Sixteen and Dying

Sixteen and Dying You don t know me but I know about you I can t make you live longer I can t stop you from hurting But I can give you one wish as someone did for me It s hard for Anne Wingate and her father to accep

  • Title: Sixteen and Dying
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780553299328
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • You don t know me, but I know about you.I can t make you live longer I can t stop you from hurting But I can give you one wish, as someone did for me.It s hard for Anne Wingate and her father to accept the doctors diagnosis Anne is HIV positive Seven years earlier, before blood screening was required, Anne received a transfusion to save her life, and the blood wasYou don t know me, but I know about you.I can t make you live longer I can t stop you from hurting But I can give you one wish, as someone did for me.It s hard for Anne Wingate and her father to accept the doctors diagnosis Anne is HIV positive Seven years earlier, before blood screening was required, Anne received a transfusion to save her life, and the blood was tainted Now Anne must deal with the inevitable progression of her condition When an anonymous benefactor promises to grant a single wish with no strings attached, Anne decides to spend the summer on a ranch out west and live as normally as she possibly can The summer seems even better than she dreamed, especially after she meets Morgan But Anne hasn t confided in Morgan about her condition, and when her health begins to deteriorate, she suddenly leaves the ranch.Is there time for Anne and Morgan to meet again

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      Lurlene McDaniel born c 1948 is an author who has written over 50 young adult books She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.Other places to find her arefacebook lurlenemcdannguinrandomhouse autyoutube user LurleneMc

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    1. My Actual Rating: 3.8 Another quick read by Lurlene McDaniel who at one time I would have called my favorite author. The characters are still young and the story line is very straight forward but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Anne is a mature, level headed 16 year old who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion without knowing it. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and a good attitude towards death and dying. The only thing that shows Anne's true age is her defiance to do what the [...]

    2. Anne Wingate is a mere sixteen year old girl when the doctor diagnoses her as HIV positive. Years before blood screening was required, Anne was in a car accident and received a blood transfusion tainted with HIV. Her HIV was dormant but now Anne is sixteen and dying. It is a struggle for her to accept an inevitable progression of her condition, but following her disheartening diagnosis Anne receives a One Last Wish sponsorship from an anonymous benefactor. She and her father leave for a Western [...]

    3. This book was another awesome book that I really like by my favorite author Lurlene McDaniel. This book was so good, I couldn't put it down. This book was about a girl named Anne who was in a tragic car accident.The car accident caused her to need a blood transfusion if she didn't recieve it Anne would have died because she lost alot of blood in the car accident. When the doctors gave Anne the blood transfusion they didn't know that the blood carried the AIDS virus.The doctors didn't find out un [...]

    4. Anne Wingate is only 16 years old when she finds out she is HIV positive. Since Anne is an only child, and her mother died when she was young, Anne is all her father has left. She was told HIV could not be cured and it would eventually turn into AIDS. Her only hope of living longer than expected is taking a medication called AZT. AZT is her best option for treatment. There are some side effects that go along with this medication like depression and nausea. She doesn't want to live her life being [...]

    5. I cry in pretty much all of Lurlene McDaniel's books, but this one was much different. I bawled like there was no tomorrow. I just felt so incedibly bad for the dad. I felt sad for Anne too, but she surprisingly handled it well considering that she knows she is going to die and she cannot be cured. You know she feels bad that shes leaving her dad all alone, but it was also heartwarming that she is going to be with her mom again. great book

    6. I had been hoping the girl would overcome her disease in the end but I ended up crying when I was done. It was eyeopening for me though. If you need a good cry read this if you hate sad stories avoid this one at all costs.

    7. Okay, so we have a girl with HIV being urged to start live-saving treatments, but she whines about how she JUST WANTS TO BE NORMAL FOR ONE SUMMER, takes her One Last Wish money and runs off to a ranch where she meets a handsome jerk and rides horses. So of course she's got AIDS when she comes home and she's gonna die pretty soon.I DO understand that a 16-year-old girl would rather spend her last summer having a good time than sitting in a hospital feeling the side effects of AZT, but her summer [...]

