The Fire Opal

The Fire Opal Deep in the sun drenched desert priestess Ginger Sun carries the power of shape mages And whispers abound Is she descended from the beloved Sunset Goddess or are her nighttime rituals filled with wi

  • Title: The Fire Opal
  • Author: Catherine Asaro
  • ISBN: 9780373802777
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep in the sun drenched desert, priestess Ginger Sun carries the power of shape mages And whispers abound Is she descended from the beloved Sunset Goddess, or are her nighttime rituals filled with wickedness Ginger herself is uncertain, until a stranger is left for dead at her feet.Thence her magic begins to burn.Fate makes Ginger the stranger s wife and therefore a taDeep in the sun drenched desert, priestess Ginger Sun carries the power of shape mages And whispers abound Is she descended from the beloved Sunset Goddess, or are her nighttime rituals filled with wickedness Ginger herself is uncertain, until a stranger is left for dead at her feet.Thence her magic begins to burn.Fate makes Ginger the stranger s wife and therefore a target for those who would murder this man to crown another and force her magic into twisted ferocity For unless Ginger masters her dark powers, violence will rein in Taka Mal and in her soul.

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    1. Catherine Asaro

      Blog at facebook Catherine.AsThe author of than twenty five books, Catherine Asaro is acclaimed for her Ruby Dynasty series, which combines adventure, science, romance and fast paced action Her novel The Quantum Rose won the Nebula Award, as did her novella The Spacetime Pool Among her many other distinctions, she is a multiple winner of the AnLab from Analog magazine and a three time recipient of the RT BOOKClub Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Her most recent novel, Carnelians, came out in October, 2011 An anthology of her short fiction titled Aurora in Four Voices is available from ISFiC Press in hardcover, and her multiple award winning novella The City of Cries is also available as an eBook for Kindle and Nook.Catherine has two music CD s out and she is currently working on her third The first, Diamond Star, is the soundtrack for her novel of the same name, performed with the rock band, Point Valid She appears as a vocalist at cons, clubs, and other venues in the US and abroad, including recently as the Guest of Honor at the Denmark and New Zealand National Science Fiction Conventions She performs selections from her work in a multimedia project that mixes literature, dance, and music with Greg Adams as her accompanist She is also a theoretical physicist with a PhD in Chemical Physics from Harvard, and a jazz and ballet dancer Visit her at facebook Catherine.Asaro

    798 thoughts on “The Fire Opal”

    1. I do love Asaro's voice. I loved The Fire Opal even with its YA/NA undertones (the heroine is 18 and very naive).

    2. You know, I was okay with this being a fantasy-romance novel and all, but the naivety of the heroine and her love interest really started to grate on my nerves as the ill-fated lovers tumbled into one another again and again leaving her breathless. It was kind of obnoxious how there were so many references to what a great beauty the priestess was and how all the men seemed to want her--it was almost over done in this book and that's the only thing that really bothered me. Aside from that, I do s [...]

    3. I just don't know what to think about this author. She yo-yo's from good to bad writing with amazing predictability.That being said, this book fits into the good category. The priestess was an awesome character. Brave, naive, confused, unsure about her own power, she makes a very compelling female lead. Baz is just as we left him in The Dawn Star which I rather liked. I have to say I always had this sneaky suspicion that Darz was Baz. It started when he said he was supposed to marry his cousin, [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the heck out of this book! I wasn't sure when I started reading it as it took a while to get used to some of the words and the world this book took place in, but after a couple of chapters I was fine! Ms. Asaro has crafted a very interesting fantasy with really interesting characters, it is a good old fashioned romance with a damsel in (a lot) of distress (often) and a dashing hero who is sweet and sometimes awkward with her.The only complaint I have is that Ginger-sun finds her [...]

    5. This is a really good example of Asaro's work, and it works even if you haven't read the previous three in the Lost Continent series (although you might miss out on the sense of "Ohhhhhh" that I got when I made the connection). It's interesting in that it comes from the perspective of a girl from tiny village in a country completely alienated from the geometric- and color-magicks so involved in the other three books. This isn't to say that such magic isn't present, it is, it's just very differen [...]

