Thief of Lives

Thief of Lives On the heels of Dhampir Barb and J C Hendee s acclaimed Fantasy debut comes Thief of Lives the new novel featuring Magiere and Leesil Slayers of the UndeadMagiere the dhampir thinks that her night

  • Title: Thief of Lives
  • Author: Barb Hendee J.C. Hendee
  • ISBN: 9780451459534
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • On the heels of Dhampir, Barb and J.C Hendee s acclaimed Fantasy debut, comes Thief of Lives, the new novel featuring Magiere and Leesil, Slayers of the UndeadMagiere the dhampir thinks that her nights of hunting vampires are over After settling down in her newly adopted village of Miiska now vampire free, thanks to her and her half elf partner, Leesil she looks fOn the heels of Dhampir, Barb and J.C Hendee s acclaimed Fantasy debut, comes Thief of Lives, the new novel featuring Magiere and Leesil, Slayers of the UndeadMagiere the dhampir thinks that her nights of hunting vampires are over After settling down in her newly adopted village of Miiska now vampire free, thanks to her and her half elf partner, Leesil she looks forward to quiet days tending to her tavern.But far away in the capital city of Bela, a prominent councilman s daughter has been found dead on her own doorstep and all signs point to a vampire Knowing that the battered and burned village of Miiska could use an infusion of cash, Bela s town council offers a generous bounty to the dhampir if she will slay their vampire Magiere resists, wanting nothing than to forget her past and ignore her half vampire nature Only Leesil can persuade Magiere to follow her destiny before innocent lives are claimed by darkness.

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    • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ☆ Thief of Lives - by Barb Hendee J.C. Hendee ↠
      480 Barb Hendee J.C. Hendee
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    About “Barb Hendee J.C. Hendee”

    1. Barb Hendee J.C. Hendee

      See barbhendee Like most writers, I ve worked at many jobs in my life, including teaching pre school until I completed my master s degree in Composition Theory Between 1993 and 2006, I taught college English while writing fiction on the side, some independently and some with my husband and life long partner J.C.Over the years, we ve lived in Washington State, Idaho, Colorado, and now moved just south of Portland, Oregon I love the Northwest, and it s a great place to write.We have a lovely and talented daughter, Jaclyn, who lives in Houston, Texas along with our wonderful and talented son in law, Paul.J.C and I sold Dhampir in 2001, which changed our lives considerably It was published in January 2003, and we ve published a book in the Noble Dead Saga every year since In May of 2006, we were both able to quit our teaching jobs and move into full time writing.Recently, I ve begun writing romance suspense novels, beginning with Alone with a Soldier I am so glad my books have found an audience because I love to write fiction than anything else in the world and I m not really good at anything else.

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    1. There are two ways authors use to create drama that I am getting more and more tired of.The first is withholding information that you think they don't need to know or that will cause someone stress and/or unhappiness. This inevitably leads up to the big confession and results in them being angry in addition to the stress/unhappiness.He couldn't tell Magiere, who wasn't ready to hear it. Not just yet."There's actually more I haven't told you."Magiere's dampened anger flared at the thought that he [...]

    2. After reading the reviews, I skipped the first book in this series. I'm glad I did, as the authors use every opportunity to rehash the events of the first book in the second. I only slogged through the first 6 chapters, and then gave up. Why? This novel reads like a high school fan fiction.My primary problem was the characters. This is another book following the trend of telling the story from EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER'S point of view. And sadly, I enjoyed the inner monologues of the whiny 'villain [...]

    3. Zur HandlungNachdem Magiere und der Halbelf Leesil sich aus dem Landstreicherleben zurückgezogen und in dem Hafenstädchten Miiska niedergelassen haben, sollte das Leben eigentlich ruhiger weitergehen. Magiere hat sich ihren Traum einer eigenen Taverne erfüllt, doch ihre Herkunft macht ihr einen Strich durch die Rechnung: ihr Wesen als Dhampir prädestiniert sie zur Vampirjagd, der sie im ersten Teil der Reihe gezwungenermaßen nachgegangen ist.Allerdings hat der Brand des großen Lagerhauses [...]

    4. I'm going to drop back to 3 stars on this "installment" in the series. Not because I didn't enjoy it or because the story isn't pretty good. It's just that it wore a little thin here. The book runs 410 pages and I think might have been better at 300. There were just too many situations that sort "stretched" the story out. You know, you have a confrontation and as the killing blow is being struck "something" happens and the blow is just slightly off, the villain gets away, and we need to build up [...]

