together they bring out the best in each other.Alex has always been gay, Gavin was a bit of a man whore for women. But after an accident they are thru [...]

    17. I love this book so so much!!❤I am so so in love with this book!! Defiantly a top read for sure. I am absoutly without a doubt truly madly in love with Gavin!! Top 5 book boyfriend of all time. He is absoutly hilarious and sweet. Him and Alex are made for each other for sure. They have always been the best of friends but Alex has always had the biggest crush on his best friend and he never dared tell Gavin or even tell him he is gay for that matter. So he leave right out of high school and the [...]

    18. Cute story with two sweet guys. I really enjoyed this sweet story about these two best friends whose love grew from deep friendship and love for each other into a love with no boundaries. The reason I gave this book 3 stars was because, while there are some misspelled words and interchanging names, the fact that the word " prostrate" was used rather than the correct word "PROSTATE," was a real turnoff for me. This misuse of the correct term made me feel like the author didn't quite know the m/m [...]

    19. First book in the Bromance series by Sterling Rivers. It`s a friends to lovers / GFY storyline about Alex who is gay and Gavin who is straight. They were best friends as children but When Alex leaves for college they lose touch. When Alex visits home after a a breakup from his boyfriend of 5 years the two friends reconnect. After Alex is hurt they are thrust together and in close quarters when Gavin cares for him as he recovers. Gavin begins to think about things differently and we get a gay for [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this story. Alex, coming home after a bad breakup, is met by his best friend from high school, Gavin. Due to a mishap, shortly after Alex's arrival, the two spend a great deal of time together, reconnecting and realizing that they could be more than friends. Gavin was so lovable that you wanted to hug him when things went badly for him. Alex was the quieter one but his support of Gavin was great.The three stars was because of the lack of editing. Missing words, words spelled and [...]

    21. Good startThis is a good start to a new series. I almost rated this book a 3 due to the numerous errors but I did enjoy it otherwise. I ended up noting errors so I could get a sense afterwards if there really were that many or if I was just too focused on them. With consistency:Looser was used instead of loser, repeatedlyHoover instead of hoverMany times gaped was used instead of gaspedScrapped instead of scrapedImagines instead of imagesVarious other extra or missing wordsBut like I said at the [...]

    22. I really liked this story. Alex goes back home licking his wounds after a bad break up, to reconnect with his best friend Gavin. They were always thick as thieves growing up, and have found that connection again together as adults. Circumstances cause them to spend all of their time together. Will this cause them to open up about secrets they've been hiding or will it tear them apart? Definitely a fun read. I didn't want to put it down. Really great characters. I received an ARC for an honest re [...]

    23. Gavin is an endearing character full of life and goes all out except for when it comes to his father. Interesting mix. Alex, the John parts of the story not so hot. Mostly cus from Alex's point of view he was very cold but then later super apologetic with pain in his voice. This was not a rush story to the finish line. The boys take it slow, working up to the last step. I also liked the fact that although they both got tested for different reasons and are in love that they didn't say ok lets dit [...]

    24. This was an awkward read. I can't put my finger on exactly what made it awkward, but the style of writing was abrupt and I couldn't connect with the characters. Gavin was harder to connect with than Alex, even during the parts from Gavin's POV. Only got to about 15%, but it's not worth struggling through it.

    25. I loved this bookI couldn't put this book down. Gavin and Alex are hysterical together. I like all the humor. I like how Alex and his parents are together and the way Alex's parents treat Gavin in as their own son . I like how the story showed their friendship from when they were kids to adults . It just really was a good book .

    26. This book was ok. GFY is my favorite type of mm and I got that here. Something was just missing for me with this story. Pretty low angst. IMO the person groveling towards the end wasn't the one that needed to be groveling but it was super sweet. I will still try more by this author.

    27. Adorable!Loved it. What a cute story, I'm always a sucker for big oafs and this one was beyond compare. Highly recommended to all who like M/M HEA!

    28. This was a good GFY friends to look very story.ly just a feel good hearts and flowers feel good read. There were a few editing errors and low agnst and just made for a good rainy day read.

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