    6. Ginger-Sun is a priestess for the Dragon-Sun in a provincial town that both fears her and seeks to control her. When she protects a stranger left for dead, she finds herself in grave danger from both the town and an outside conspiracy that seeks to bring down Taka Mal.It was a little unclear how this book fit in with the series towards the beginning, but things slowly fell into place. Ginger-Sun is a little different from the other heroines in the series, very educated and tender-hearted, and I [...]

    7. While I really loved Asaro's short story inCharmed Destinies, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through an entire fantasy romance novel without being bored or frustrated like I have been in the past. WithThe Fire Opal, there were parts that made me uncomfortable, most specifically the notion that if there's a pretty girl around all the men want her (even gods!) and (pretty much) all the women are jealous of her. And the editor let a few things slip past ("he" where there should be "she" and vi [...]

    8. Well, I did like this one more than the first. I can see by her anthology that I've a lot more reading to do of books by this author. This is apparently the 4th book in the cycle I missed the second all together and the third I've read out of sequence but that's what comes of relying on Australian booksellers.There is something about the writing of these books that annoys me. I can't put my finger on it exactly but I think it comes down to lack of real tragedy. Does that make sense? You kinda [...]

    9. The Fire Opal - Catherine Asaro (7/10)Romantic fantasy; book 4 in the Lost Continent series.I personally think Asaro writes science fiction much better than fantasy and this book reinforces that opinion. It was a fine, pleasant read, but she can do much better. It was very slow to start, but picked up about halfway through to have a satisfying ending. I also liked the touch that suggested this "world" is some sort of appearing/vanishing continent in our world. I like these books, but I'm hanging [...]

    10. This story felt like an afterthought. I enjoyed it, though I confess I knew who Darz was from the beginning, and although I pride myself in sighting foreshadowing, I hate when I know key elements to the story before it’s time. It was cute, and felt like somewhat of a coming of age story with a love twist. Seriously? More torture? Asaro, I think you have a torture issue. Aside from all that, the story was fun for an afternoon and another addition to the lost continent series.

    11. I loved it. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't read it I can't say much. But I will say that it was a great view on a man we know little to nothing about at this point. And it made me love him too. This is another great book for the series and I feel a slight sadness that the next book, The Night Bird, is the last for now in the series. I truly hope Catherine Asaro will be writing another one.

    12. Best in series so far, this time there was less overused situations and storyline was fairly ok. Although through the series you have to wonder if really women feel like they are oppressed on every turn and they always find their prince in rough covers (not one white horse as usual, but mainly masked into forced weddings, rough language and manners etc.)

    13. This book was a delight. It made my heart do 'flip-flops', could not put it down and was dancing (or if you could call it dancing) when some parts hit me (I was cupid shot). I would love to read more of her books (if I can find them here) they were definitely a treat! Thank you Jessie for lending your copy to me!

    14. I didn't realize this was part of a series, but it was okay. At least there weren't any references to past books (that I noticed anyway). It's such a simple tale At first it seemed to go very slow. I didn't enjoy the naivette of the main character. However once bad events started happening, the book became more interesting. Still it's a simplistic tale.

    15. This is a great fantasy to read during the summer. I liked reading about the characters, and the description of this world is very well done. I definitely need to read more of this series. It was a nice book to escape in.

    16. Good, if a bit dramatic and far fetched but that's what I love about Fantasy. Sometimes I did want to smack the main character on general principle for lack of common sense though. "Her innocence does her credit," lol.

    17. The romance was nice and the adventure was exciting. I found the female lead to be a little simple and sugar sweet but it was an interesting novel overall.

    18. Sorry there wasn't a fourth yet to read but there is certainly more of the story to come. Enjoyed this book

    19. Different from her Misted Cliff series, but still pretty good. Sometimes you get frustrated by how naive Ginger is.

    20. i love the story line. i kust love sort of science fiction!does have one graphic scene i would get rid of but other than that very clean book!

    21. I read this book in 2 days. I do agree with the other reviews about her looks being over done and every man wanting hert too much and pathetic bunch of menbut I loved the story.

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