    5. I reviewed the first book in the series as a 2 star (not a great purchase) but thought that it showed promise enough to continue the series.And there has been a marked improvement. While the characters are still a little two dimensional, they're improving in depth and there's a lot less inherent stupidity in their actions to drive the plot.I'm actually fairly impressed with how things are starting to be set up for future stories. Everything seems to be building well with lots of foreshadowing an [...]

    6. Thief of Lives was a disappointment in some ways. I felt the plot was pretty much just a rehash of book one. But I wanted to find out the secrets to the character’s pasts and what would next for them. I also wanted to know what would happen between Leesil and Magiere. Those were the only things that kept me reading. I will be continuing on to the next book because I’m still interested in where the story will go.

    7. Once again this series impresses me with its ability to pull me into the story with its strength in plot and characters. Magiere, Leesil, and Chap's continuing evolution is fantastic reading. In the beginning Magiere was a little annoying with how she refused to accept what she was. However, I understood her need to just live a simple life free from any vampires. With Leesil, who is my favorite character by far, Mageire has a great support system. His devotion to Magiere is sweet and makes me lo [...]

    8. While THIEF OF LIVES has a similar storyline to DHAMPIR I still enjoyed the heck out of it =) A surviving member of the first set of vampires from DHAMPIR has started his own coven in the capital city. He's not seeking revenge although he's still wary of Magiere and her team. While he and his new family are laying relatively low there is still some sloppy killing going on. After a councilman's daughter is found brutally killed, the town of Bela decides to call on Magiere to investigate and hunt [...]

    9. I've spent so much time reading modern urban fantasy lately that I had forgotten how much I enjoy a more traditional, dark fantasy novel. I can't believe that I reviewed the first book in this series, Dhampir, last December!Magiere and Leesil are both very complex characters. Both of them are heavily influenced by their pasts which they have chosen to conceal from each other. This information comes out a little bit at a time and significantly impacts their relationship. While it is obvious that [...]

    10. In Book 2 of this vampire hunter tale, the behind-the-scene manipulation by the mysterious Welstiel comes to the fore, resulting in Magiere, Leesil and of course the fey hound Chap heading for the city of Bela to rid them of vampires.I like how more details are being woven into the tale: hints about what is driving Welstiel, skeletons from Leesil's unknown heritage, the forgotten history of the world, and (what appeals most to me) the introduction of a vampire who is not a savage negative person [...]

    11. Wow these books are addictive. The narrative voice is contemporary, the characters are unique and complex, and I haven't run across the premise beforewhich in a fantasy novel is saying something. Another testament - It's now 11pm and as I set the book down, I briefly wondered if there were any bookstore open this late.One of my favorite parts is how (hang with me here) there are some real-life considerations that you just never read in a fantasy book, like how to pay for things, or 'oh crap, we' [...]

    12. I really loved this book. As the second book in the Dhampir series i was pleased to find the authors went into more detail about the characters past while not over complicating things. The writing made it easy to picture the characters and the world they live in.I was especially delighted at the way the main characters relationship progressed. This book might not contain any smut but it still became one of my favorites along with the others in the seriesWell worth a read if you like a bit of sup [...]

    13. Definitely better than the first book in the series, and the plot is starting to thicken up nicely. I think the next book is going to be a really good one.

    14. All the characters in this book have solid personalities and are intertwined in an action/mystery type of fantasy that continues all the way to the last page

    15. Extremely frustrating book. At present, continuing series to see if it ever lives up to apparent potential.Problems: Two MCs never have the other's back; terrible partnership at present. Maybe they're learning?They still suck at hunting vampires. Probably 10 times they almost kill one only to have them escape.They were dicks to their awesome dog, Chap. At one point in their vampire hunt, Chap, their vampire-detecting dog, freaks out. Magiere assumes this is because he has to urinate, and yells a [...]

    16. 540 страниц на одном дыхании, правы были все те, кто говорил, что первая книга вводная, поэтому не такая увлекательная, зато потом на стенки будешь лезть от желания прочесть продолжение.Такие книги… я не их поклонница. Но, как ни странно, эта мне очень нравится, интересный сюж [...]

    17. writing about an alternate world is difficult and this couple shine at this task. I Loved the combination of middle English type of background with preternatural beings. Who doesn't love a heroine who is bad ass and can fight and sword play

    18. I like the story and love the world-building in this series, but I must confess that I find the writing style a little stilted and the character development is sometimes hit and miss.