    8. This story is about a young girl who learns that because of a tainted blood transplant she received as a young girl, she is HIV positive. While lying in a hospital room, depressed at the life that she will never get to live, she receives $10,000 check with a note that she is to use for whatever she wishes. She and her dad go to a dude ranch where she feels free. When she meets Morgan, the nephew of the owners of the ranch, she can’t help but be attracted to him and flattered by his attention t [...]

    9. The book Sixteen and Dying is my favorite book from the One Last Wish series, it is about a girl named Anne Wingate and a boy named Morgan Lancaster. Anne is diagnosed with HIV Positive because when she was just a child she was in a car accident. She had lost a lot of blood and needed some urgently. The blood that had saved her life was now causing her problems with life or death. One day she gets money from the One Last Wish Foundation to spend on anything she wants. Anne decides to go down sou [...]

    10. Sixteen and Dying was the first book I read from the author Lurlene McDaniel. After I read this book I knew I had to continue reading more of her works. Anne is a girl who is HIV positive. She became infected with HIV when she received a blood transfusion. This was all before blood was checked. She has been given a wish. She decides that she wants to spend time on a ranch. She meets a boy named Morgan who she begins to have feelings for. When she leaves the ranch, Morgan decides to follow her. W [...]

    11. im 16 years old and reading this book really change me. this book is about a girl that 16years old named Anne who gets in a car crash with her mother. her mother passes awaay and she ended up losing alot of blood. the doctors gave her blood and ended up giving her AIDS. When Anne finds out about her sickness and she finds out its killing her she gets a letter from JVC giving her 10 000 dollors. knowing her time on life is limited she asked she dad to go for a trip to Colordo so she can live the [...]

    12. Anne finds out some devastating news, she learns at sixteen she is HIV positive. The doctors find out that a blood transfusion she had many years ago is what caused it. Anne decides to not let it get her down and after receiving a one hundred thousand dollar check from a mysterious JWC, she goes on a trip with her father to a ranch to get away from everything. At the ranch she has a lot of fun and meets a guy named Morgan. She soon falls in love with him even though she can never fully be with h [...]

    13. I never really know what to say about these books. I mean, you know someone is going to die. It's sad. But the thing is, though these books are pretty short, you do start to feel for the characters. I felt so bad for Anne, knowing that all she really wanted, besides not dying, was to spend some time with her dad on the ranch. If that were my child, I would do whatever she wanted. But he freaking complained! I was thinking, what an ass! He complained that she wanted to spend her last freaking mon [...]

    14. As always, Lurlene McDaniel's does a thorough job of portraying what it is like for those who have a potentially terminal illness. She really gets into the emotional struggles of the ill and their families/loved ones. I think the one thing I've noticed however, is that often times the parents disappear from portions of the stories. This story is no different. At the ranch, the father becomes almost non-existent now and then. This, of course, makes it easy for Anne to do things she's not supposed [...]

    15. This book was good I love reading this authors books, because she's so talented. This book sixteen and dying is about a girl who got in a car accident and got blood work done. She received HIV by one of the blood transplant. And now trying to get rid of it but she meets this guy, and worried what he would say once she tells him. My favorite part in this book is in the beginning where she meets Morgan. He's kinda rude to her but when she starts walking way, he sees that he's been kinda rude and t [...]

    16. Bleeeeegh. This book was not my cup of tea. Anne Wingate is sixteen years old and finds out she has contracted HIV from a blood transfusion used to save her life (back before '85 when they started screening blood). The love story was sappy and not very believable. It was also too short to really get invested in the characters.However, I can see that some teenage girls would probably enjoy reading a bunch of these type of books. They're quick, full of sappy love, and might seem more substantial t [...]

    17. I liked books on sick dying teenagers in love before it was cool! *stares hard at TFIOS*Yea that's right I'm looking at you. Basically my pre-teen reading preferences were either 1. super typical vampire books or 2. really sad (& more than slightly depressing) sickness books God I'm only just now realizing how weird I am.But I still loved this series, it taught a lot of good life lessons. And it made me cry SO. DANG. HARD. This ones my favorite out of the whole series even though it's sad.

