Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy

Daddy Long Legs Dear Enemy One of the great novels of American girlhood Jean Webster s Daddy Long Legs follows the adventures of an orphan named Judy Abbott whose letters to her anonymous male benefactor trace her develo

  • Title: Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy
  • Author: Jean Webster Elaine Showalter
  • ISBN: 9780143039068
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the great novels of American girlhood, Jean Webster s Daddy Long Legs 1912 follows the adventures of an orphan named Judy Abbott, whose letters to her anonymous male benefactor trace her development as an independent thinker and writer Its sequel, Dear Enemy 1915 , also told in letters, follows the progress of Judy s former orphanage now run by her friend SalliOne of the great novels of American girlhood, Jean Webster s Daddy Long Legs 1912 follows the adventures of an orphan named Judy Abbott, whose letters to her anonymous male benefactor trace her development as an independent thinker and writer Its sequel, Dear Enemy 1915 , also told in letters, follows the progress of Judy s former orphanage now run by her friend Sallie McBride, who struggles to give her young charges hope and a new life Full of irrepressible female characters that both recall Alcott s Jo March and anticipate the popular heroines of contemporary literature, Webster s novels are witty, heartfelt, and delightfully modern.

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    1. Jean Webster Elaine Showalter

      Jean Webster pseudonym for Alice Jane Chandler Webster was an American writer and author of many books including Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy Her most well known books feature lively and likeable young female protagonists who come of age intellectually, morally, and socially, but with enough humor, snappy dialogue, and gently biting social commentary to make her books palatable and enjoyable to contemporary readers.

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    1. I first read this book as a translation when I was a teenager, I loved Judy and daddy long legs, but that was only the first book, then I found out there's a sequel and i had to have it, I got it and i read it and never had I been more touched so deeply, the only other writer who does that to me is Charlotte Bronte and Jean Webster is a true disciple. I can't explain the softness of the feelings she has me feel, she makes my eyes well up talking about the mundane things, she breaks my heart out [...]

    2. Dearest Judy---can I call you Judy? Forgive me for jumping ahead of myself but in my imagination we are already the best of friends. I've already let Anne, Jo and Sarah know to make room for you at our lunch table. I feel like I know you so well! Reading your letters to Daddy Long Legs (DLL) was like reading your diary and I bet it felt like that to you too, with him stubbornly refusing to reply and all. (I knew he'd cave in eventually. I mean, how could he resist? You are awesome.)Your letters [...]

    3. Absolutely charming!Where has Jerusha Abbott been all my life? As a devotee of plucky heroines like Anne Shirley and Jo March, I am so surprised that I never discovered this book when I was younger. I'm happy to run across it as an adult, though. I have the two-book collection and have only read 'Daddy-Long-Legs' so far, but 'Dear Enemy' is waiting on my bedside table, so I may edit this review.'Daddy-Long-Legs' is in epistolary novel told from the perspective of the letters between a young orph [...]

    4. This review is only about Dear Enemy:Very disappointed. I honestly couldn't finish this book, because I found many parts of it offensive. I realize that the period it was written in, these prejudices were normal, but my mind would just not let me accept it. It made me lose respect for Sallie's character, and also for Jean Webster. I couldn't believe no one else has noticed these things, or if they have, they're very few indeed. The strongest theme in this story is that of mental disabilities and [...]

    5. I just remembered "Daddy Long-Legs", a book that I really loved as a young teen. My mother gave this to me when I was something between 12 and 14 because she had read it when she was younger and she thought I might like it. I read this book quite a few times when I was younger (I read it in German back then and I've never actually read the original). I just really liked the character of Judy Abott and the way she had this whole new world to explore after spending her whole life in an orphanage, [...]

    6. I have had a lot of fun discussing this book with my students in a course on the female Bildungsroman. Two of them read it as children, and although it is known today as a children's novel, it was read by adults as well when it was first published in 1912. My adult graduate students enjoyed reading it and particularly loved the heroine, Judy (Jerusha) Abbott, who is spunky and really comes into her own over the course of the novel. Daddy Long Legs is a novel in letters, all of them written by Ju [...]

