The Return

The Return David the sixth Animorph is back When the Animorphs and Ax decided to give another human being the power to morph it was one of their biggest mistakes David tried to destroy all of them and almost

  • Title: The Return
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780439115223
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • David, the sixth Animorph, is back When the Animorphs and Ax decided to give another human being the power to morph, it was one of their biggest mistakes David tried to destroy all of them and almost succeeded Rachel and the others thought they d seen the last of him.They were wrong.Rachel knows what a threat David is He s cunning and dangerous Worst of all, he knoDavid, the sixth Animorph, is back When the Animorphs and Ax decided to give another human being the power to morph, it was one of their biggest mistakes David tried to destroy all of them and almost succeeded Rachel and the others thought they d seen the last of him.They were wrong.Rachel knows what a threat David is He s cunning and dangerous Worst of all, he knows their secrets Now he s captured Rachel as part of his plan to take over everything David wants power Money But than anything, he wants revenge.

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    1. review to be edited.1st stage:david wHY2nd stage:goddamn it rachel3rd stage:oKAY I WASN'T EXPECTING tHAT AMOUNT OF FEELS IM NOT OKAY

    2. Holy mindfuckery, Batman. How does this series not get SO MUCH MORE PRESS than it does?It's such an incredible thing to me how much more I appreciate Rachel reading this as an adult than I did when I was a kid; I never liked her as a kid, but my heart breaks for her from my grown-up state. I was all set to dislike this at the beginning because it had the choppy, halting sentence style that I detest and it felt like it was going to be a rehashing of the "oh dark Rachel" from The Separation. BUT N [...]

    3. Though Rachel's struggle to choose between right and wrong (and determine what constitutes either) has been well-explored at this point in the series, I still enjoyed this delve into a more psychological and virtual battleground of her struggle. Over and over, she insists, "I'm one of the good guys," to which she is challenged, "Then do the right thing" (148). But what does it really mean to do the right thing, when to choose to do "right" or "wrong" will leave you seared forever? The imagery fo [...]

    4. Man, difficult to rate this one, I'm going with 3.5. Even though Rachel's morality has been explored through the series, it was nice to have a book devoted to it. Rachel is also one of my favorite characters. And that ending killed me. But overall I don't think the book was super well-written.Big questions in this one (and the reason for a higher rating): What does it mean to be a "good guy"? How do you know a choice is right or wrong, and just what is right or wrong anyway? Is it acceptable to [...]

    5. They're really pulling out all the stops for these last books. Rachel breaks my heart. "They needed me to be the bad guy. And I needed them to be the good guys." The saddest thing is she knows how dangerous she is, but has no way of saving herself. This is the first time she admits she's an addict, and everyone knows it, but once again she's left in the end to do the horrible thing that no one else can. She literally battles and turns her back on her true self in an attempt to be one of the good [...]

    6.    Rachel is cracking. There is no doubt about it now. Her reality and her dreams and her nightmares are all confused, and she’s not quite sure which one is which all the time. She has nightmares within dreams within reality, and to top it off, she now has David – the former 6th Animorph (well, technically 7th if you include Ax in the count…), long since trapped as a rat – back, and seeking revenge against her. Only he’s not alone – he has an army of rats at his disposal, and (vie [...]

    7. Ghostwriter: Kimberly Morris, who also wrote the fantastic #38 The Arrival. I have to say, I'm really enjoying casting a spotlight on the ghostwriters this time around, getting a sense of their own strengths and weaknesses and styles -- I had no idea they were ghostwritten when I was a kid, so this is granting my reread an extra layer of analysis/dissection. It's also interesting seeing the list of writers coalescing towards the end (Morris and Harkrader are going to be trading back-and-forth th [...]

    8. An much better take on solo Rachel this time around I don't like the change in the cover models that much, because they seam to be much younger than the kids portrayed in the books, but that's just a secondary concern. Fact: We aren't like other kids.We were once. But never again.After a certain point, you just can't go back to where you started. Even if you want to. Which I have to admit -- I don't.Been a long time since you have wanted to be normal there Rachel.Oxygen was returning to my body. [...]

    9. Rachel's cracking up. After several nightmares in which she challenges Jake's authority and gets universally shunned for her violent ambitions, Rachel finds herself whisked away to a dungeon, facing David the rat. He has her trapped in a glass cage and claims he wants to get her back for what she did--he wants to force her to share his fate trapped as a rat. But soon she finds holes in his story and realizes this is actually a trick of Crayak and the Drode, who have been following her rising vio [...]

    10. Rachel has been kidnapped by David the rat, the boy the Animorphs trapped in morph when he sold them out. He wants revenge on Rachel, but who is really behind the scenes pulling all the strings?The Return is highly reminiscent of Jake’s nightmare book #41: the Familiar, but it’s even more messed up and mind-fucky than that. At least if you approach Jake’s book as a nightmare or his worst fears come real you’ve got a good interpretation. I’m still struggling to figure out whether Rachel [...]

    11. It is definitely not easy to see such a strong character to face crisis. All their traits start emerging and going through the cracks, and you discover the structure, everything that remained hidden and driving them across the whole saga starts getting a specific shape. Rachel is the tough one, the ruthless, even. And in here the transformation is set: kidnapped by David, the seventh animorph and made a player in Crayak's game the result is both important and magnificent. I can't wait to finish [...]

