Ordinary Jack

Ordinary Jack Everybody in Jack s family seems to be brilliant apart from Jack and his downtrodden dog Zero Even his little sister can beat him at swimming But Jack s uncle Parker has come up with a plan to make hi

  • Title: Ordinary Jack
  • Author: Helen Cresswell
  • ISBN: 9780192753991
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everybody in Jack s family seems to be brilliant apart from Jack and his downtrodden dog Zero Even his little sister can beat him at swimming But Jack s uncle Parker has come up with a plan to make him and Zero shine they ll pretend that Jack can tell the future If only they could foresee what chaos the plan will cause Helen Cresswell is the much loved writer oEverybody in Jack s family seems to be brilliant apart from Jack and his downtrodden dog Zero Even his little sister can beat him at swimming But Jack s uncle Parker has come up with a plan to make him and Zero shine they ll pretend that Jack can tell the future If only they could foresee what chaos the plan will cause Helen Cresswell is the much loved writer of over 40 children s books She s the author of classics such as Lizzie Dripping as well as having adapted The Demon Headmaster for television She has been runner up for the Carnegie Medal four times.

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      Helen Cresswell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ordinary Jack book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Cresswell author readers around the world.

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    1. For the life of me I can't remember exactly how the Bagthorpes entered my life. It must have been a random grab off my local library shelf, because I've never heard of them referenced or mentioned in the years since (but then, it's my impression that its prolific author, Helen Cresswell, has never really had much of a presence on this side of the Atlantic). All I know is that at a certain time in my life—that is, that awful moment just before entering middle school—I read this series obsessi [...]

    2. If P.G. Wodehouse had been writing novels for young readers during the last quarter of the 20th century, he might have come up with something like Ordinary Jack, the first in Helen Cresswell's series "The Bagthorpe Saga." Jack, a hopelessly conventional and normal boy stuck in the middle of the madcap, eccentric Bagthorpe family, known for their prodigious achievements, wonders how he can ever get himself noticed. Uncle Parker, not exactly brilliant himself, sympathizes and comes up with a plan: [...]

    3. It's interesting to read children books when you are an adult, you can see that the difference between children and adults is in the treatment of the writing, the feelings and descriptions are secondary while humour and action are the main style! I wanted to read some of the bagthorpes' books because they inspired the Royal Tennembaum, and I quite enjoy readint it!

    4. This just has to be worth 5 stars. I loved this hilarious dysfunctional family as a child and found the re-read just as hilarious. Love Jack and adore the dog, Zero.

    5. The Bagthorpe Saga comprises ten books (though the tenth is terribly hard to find), beginning with this one, Ordinary Jack. They are a chronicle of the adventures of the eccentric Bagthorpe family: Mr. Bagthorpe, an irritable, paranoid scriptwriter; Mrs. Bagthorpe, juvenile magistrate and problem solver; their four children, William, Tess, Jack, and Rosie, all except Jack multi-talented; Grandma, the trouble-making matriarch of the clan; Aunt Celia and Uncle Parker and their four-year-old daught [...]

    6. This was a light funny book enjoyable by children and adults alike. She seems to take inspiration from Roald Dahl as a lot of the characters are a bit boastful and spoiled; however, in this book even the 'bad' characters have redeeming characters. By the end of the book I was even fond of Jack's boastful family; whereas in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the children were really hateful. It has some of the same feel in that poor old Jack is poor in skills and the other characters have several [...]

    7. One of those books that you'll read as a child.And remember! All in all, one of my favourites. You've read the review? Go on, read the book.

    8. I read the early Bagthorpe books as a child (I think there was a television series when I was quite young too) and loved them as the sibling of a gifted child. A Christmas round-robin letter from a ridiculously over achieving large family reminded me of them and I sent off for the first. Happily it was as delightfully bonkers as I remembered - the strings to bows, the burnt out dining room (thanks to a four year old pyromaniac) and poor Jack and Zero muddling along trying to make an impression. [...]

    9. Loved it as child, the humor was just right for me. Sadly, when I re-read it this year, it did not hold up. However, I decided to grade this book on my enjoyment of it as a kid, because, after all, it's a children's book.(Also, is it just me, or was Jack's elusive talent obviously training animals? Am I the only one who thinks this?)

    10. I remembered the Bagthorpes Saga as being enormous fun and on re-reading I was not disappointed. Now I want to read the rest of them again.

    11. I discovered this book, the first in the expansive Bagthorpe Saga, somewhere around fifth grade. I thought it was funny then, and I think it's funny now. So do my kids: I read it aloud to my older boy about four years ago, and am now reading it to my youngest. Guess what? The older boy, now about to turn fifteen, has been sitting in, and laughs his head off. Serious literature?Nope.Caustic, witty, sly, and full of spot-on large family dynamics? Yep.Cresswell's style involves endless modifying cl [...]