    18. ok, so I read all of these Lurlene McDaniels books as a teenager, and I loved them. Not sure I should give them 5 stars, I would probably rate them differently now. But it was always interesting for me to read about the lives of teenagers, although fictitious, that were marred by chronic illnesses such as cancer, organ failure, or the death of a loved one. Maybe I'll create a shelf "read as a teenager" so that if you read these books and hate them, you won't wonder why on earth I gave them 5 sta [...]

    19. Sixteen and dying is a very interesting book. Anne Wingate finds out she is HIV positive from a blood transfusion she had got when she was little. When she got the blood transfusion they hadn’t started blood screening yet. She receives a anonymous donation from the One Last Wish foundation she decides to spend her summer at a dude ranch, before she faces her last days of dealing with her AIDS. At the ranch she ends up meeting Morgan. When her AIDS hit her she has to go back home with out telli [...]

    20. This book was about a girl named Anne who was diagnosed with HIV positive because of her transfusion years ago. Now she is spending her last days with her father at a ranch. There, she meet Morgan and developed a frienship between them. However, Anne's health began to deteriorate and she left the ranch.I think that this book is another lesson that teach people that life is not always how we planned. It is not how the game of the world is played. There are a lot of possibilities in life and you s [...]

    21. This was the first of the "One Last Wish" series I read. I believe I was in Jr. High when I read it. It was a touching and very sad story geared towards young pre-teens and teenagers. I found Anne to be a very believable character who faced her last days with courage and compassion. This book has stayed with me through the years, having made a lasting impact. Reading these books led me to find the "Make-A-Wish" foundation which I continue to donate too when I have the money.

    22. This book is very sad. You feel very bad for her throughout the whole story. It’s one of those stories that you wish you could help the main character. I gave this book 5 stars, because I really liked it. Lurlene McDaniel has awesome stories. It’s really hard to put down her books once you start reading them! I recommend this book to anyone who likes her stories. I will defiantly continue to read her books!

    23. This book was both depressing and heartwarming at the same time. I gave this book five stars because this is most likely to happen to anyone. I enjoyed reading this book because it is a romance novel and i love those types of books. The reason I kept on reading it was because Morgan and Anne were in love but they didn't know it. One thing I liked about this book was the setting. I love the country and that's where it was set. I recommend anyone to read Sixteen and Dying!

    24. The only other book by Lurlene McDaniel that I have ever read was a book called "Don't Die My Love" and I remember loving that book so I decided to give another one of her books a try. From reading this book I've learned that Lurlene has a habit of writing books that make you cry. The fact that this young girl got HIV from a blood transfusion as a child is sad enough and the speed with which the HIV turns to AIDS is even sadder. The ending is just tragic.

    25. Another amazing book by Lurlene. I don't know how she always manages to get the reader so connected with the characters in so few pages. I have yet to read a book of hers that I haven't liked. This book was really cute. Anne was an extremely strong character for being just 16, and I instantly fell in love with the character of Morgan, and not just because he was a cowboy ;-) .

    26. Very good but also very sad. I liked the character of Morgan and am excited to read about him in another book I think he really helped her grow up and except that she has AIDS. Its an amazingly written book and has great morals (i guess u can call it that).

    27. After Anne learns that she has HIV from a bad blood transfusion she struggles with trying to accept the future in front of her. Anne receives the opportunity to spend the entire summer on and ranch and she tries to take this time to step away from her illness and live life as normal.

    28. I read these books as a young teenager. So this is a re-read for me. I really enjoyed going back to these old stories. I can only take them in strides though because teenagers generally are dying. But I did enjoy this one, you got to love Cowboys.

    29. I love Ms. McDaniel's books. The storyline is very sad. I thought Anne was very brave. I really like Morgan. The ending made my eyes water. I wanted to read this book to get a better understanding of the illness. I just wish it had more details about the illness.

    30. so far this book is really good. the charter has a dark secrete that no one knows about but her dad and so her and her dad take a vacation to a ranch and her problems are following her there. when she meets a boy. she also meets other friends too.

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