    19. The author(s) of this book can't write a satisfactory ending. This is the second book in the series, and the second book in a row, that has fallen flat on its face at the supossedly climacitc finale. What makes it even more annoying in this book, was that this addition to the series was infinitely better than it's predecessor. Up until the finale I would have happily given it four stars, it was only the flat, boring, uninteresting ending that stole the thunder from this book. In the end, I felt [...]

    20. Thief of Lives is the second in the series about the vampire hunters Magiere and Leesil, by Barb and J.C. Hendee. In this one, we see that the duo has tried to settle down in the village they saved in the first book--only to discover that the phony reputation they've built up is coming back to bite them in both their asses as they're summoned to deal with a very real undead problem in the king's own city.There were only a small number of things I disliked about the book, so I'll get those out of [...]

    21. Barb and J.C Hendee's "Sister of the Dead" drew me in with the addition of a mystery to this familiar world. The story is an epic continuation to Magiere's coming of age story, filled with believable characters and surprising revelations. Leesil's past comes back to haunt him in the form of an elven assassin named Sgaile, who represents an opportunity for Leesil to undo the damage caused in his past. The ever-present yet enigmatic dog Chap is seen in a new light when the companions learn at leas [...]

    22. If I hadn't been on the bus, I would have cheered at what happened on the last two pages!This book took me almost no time at all to finish, I was hooked immediately.

    23. Thief of LivesBarb and J.C. Hendnee2004Fantasy In Thief of Lives, Magiere, the protagonist, is called to the city of Bela to slay some undeads that supposedly kills the head councilman's daughter. She refuses to go but her partner, Leesil, persuades her to go reminding her lots of money is at stake here. When they arrive, they can't seem to find a solid enough trail for Chap, Leesil's dog, to trace. With help from a sage, Wynn, they are able to find the house of the undeads. They have already ha [...]

    24. Book Review: 2 Treasure BoxesMagiere, Leesil and Chap continue their adventures. One of the vampires from book one escaped and is now causing trouble in another town, Magiere has been called in to save the town. In the process she meets a new character in the book, a young scholar named Wynn. Welstiel re-appears and we learn more about him and his plans.We learn more about the Elves plus alot more about Leesils's history which was interesting.Barb and J. C. Hendee have written two series in the [...]

    25. Synopsis: It is two months after the events of Dhampir, which find Magiere (dhampir), Leesil (half-elf), and Chap the wonder dog, trying to rebuild their bar Sea Lion which was destroyed by fire in Dhampir. Strapped for cash after being asked to pay their share of taxes, Magiere and crew are forced into taking a job for the capital city of of Bela. The reason? A vampire has killed, or is presumed to have killed, the daughter of a prominent councilman along with others who have gone missing. We f [...]

    26. I found Thief of Lives to be about on par with the first book in the Noble Dead series. The story picks up not long after the end of Dhampir, with Magiere and Leesil living their version of domestic bliss, running their rebuilt tavern. As you might guess, that doesn't last long: the mysterious Welstiel sets the wheels in motion for another confrontation with the undead. In Thief of Lives, we learn more about our characters, especially Leesil and, yes, Chap. We find out a bit more about what make [...]

    27. The side characters aren't quite as nuanced or multi-dimensional as in the first novel, and the story seems to drag in places. I think the plot could have been more captivating if the authors had more fully embraced the pseudo-Victorian-era murder mystery theme. I remember this as being my least favorite book of the four I read several years ago before the series was finished. There's a progressive arc to Toret's character, but he lacks the complex development that made the last book's antagonis [...]

    28. 'Thief of Lives' and 'Sister of the Dead' continue to be my favorite of the Noble Dead Saga. Leesil and Margerie have been nicely developed by this point, and the books get into more of the exploration of the world they live in, the different kind of people and vampires they meet, and the beginnings of the overarching conspiracy of Margerie's existence as a Dhampir, a being half vampire and half human. We also get introduced to some characters that become important in some of the sagas later boo [...]

    29. Thief of lives continues where Dhampir left off, Magiere, Leesil and Chap are now living in Miishka and running their own Tavern/Inn when a letter comes for Magiere. Seems the folks of Bela have been plagued with some undeads themselves, and some people have been getting killed. Bela needs help and has called upon Magiere and Leesil to eradicate the Noble Dead.The writing style is the same, some good, witty quips some nice fighting scenes and plot twists. There was no downtime or lag that I came [...]

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