The Machine Gunners

The Machine Gunners Robert Westall s very special and gripping first novel for children winner of the Carnegie Medal

  • Title: The Machine Gunners
  • Author: Robert Westall
  • ISBN: 9780330397858
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert Westall s very special and gripping first novel for children, winner of the Carnegie Medal.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the database.Robert Westall was born in North Shields, Northumberland, England in 1929.His first published book The Machine Gunners 1975 which won him the Carnegie Medal is set in World War Two when a group of children living on Tyneside retrieve a machine gun from a crashed German aircraft He won the Carnegie Medal again in 1981 for The Scarecrows, the first writer to win it twice He won the Smarties Prize in 1989 for Blitzcat and the Guardian Award in 1990 for The Kingdom by the Sea Robert Westall s books have been published in 21 different countries and in 18 different languages, including Braille.From robertwestall

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    1. My response after reading chapters 1 - 5 is, this book so far is going great, im enjoying it very much and i want to keep reading. But I can't as we are reading it as a class. The reason I like Chas because, he really wants to beat Boddser in his Collection of war wreackage, he is really keen on beating him, he even put his life endanger to saw of a machine gun of and take it home. The most suprising thing iv'e learned from this book is that, Chas has a hard life, hiding in the shelters at night [...]

    2. Young adult second world war adventure As a child of the late 60's I loved to read everything from Captain Hurricane in the Valliant, the wonderful William by Richard Compton, and the amazing adventures of those intrepid five, the famous five. The machine gunners harks back to an innocent time, set during the second world war and a society light years away from the introduction of the internet and the scourge of social media. It's the story of Chas McGill and how he acquires a machine gun from t [...]

    3. My grandfather prompted me to read this book when I was about 11 and I thought that it was absolutely brilliant. On all the times I've read it since, it has lost none of it's original lustre and, if possible, has got even better now that I understand everything better.What makes this book even better and more vivid for me is that I found out recently that one of my grandfather's friends actually found a crashed German bomber, "borrowed" the machine gun and took it home. He showed it to his frien [...]

    4. First published in 1975, I read this in the late seventies, aged 9 or 10. I've since read it twice more as an adult and am always gripped by the excitement, the suspense, the build-up and the action. As an adult I can see new aspects to the book, tales of friendship and evolving relationships, heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. Contrary to other reviews, this book is not set in London, but in the north east of England, north of Newcastle - honestly, this is an important point, as [...]

    5. Like much of Westall's work, this book is set in WW2 England, where boys' idea of fun is to collect assorted debris from the carnage of the Blitz (bits of planes and bombs, with the nose-cone of a Messerschmitt the ultimate prize). But when some boys find something rather larger, and more dangerous, they decide that they can play a real role in the war effort.This is the perfect book for reluctant boy readers who are competent at the technical aspects of reading, but simply don't think there's a [...]

    6. I'm on a literary mission to re-read all the books I loved as a child. Well, the ones I remember anyway, I only started keeping a list in 1999.Thoroughly enjoyable read. Think this is one I read in primary school and picked it up initially based solely on the fact that it is set in the North East of England. I remember going through a phase of reading nothing but World War II literature and this was one of them. Need to get hold of some Michelle Magorian soon.

    7. Despite the to-the-point storytelling, The Machine Gunners does not shy away from unconventional turning points in the narrative. This being a time of war, the boys are violent and brutal, irreverent and crude. But underneath all that is the unabashed childhood that springs to the surface that makes the characters in this book fearless and creative.An enjoyable and fast-paced read.

    8. My response after reading chapters 1 to 5.So far in this book it has been rather interesting, and it makes me want to read more. It has been the first novel that has contained World War II. Has it is also set in the town Garmouth which is in England. In chapter 1 it started in the morning after an air-raid had been. Before school starts, Chas McGill, goes off to collect war souvenirs.In chapter 5, Cem goes into the forest but unfortunately gets caught by fatty hardy,Boddser gets busted/caught by [...]

    9. The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall is set during the blitz of WWII in a northern British city. It follows the adventures of 14-year-old Chas McGill and his friends as they discover a downed German machine gun and secretly build their own bunker to house it, the better to defend Britain’s shores from the upcoming German invasion. Because authorities are keen to recover the missing gun, their movements are being tracked by a bumbling policeman, a suspicious teacher, and the neighborhood bully [...]

    10. I got this book from the book shelves in my class. I chose this book because it had an appealing title and I like war-time stories.My favourite part of the book is when Chas McGill, the main character is being chased by Chas' enemy, Boddser Brown, through the makeshift marshes in Garmouth. I found this passage very thrilling and it encouraged me to read on.This book was unpredictable. I had no idea what was going happen next. people who were going about there every day lives were thrown in to a [...]

    11. I read this one first when I was 12 or so, and recalled it fondly, so when I was looking for another book to read with Ezra, I grabbed this from the library.We enjoyed it very much. As remembered, it tells the tale of life for a group of kids during the Blitz, and doesn't shy from the darker aspects. In fact, I was a little shocked at the frankness of it, and reckon that it stands up nicely as a novel for adults.