    7. Rating is for Dear Enemy (4.5 stars) - read Daddy-Long-Legs previously and separately from this collection. Greatly enjoyed both stories! Although Daddy-Long-Legs is my favorite of the two, currently. :) (It's possible that Dear Enemy will only grow in favor as time goes on, though!) Loved hearing secondhand about Judy's life in Dear Enemy and loved seeing the John Grier Home blossom under Sallie's tenacious and passionate care. Potential Spoiler: I found it very interesting to see shades of Chr [...]

    8. Daddy-Long-Legs" I like to pretend that you belong to me, just to play with the idea, but of course I know you don't. I'm alone, really."

    9. How is it that I'm 32 years old and just discovering Daddy-Long-Legs? Such a delicious book: girlish and feminist, secretive and frank, old-fashioned and progressive, all at the same time. How exciting to know that there are still so many wonderful books waiting to be discovered. (And so many of them freely available via Project Gutenberg!)I feel as happy as the delightful Judy Abbott felt at the end of Daddy-Long-LegsA: Good heavens, I do believe that I enjoyed the second volume even more than [...]

    10. Even though Daddy-Long-Legs is the superior book of the two, this is the best format to read Webster's two classic tales of Jerusha "Judy" Abbott and her experiences growing up in an orphanage from which she departs for college and the wider world, thanks to the funding of an anonymous Trustee of the John Grier Home - who doesn't like girls. The two conditions of his grant are that his identity remain anonymous, and that Jerusha will write a monthly letter to him with a report of her performance [...]

    11. Ringrazio Cristina D'Avena per avermi condotto sin qui. Cristina cara, eri già la fonte primaria della mia ossessione di ventitré anni per Sailor Moon (sebbene, per amor di onestà bisogna ammettere che una parte del merito è da attribuire agli occhi blu di Marzio). E ora questo. Mi vergogno un po' ad ammettere di non aver mai letto "Daddy Long Legs" prima di adesso e al momento non riesco a ricordare com'era la mia vita prima di imbattermi in Jerusha "Judy" Abbott. E sì che l'ho conosciuta [...]

    12. I was surprised that I loved this book. I knew I was going to like the book, but I was not expecting to love it. I really loved Judy's character. She she was spunky, sweet, and a girl that would be fun to be friends with. I thought it was interesting how Judy was kind of flighty because she liked to bounce between difference phases. If she were in one phase of being a Socialist, she bounced to writing a love letter.I don't think I liked Jervis as much as Judy did but from her letters, he sounds [...]

    13. I thought this was a fun book, light and charming--I loved reading the protagonist's letters (they made me want to write better letters!) and her bubbly descriptions of college life were delightful. I had skimmed this book years before, so much of its content wasn't new to me, but I'd forgotten many of the details, and it was fun to revisit.

    14. At this point, I have only read the "Daddy-Long-Legs" part of the book. It was a quick, really delightfully fun read! I liked the format -- getting to know Judy and follow the story line through Judy's letters to her benefactor. The drawings were also very cute. I felt like I had figured out where the story was going fairly early in the book (and I was correct), but the journey was so enjoyable getting there that I didn't mind the predictability. Favorite quote: "It isn't the big troubles in lif [...]

    15. A really charming classic; this is the story of Jerusha who grew up in a charity home and has just been given a scholarship to go to university. Her mysterious benefactor (who wants to be known only as Mr. John Smith) asks only one thing: that Jerusha write him every month with an update on what she is learning, but not to expect any reply. Because Jerusha saw him walking away once in the fading light and had an impression of a tall man with a long shadow like a spider, she nicknames him Daddy L [...]

    16. Have been craving to read this book since watching the cartoon series on TV like 20 years back. Then 2 years ago got the book during weeding and became part of my collection. But only at the end of 2008 managed to read it from cover to cover. So refreshing and bringing me back the childhood memories.