    12. I don’t know how this book got on my must-read list, why it stayed on there, and why I decided it was important enough to buy a used copy through ’s booksellers. I can only hope my 1-cent purchase benefited some charity.I’m sure it had its place, its time and its audience, long ago. It might have been one of those “reluctant reader” books that librarians love to recommend. Let me just say that there are many kids’ books that survive the test of time. Or will survive, like Saffy’s A [...]

    13. Poor Jack. In a family of (eccentric) overachievers, he's the average one, no 'strings to his bow.' In an effort to impress his family, he enlists his dog and his uncle in a scheme to demonstrate his psychic powers, which, of course, this being the Bagthorpes, goes awry with hilarious results. Even as an adult, I find myself reflecting on Jack Bagthorpe's experiences when I've had a particularly difficult day at work and need to lighten up Cresswell's characters and their exploits never fade, fr [...]

    14. I fell in love with all the characters in this book, the members of the crazy Bagthorpe family. The story centers on Jack, who feels too ordinary in comparison to his siblings and parents, all of whom have many Strings in their Bow. His wacky Uncle Parker dreams up a scheme to make the family think Jack has prophetic powers. The scheme works quite well, actually, with prophecies fulfilled about Lavender Men and Brown Bears. All the while the dad breaks his arm trying to stand on his head and the [...]

    15. 'Ordinary Jack' is a fun story ment to be read on a lazy summer day.Young Jack feels out of place among his talanted and excentric family. An understanding Uncle takes jack under his wing to pull off a series of fun pranks that bring out the hilarity and disfunction in the family dynamic. I found the family to be reminicent of 'The Royal Tenembaums'.Originally published in 1977 and set in England- the story translates to modernity well. I see why it is on the list of 1001 books you must read bef [...]

    16. A very funny and enjoyable read. Sort of P. G. Woodhouse for kids! It would make a very hilarious read aloud story, as parents could explain some of the English details American kids would not understand. Recommended for the Logos Library - third to high school - the older the child the more they will enjoy it. Dedicated to all those people who feel very average and ordinary, especially as children.

    17. This book is for anyone who likes British comedies or "dysfunctional family" stories. The Bagthorpes are a huge British family, and each member is extraordinarily talented or weird. Except Jack, who is normal and hates it. Excellent book in a great old series, these books make me laugh every time I re-read them! XD

    18. This was one of our family's favorite books to read aloud on long car trips when our (now gown up) children were younger. It was fun to see how it still holds up-- I laughed out loud a number of times! Now to see if I can track down the rest of the series again, since they now seem to be out of print.

    19. Man oh man, I freaking loved all of the books in this series when I was in middle school. Granted, I think the reason my sister started reading them was because our last name is almost the same as Cresswell's, but the whole family was so freaking insane and funny and out-of-control in the best, most misanthropic way possible. Genius!

    20. The Bagthorpes had been recommended to me from a number of different sources, so I'm finally giving them a go. So far: thumbs up! Good old-fashioned British fun with this wacky family. I expect I would have given this book more stars if I'd read this when I was younger, but it's still a good book when read at [redacted]. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    21. You gotta love the Bagthorpes. This hyper competitive English family has many hilarious adventures. The stories, although often silly, have a measure of everyman in them and the foibles are also presented with wit and good nature.

    22. Helen Cresswell's highly disfunctional Bagthorpe family are fun to read, as untalented child Jack tries to prove to his family that he is as good as teh rest of them by pretending he has psychic powers.

    23. First in the Bagthorpe Saga series. Jack is frustrated by his ultra-talented and boastful siblings. Prompted by his sympathetic uncle he embarks on a new career calamities ensure, as is the norm in the chaotic Bagthorpe household. Fast-paced and well-written.

    24. I love these books! Jack wants to be multi-talented, like his boastful siblings, and his uncle, who gets a bit fed up with the whole family (except his poetic wife and his eccentric daughter), decides to help.

    25. I love these so much. I've read the first four all four times each, including aloud to my daughter. it seemed to be a lesser known series in the US, which is too bad. the language is pretty sophisticated and the books are HILARIOUS. the characters are fantastic.

    26. As a relatively normal third child of four in a family of rather extraordinary people, I definitely identified with Jack. Cresswell really has a handle on characters, and writes them to the point of almost absurd, without crossing over. Funny, ridiculous, and endlessly entertaining.

    27. First of the Bagthorpe Saga. Quite funny. Gifted eccentric famiily, very large brood. one child has no particular genius tries to find his talent.I will look forward to the rest of the series. Thank you Ginny Gustin for introducing me.

    28. Just found and revisited this childhood favourite. Still delivers the laughs. When it starts with a family birthday party being set on fire, you know what you're in for. The emphasis hasn't yet moved from Jack onto the whole family, but it's still a great start to a classic series.

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