    12. Though this series "jumped the shark" in the previous novel, this one brings back the excitement, fun, and suspense that made these books such fun an old enemy returns! The ending is rather heartbreaking, though.Side note: Doesn't the "morph" on the front cover look a lot like Lady Deathstrike from the second X-Men movie?

    13. Fantastic SiFi series for a young reader. I enjoyed reading these with my daughter. The storyline is good and the plot interesting, wouldn't take much to make these great adult SiFi stories. Highly recommended

    14. "I'm one of the good guys""Then do the right thing"*SOBBING FOREVER*Hard to write in-depth review on phone. Will try to add more later.

    15. I've made no secret of the fact that I've thought Rachel's plot arc has been floundering since the Separation. While Rachel was always gung-ho, she seems to have long since dropped past the point of no return. In this book, she knowingly refers to the fact that she is a psychopath and hungers for the kill. This felt like it went just a bit far. There also felt to be some continuity fluctuations in this story, as the ghost writers of the last couple of books seem to have struggled to maintain the [...]

    16. This book just was confusing and made me say "huh?" a lot. I'm still not sure how Cassie or David got in boxes or where Visser Three came in. I really wish that was clear. I'm not even sure that Cassie was there in the first place. Plus, what happened to the other Animorphs?

    17. This was another disappointing Rachel book for me, because again, it feels like her "evil" half is entirely in command of her and making all the decisions as if she had never been put back together again after that starfish incident, though I feel like by the end she had hopefully worked out whatever was causing her to act like primarily evil rachel all this time, so if that's the case it will have been worth it. Time will tell. It also felt like another momentum killer. I am hoping the next boo [...]

    18. Ew, David came BACK! (Sort of.) What a creepy ending . . . damn, it makes you feel for Rachel.Notable moments and inconsistencies:This book is ghostwritten by Kimberly Morris. It's credited to Lisa Harkrader, but that was a mistake.David claims that Crayak got him off the island "in exchange for a companion." This whole concept makes little sense because it seems there is no "exchange." David got the favor of being taken off the island AND he got the favor of being promised a companion of his ch [...]

    19. The Return What did I just read? This is the mess that The Familiar avoided becoming. While that one was weird in a way that worked this one is just weird. Why waste Rachel's last book on the return of David. Was anyone really dying to see him again? More under the cut (with spoilers).I see two outcomes to bringing David back. 1. Redemption (didn't happen) or 2. Death (likely happened, but why the cliffhanger?) Seriously why not just write the scene? I mean, this book gets pretty dark in place [...]

    20. Rachel can't win, can she? This war changed everyone in different ways, but in the end the others might be able to return to some semblance of normalcy. But Rachel, something dark and primal has been released drom within her. And it's been getting stronger, seeping through the cracks that this war makes on her. And the realisation that she's different, that she stands apart from the group makes it worse. Especially since they use her to keep their own hands clean.What happened in the end? I thou [...]

    21. This book was a total mindfuck. David's back, but this time he's back through means of Crayak. So the whole time you're reading this, you can't tell if stuff is actually happening, or if it's all just a trick. I can see why some people would say this book's plot is ridiculous, but I was personally awaiting the return of both David and Crayak, so while it might have been pretty off-the-wall, it was a satisfying read. It's strange to me that they never reveal whether or not Rachel killed David, I [...]

    22. In the last Rachel book before the end, David the rat reappears via Crayak. Rachel is tempted with an offer of power by Crayak, and her own dark desires clash with her sincere wish to be one of the "good guys." This is such an appropriate last book for Rachel, with a horrifyingly ambiguous ending, but the execution (particularly the opening of dreams and dreams within dreams) is so clumsy that by the time the primary temptations are taking the place the reader is left wondering if what he's read [...]

    23. David, the psycho Animorph, is back - and he wants revenge. This book was crazy. Rachel had so many visions and dreams (and dreams within dreams) that I'm still not entirely sure what was real and what wasn't. She is such a complex character though, and I always love being in her head. (view spoiler)[ The ending was heartbreaking. I have no idea if she killed David or not, but she'll never be the same again regardless. (hide spoiler)]

    24. Review written: sometime before April 18, 2015The Return by Katherine ApplegateWhy I read it: My book club was reading the series at the time.Rating: 2/5What I thought: Ugh, my head! I'm probably been too harsh on this one, but it was just so confusing and bizarre that I just want to write it off and pretend it never happened, OK?

    25. I do not know how I ever would have survived junior high without this fantastic science fiction series. Maybe the story quality went down as the book numbers got higher, but the idea that aliens were invading our planet secretly it was almost good enough for a young teenager to believe.

    26. My favorite Rachel's story <3SHE'S NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE EVIL CRAYAK'S OFFER OF BECOMINGSUPER RACHEL! (That will be the killer of Visser One and her fellow Animorphs in the future)AND SHE FINALLY KILLED THAT PEST, DAVID (The traitor)

    27. I do not know how I ever would have survived junior high without this fantastic science fiction series. Maybe the story quality went down as the book numbers got higher, but the idea that aliens were invading our planet secretly it was almost good enough for a young teenager to believe.

    28. No. Seriously. Where is the ending.Parts of this book are good, but David is irritating, his return another Deus ex Machina, and Crayak's temptation too over the top.I wish this series'd be rewritten, eliminating the Ellimist and his game.

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