    17. In "Lieber Daddy Longlegs" von Jean Webster geht es um die Waise Jerusha Abbott, die bis zu ihrem 18. Lebensjahr im Waisenhaus aufwächst.Das Waisenhaus wird von einer Stiftung getragen, der viele wohlhalbende Männer beiwohnen. Jeder der Unterstützer kann einem Waisenkind eine Ausbildung finanzieren, dass diese Kinder eine gute Bildung erhalten. Mr. Smith unterstützt in der Regel nur Jungs, da er Mädchen nicht mag. Aber irgendwie schafft es Jerusha, genannt Judy, Mr. Smiths Aufmerksamkeit z [...]

    18. Early 1900's literature with staying powerI first learned of Jean Webster's works through the more recent musical adaptation. The music and story moved me proficiently to investigate the source material for Daddy Long Legs. And I'm glad for it. While I am certainly not the original audience (early 1900's American women), I am certainly a proponent. There is a timeless quality to Webster's writing. The written letter format gives a more personality. The author's original line drawings (make sure [...]

    19. What a delight it was to encounter a book I loved when I was a teenager and find out that it has a sequel I never knew about!I adored Judy Abbott from the moment I first read DLL, which was about a year after I first encountered Anne Shirley. The similarities between the two heroines eased my way through this, which is full of references I didn't understand. (Thank goodness for the footnotes.) Judy's story remains a favorite that I revisit about once every two years, and I tell anyone who will l [...]

    20. I enjoyed these reads so much. In fact, they make me excited to write a book myself. I like to write but don’t find much time for it but delightful and interesting stories such as these inspire me as much as anything could. I love the writing style, the letter format and the too-good-to-be-true storyline. I don’t think I have a positive enough mindset to write idealistically but I wish I did. How wonderful to be told that people are good and that happy endings are inevitable.The readers know [...]

    21. I've read "Daddy Long Legs" at least four times - five stars! Only four stars for "Dear Enemy," which is good but not quite as good, and has an unsettling focus on eugenics. Also, I didn't know a thing about the author Jean Webster until reading the introduction, and now I'm so impressed with her life, her adventures, and her successes. What a fascinating woman who really made the most of her short life.

    22. One of my very favorite all time stories of a girl from an orphanage who is sponsored to continue her education. This book is the one sided correspondence to her sponsor Daddy Longlegs.

    23. I love classic school themed books. The books are usually about some kid going to boarding school and how their life is during the school year. What I love about them is the freedom that young people use to have in those days and how they use to entertain themselves. Doesn’t Daddy Long Legs sound like a book about spiders? The book is about an orphaned girl named Judy Abbott who goes to college. To be honest, I don’t like the title of the book at all. I think it’s too juvenile a title for [...]

    24. Both were well written; I enjoy the sentiment of reading letters, and it held my attention much more only reading the one sided letters and not the full to and from. I would not be able to choose a favorite. Daddy Long Legs was significantly shorter; a quick read. Dear Enemy, longer, and took me a few months to finish, sadly. I quite enjoyed each story, similar yet different in plots and content. Also appropriate that I completed it on International Women's Day.

    25. When I first heard of Daddy Long Legs it was during my Secondary School days. I hate to admit it, but at that time I was not really interested in reading the book. I read the book title and that was it; I never made it a point of reading the blurb until I read Nymeth's lovely review she posted in January this year. Though I know it is never too late to read it (or any other things for that matter), imagine what I have missed during all these years!Anyway, Daddy Long Legs centers the life of an o [...]

    26. This review is confined to Dear Enemy. Discussion of ableism follows.GOD. This is a book so mired in its time that it's impossible to read it for the joys of the determination of Sallie toward growth as a person through honest hard work, because she sees her work - and the narrative does - as exclusively about helping only white able-bodied attractive children.In some ways I wish I didn't know this book came after the charming and poignant and big-hearted Daddy-Long-Legs. In some ways I'm glad I [...]

    27. Reading is a pleasure, ain't it! And it is more interesting when you discover a book out of the blue and it turns out to be a masterpiece!One of the many reasons why I LOVE the blogging world, is because " you find books everyday, out of the blue".So there I was hopping around my Google Reader from blog to blog, reading what had been going on in each of my friends reading lives, when I chanced upon a review of a book named Daddy-Long-Legs (and Dear Enemy) by Jean Webster on Nymeth's Blog! Now, w [...]

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