    12. Interesting, enthralling storyNice to hear of the fun times these kids had even during these violent times. My boys and I enjoyed reading it and hearing of their adventures.

    13. A great insight into what war is like for kids. Surprisingly, the whole premise was inspired by a news story about some Dutch kids who did much the same as the kids in this book.

    14. My dad brought me this book when I was 11 and studying war books at school. He'd read it when he was studying and had enjoyed it so much that he thought I'd love it. I'm not too sure why but I put it off for so long but after 10 years, I finally decided to read it and I'm so glad I did! Whilst it wasn't 100% what to expect, I really enjoyed it.I loved Rudi and Chas. I especially loved Rudi's character as it was so refreshing to see a German character not portrayed in a war book as a terrible per [...]

    15. The Machine Gunners is Robert Westall’s first novel about World War II. It is set in the town of Garmouth, a seaside town in northern England. Though fictional, it is modeled on Tynemouth, the town where Westall grew up during the war. The novel begins the morning after an air-raid. Before school starts, Chas (Charles) McGill, 14, goes off to collect souvenirs, things like bits of shrapnel or incendiary bomb fins from the raid. Chas has the second best collection in school, so when he stumbles [...]

    16. What a great book! What a great writer! I don't know how I've missed out on reading Robert Westall up to now but I am glad that I finally found him. This book has it all - humour, sadness, life, death, love, adventure. Simply and effectively told, it is both moving and funny. I would, perhaps deduct half a star for the conveniently over-neat ending, but that's a minor criticism. Don't be put off by the fact that this is described as a book for children. It is absolutely a book for adults too. It [...]

    17. A good tale. I had to keep remembering it was fiction when I thought there were things unrealistic with the story. I am sure that this would appeal to an older child moving on from the likes of The Famous Five and the like. An enjoyable read overall.

    18. An easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable wartime story told through the eyes of children living in a coastal town in Northern England. It may well be written for teens and young adults but it's equally readable for all ages.

    19. I have finally finished reading "The Machine Gunners."Overall I would rate this book a well deserved 4 out of 5.The reason for this is because most of the story was very interesting and kept you hooked in but, other parts seemed like it was prolonging the plot.So I am now going to write a short summary of the book. This book is about a English boy in North East of England in the town of Garmouth. The main character is called Chas McGill, he is a 12 year-old boy. He which then finds a machine gun [...]

    20. A wonderful story, thoroughly enjoyed the book. A story of being in a gang and acquiring a German machine gun. sevenstories I was not aware of the national centre for children's books until mentioned in the life at Robert Westall at the end of the book. Some of my family live in the North-East I will try and visit on one of my trips this year.

    21. The Machine Gunners by Robert WestallThe Machine Gunners is a book how bout a boy named Chas and a group of his friends that bulid a fortrass in one of his friends what used to be back yard in World War 2. During the story there are countlass air raids over his town and by the end of the bookthe Germans are thought to be invaidng. So it all starts off when Chas go's to explore one of the German fighter planes that crashed somewhere in hi town that night so that he can take some stuff from it and [...]

    22. “Chas McGill had the second best collection of war souvenirs in Garmouth and he desperately wanted it to be the best”Chas is fourteen, living with his Mum and Dad in the Tyneside town of Garmouth. Whilst the war is sometimes a schoolboys dream of fun - getting souvenirs, missing school, periods of excitement - it is also quite terrifying, especially the air raids that mean he and his family have to spend the night in the Anderson shelter. When he discovers a crashed plane, complete with mach [...]

    23. Kodi Botica The Machine Gunners Author :Robert Westall Text type :Novel Q1) Who is your favorite character and why?My favorite character has got to be Clogger .Clogger is an Orphaned boy from Glasgow , Scotland who has only his aunt as family alive.I like Clogger because he seems to be at first impression to be a dull,dumb,strange boy because he is a very quite character with his vocabulary consisting of "Aye" and "no".But he is actually more then that he is a strong kid with a good build and is [...]

    24. I have just finished reading "The Machine Gunners." I would give this book a 3 out of 5. My reason for this is because most of the story was interesting and kept you hooked in but, one thing that I didn’t really like was story I’m not really into war type of books but this book changed my mind set! The Machine Gunners is about a English boy from Garmouth. His name is Chas McGill, he is 12. And he found a machine gun off a crashed German airplane and cut the gun off the plane. He didn’t kno [...]

    25. A classic of children's literature. Robert Westall gives a child's/young teen's perspective on living through war-time in a provincial coastal town. He pulls no punches in his narrative and never patronises the young readership that the book is aimed at. He provides a thill-laden, fast-paced, page-turning story with a hefty degree of emotional depth.I read this aged 11 and absolutely loved it. But there were some more adult themes in the book that I didn't understand at that time. Their presence [...]

    26. CHAPTER 1-5So far the book is going really good, i think its really interesting and i want to read more.So far it has introduced some main characters.We know that Chas is keen on collecting some of the pieces from broken bombs and planes that have been shot down during raids. He has the second best collection but the person who has the best is Boddser. Chas and Boddser dont like each other, Boddser is a bully.An interesting part was when Chas went searching for some good parts to collect.While h [...]

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