Here Comes The Witch

Here Comes The Witch Jewelry designer Kat Ramos has come to Banshee Creek to break the famous Hagen House curse and in order to do that she must marry Liam Hagen A vengeful ghost with a deadly history isn t part of the

  • Title: Here Comes The Witch
  • Author: Ani Gonzalez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: None
  • Jewelry designer Kat Ramos has come to Banshee Creek to break the famous Hagen House curse and, in order to do that, she must marry Liam Hagen A vengeful ghost with a deadly history isn t part of the deal, and neither is love Will Kat be able to handle both, or will the mystery of the cursed Hagen House remain unsolved

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      Hi I write about smart, funny people making out and finding corpses in haunted houses I like ghost stories, chocolate, and sangr a.

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    1. ***Disclosure: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.***“Let me get this straight: you want to film a Caribbean Santeria ritual that aims to exorcise an Italian ghost during a Chinese ancestor festival?” The plot in a nutshell.What's Good: like it says, it's a light, cozy (sorta) mystery. Lots of pop culture references, one-liners and more mythological name dropping & wiccan terminology than you can shake a stick at. As a spinoff from the Banshee Creek series, the characters an [...]

    2. Here Comes the Witch is pegged as a romantic, cozy mystery. Kat arrives in town to complete her end of a deal that will both fund her long-wished-for jewelry shop and put an end to a generations-old curse on an old house. The only catch is, she has to marry a complete stranger and live in the house with him for a year. Still, it’s worth it if it will make her dream come true.First off, in my opinion, this isn’t really a cozy mystery. Instead, I’d call it a ghost story with romance, or mayb [...]

    3. Read this review and more on my blog.The Book Return Blog ‘Here Comes the Witch’ is a cozy/mystery/romance with a twist. Kat Ramos comes back to her ancestral town of Banshee Creek.Her mission is to help lift a curse that was placed on a home by one of her ancestors. This turns out to be more complicated than she thought.When I first read the synopsis of this book,I was a little scared. I thought that the town of ‘Banshee Creek’ sounded a lot like the town of Cassadaga, Florida (which sc [...]

    4. This series is a spin off of Ani Gonzalez's Banshee Creek series. Although the opening was good, it came off a bit shaky and took a little while for me to get back into the groove of the Banshee Creek community and atmosphere. Though there were a few rough spots in the book and some of the dialogue a bit iffy, overall it was an interesting and fun read. I'm definitely loving how the Hagen house curse was finally delved into and am not disappointed at the mystery that was uncovered. Definitely on [...]

    5. This was pretty much a simplistic romance with a dash of paranormal - I lost interest about half way through.

    6. Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This is apparently a cozy mystery (I think?) but it didn't really read like one, it's more a lighthearted paranormal. Cozy paranormal? That should be a thing!It is a spinoff of another series, Banshee Creek, which I haven't read. I don't think I missed out on anything though - and indeed, it made me curious about that series itself, which I will have [...]

    7. This book is supposed to be a cozy mystery but the way I read it, it seemed more like a Light Paranormal with a hint of mystery.The characters weren’t all the best but they also weren’t the best.They were written in a way like the seemed real.However, when it came down to the plot the characters weren’t that real.It is definitely a fiction piece of work since no-one would do what they did. They were able to know everything upon everything at the area in which the book took place yet when i [...]

    8. "Here Comes the Witch (A Paranormal Witch Cozy Mystery): (Main Street Witches #1)" is Ani Gonzalez's first novel in this "Banshee Creek" spinoff series. In previous novels, the Hagen House has been the subject of much discussion and mishaps. It is one of the largest and most haunted houses in Banshee Creek. Liam Hagen's is desperate to sell his family's manner. There has been nothing but tragic for his family ever since a witch crushed it back in the 1920s. He's so desperate that he's willing to [...]

    9. A town that claims it is the most haunted town in the country. Most of the original homes in town claim paranormal experiences. Liam Hagen has been remodeling and flipping house but he can’t sell his own home, it is cursed. The local Santera “wise woman”, Yolanda, has tried cleansing with no result. Yolanda recommends he try to remove the curse by marrying an heir of the woman who cursed the house and Hagen family. So Liam locates a Santelli heir, Kat Ramos and gets her to agree to a years [...]

    10. EntertainingI loved that a Latina, jewelry designer Kat Ramos is the lead in this story. Entrepreneurial, educated and strong, she reminds me of all the women in my family. But I digress. Ani Gonzalez introduces us to a very special town. The inhabitants marketing the town for what its best known for. The Paranormal. Hauntings, poltergeists, spirits malevolent and not. She has incorporated many belief systems, correctly I might add to spin a tale that captures a reader's interest. Well done Ms. [...]

    11. I felt like this book was a big improvement over the first 4 Banshee Creek books. There were actual paranormal elements that were included in the story, not just talked about. Also there was much more show and less tell. That could still improve a little. I'd like a little more show of the development of the relationship. We spent a lot of time with Kat and Liam separately and I feel we need to see them interact more to become more invested in them as a couple. The humor and wit is still there a [...]

    12. Banshee Creek attracts all sorts of paranormal critters and activity. Now it's attracting witches. Liam Hagan and his sister own the Hagan House, a cursed abode they have been unable to sell. Jewelry designer Kat Ramos comes to town, a descendent of the witch that cursed the place, in response to Liam's proposal of marriage. Can Liam and Kat break the curse & sell the place? I loved this new series that continues the tales of Banshee Creek. Looking forward to reading more!

    13. Great read!!!I loved this book. It was funny and kept me interested. The storyline was paced just right. For a first book in the series, it was fantastic. I wanted to know more about the townspeople and their stories.

    14. Inspiring Cross-Cultural Paranormal CozyI read a lot of Witch-themed books, and expected formulaic here. What a delightful breath of fresh air! You'll have to read it yourself, no spoilers here. I hope you enjoy it too.

    15. Very enjoyable first in a series Loved this sweet, slightly paranormal story. So glad I discovered it. Some romance, a bit of magic. Thank you Ms Gonzalez for a very entertaining few hours. I will definitely be reading more of your tales!

    16. Good readGood light and easy to read but plenty of details into the history but doesn't give it all away to keep the mystery to keep you reading. Looking forward to see where the next book takes you.

    17. A paranormal romance that's not too bad. I don't usually read either paranormal or romance novels, but this freebie from slipped under my radar. The plot is more believable than most romance novels (which isn't saying much) and the paranormal aspect just adds a bit of spice to the story.

    18. Great haunted mystery.A marriage of convenience, a strange town, and a mystery to solve. Kat learns that she is a witch and much more.

    19. Good readingThis is a very cozy, witchy, mystery.I enjoyed it. Not to scary, funny in places. Just a nice book.

    20. Fun cozy mystery.I really enjoyed this story. The characters were fun and makes you want to follow through with their stories as well.

    21. really enjoyed this cozy, paranormal story. author ani gonzales is new to me but i am really liking her writing so far. will definitely read more of her books

    22. Sweet and funI enjoyed this book as much as I have all of Ani Gonzalez’s other books. I love her characters, and the setting too. Highly recommended.

    23. Marriage to break a curse, in Banshee Creek, just another day at the office. Seems like something is missing though and while our couple is trying to figure that out, looks like they fell in love. And in her spare time our heroine discovers she's a witch, wow, that wasn't in her genealogy. Banshee Creek just keeps growing on you.

    24. Impressions: Ghosts? Not my favorite topic, however…as a lover of Gothic romance, I do adore a creepy house, and a good old-fashioned curse, with a dash of ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ on the side. So, I’m game.Romancing the Witch: A cute connection between the hero and heroine…I felt the chemistry, but I think the author skipped a step or two in their romance. When did they get to know each other? The tension didn’t have time to build. While, I liked them and wanted them to get together…I [...]

    25. Another Banshee Creek novel SUCCESS !!! I had an amazing time reading this book. It is so easy to become engrossed in the characters and lives of the inhabitants of the world known as Banshee Creek. I have read all of the books in the series and LOVED them ALL. Each can be read as a stand alone book but you will want to read them all when you get started. This book is Liam and Kat's story. Kat comes to Banshee Creek to help Liam break the ages old curse of Hagen House. Known as the most haunted [...]

    26. “Ask me about our Vampire churros.” That’s what Kat Ramos got when she walked into the Banshee Creek Bakery on 666 Main Street, “Satan’s own shopping strip.” Oookay.It would seem that Kat was there to marry Liam, who owns this haunted house that needs to get “exorcised.” So, first of all, why did Kat have to marry Liam? To break a curse. Ah, interesting.But this is not the kind of curse you’d see in Beauty and the Beast or anything. In this arrangement, marrying Liam would brea [...]

    27. Kat is a fledgling jewelry designer with dreams of opening her own SOHO shop. Liam is a guy who likes remodeling old houses and selling them. Liam's family home is cursed. He tracks down Kat who happens to be related to the Lady who put the curse on the house. Liam offers Kat a deal she can't refuse. So she agrees to move to Banshee Creek Virginia, marry Liam and live together for up to a year, and the curse should be broken. When the curse has been lifted and the house sells Liam will give Kat [...]

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