Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Fallen Angels The Dark Angels make a triumphant return in this installment of the story of the civil war that had nearly torn apart the human Imperium years ago Original Full description

  • Title: Fallen Angels
  • Author: Mike Lee
  • ISBN: 9781844167289
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fallen Angels The Dark Angels make a triumphant return in this installment of the story of the civil war that had nearly torn apart the human Imperium 10,000 years ago Original Full description

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    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ✓ Fallen Angels - by Mike Lee ✓
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    1. Mike Lee

      Mike Lee is an author, scriptwriter and game designer whose most recent credits include Fallen Angels, the latest installment in Black Library Publishing s best selling Horus Heresy series, and the dark fantasy epic Nagash the Sorcerer Along with UK author Dan Abnett, Mike also wrote the five volume Chronicles of Malus Darkblade, whose signature character has become a cult favorite among fans of Black Library s Warhammer Fantasy fiction In addition to his novels, Mike s scriptwriting credits include Tom Clancy s HAWX, a game of near future jet combat, and Splinter Cell Conviction, the hit sequel to the popular Splinter Cell franchise published by Ubisoft Entertainment He has also contributed to than two dozen pen and paper role playing games and supplements, including the award winning Vampire The Masquerade, Adventure , Vampire Dark Ages and Hunter The Reckoning, published by White Wolf Games Studio An avid wargamer, history buff and devoted fan of two fisted pulp adventure, Mike lives with his wife, artist JK Lee, and their family in the United States.

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    1. I felt as though Mike's take on the Dark Angels demise was a missed opportunity for something great, what frustrates me most is that I can't clearly articulate exactly why I feel this way. I guess it was a combination of the poorly articulated action scenes, inconsistent momentum, changes of first to third person dialogue and lastly the lack of a storyline that would have me believe that such events could lead to the 'falling'.And really “They were forty strong, a fearsome display of force. En [...]

    2. Fallen Angels is the last bite of food you are going to get for a long time during this meal we call the Horus Heresy. The next books are a scant 8 months away now, and this is continuation of Descent of Angels is all we have to tide ourselves over. And what a meal it is. Food metaphor over. I very much enjoyed Fallen Angels for two reasons. Firstly, it gave meaning and purpose to Descent of Angels. I railed against that novel in this series how it was a fine stand alone book but did not deserve [...]

    3. At first I was furious with the beginning action sequences because the traitor legions seemed to behave so damn stupidly in their loses. By the end of the book, things definitely evened up. This book is definitely for those who think of Chaos in black and white and wonder why anyone would be 'stupid' enough to secceed from the Imperium. Wake up! You REALLY think the Imperium is such a nice place? In many ways, Chaos is just like the Imperium. Chaos will give you everything you've ever wanted in [...]

    4. Mind says - Alex, you can't give this book more than four stars. It had some serious issues. It started slowly. There were some long descriptions of tech which did nothing to clear the picture in your mind. It had two plotlines which never met. All true, but heart insists - yeah, maybe, but it had SPEHS MAHREENS fighting mutant worms, zombies, cyborgs and other SPEHS MAHREENS! Also treachery and mighty fallen heroes!And I am like, OK, five stars.

    5. Caliban storyline: 5/5. (Very engaging, especially knowing what eventually will happen to Caliban).Diamat storyline: 2/5. (This story arc was totally uninteresting.)So many unanswered questions!!! As a Dark Angels space marine player in my youth, I desperately want to know the answers. I will have to wait for the next Dark Angels book I suppose.

    6. • The Horus Heresy is the Black Library’s premium SF series, with demand for each new title growing stronger and stronger. • Author of two of the Black Library’s top-selling fantasy series, Darkblade and Time of Legends: Nagash, Mike Lee now turns his considerable writing talents to Warhammer 40,000. • Distinctive art and foiled covers for the different editions makes the series stand out on the shelves, and very attractive for collectors. • Since the publication of Descent of Angels [...]

    7. Fallen Angels details the Dark Angels schism and the very beginnings of the birth of the Fallen. The story was extremely well written and paced, constantly switching from Nemial on the frontline to Zaraheil(or something like that) back on Caliban. The action scenes were awesome, and the drama between the Calbinites and Crusaders was amazingly well done. I definitely see why the Fallen decided to break off from the Imperium.The Epilogue was the greatest part for me, as it really tied the story to [...]

    8. Being a huge Dark Angels fan (my favorite Space Marine Chapter), I was really looking forward to this book after being disappointed by Ravenwing (the last Dark Angels novel that I read). The civil war within the Dark Angels Chapter always intrigued me and the presentation of the set-up for this conflict was pleasantly unexpected. The factions involved had deeper development than just being merely “Chaos” versus the Imperium, plus the uncertainty of Jonson’s true motives and allegiance duri [...]

    9. Even though this novel is in the Horus Hersey, it deviates greatly from the previous books. There is no mention at all of the events surrounding Horus's betrayal. Instead, this book follows the Dark Angels, before they were discovered and after they became Astartes. For once, this was an actual story no tied in to any other novel, and I really liked that. It was nice to present a Primarch before anything was ever known of the Imperial Terra. Well-crafted characters and a plot that didnt branch o [...]

    10. It was a masterpiece! Sad, but the adventure itself and how gutwrenching everything was made it a very awesome book! :) LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!! (finished at 17:12 in my mulberry tree)

    11. Los Ángeles Caídos es una novela que intenta explicarnos los motivos que llevan a los miembros de una misma Legión a tomar caminos separados, creyendo ambos que están actuando de forma correcta. Pero lo hace abusando sobremanera de la acción por la acción, con escenas que pueden llegar a durar un capítulo entero y que prácticamente no aportan nada.La sensación que he tenido al acabar ésta novela ha sido de relleno, de que lo mismo lo habrían podido contar con muchísimas menos página [...]

    12. Been a little while since I read the first one of these but enough backstory was included that I could pick up the threads. The story follows the two main protagonists from the first one, knights of The Order who have become Dark Angels. The novel has two strands - Nemiel, now a Chaplain, fighting alongside the Lion in the early days of the Heresy and Zahariel back on Caliban caught between conflicting loyalties and being tested by discovering dark secrets. Switching between the two plots helped [...]

    13. Like many of the Horus Heresy books Fallen Angels has a great blend of action, drama, and characters. Despite some extremely enjoyable moments; however, I don't think it quite fully delivers. The first half is a little slow, as the split narratives of the characters are slowly revealed. The plot vamps up, and gets really exciting; however, it ends in a very quick fizzle, which was exceedingly unsatisfying. Part of the issue I think with this particular book is it is really 2 separate stories whi [...]

    14. Fallen Angels fits into the Horus Heresy series of books and could probably be read straight after Descent of Angels as it continues that sub story. One of the major flaws I see in this/these books are how dumb the individual Space Marines are. They are meant to be genetically modified super humans with incredibly advanced senses and advanced training but they show a level of thinking that would be more likely to appear on a basic human. As something to read to fill in the gaps of the 40k univer [...]

    15. This sequel to Descent of Angels is superior to that book. It follows two different storylines. One follows Luther and the Dark Angels left upon Caliban as they deal with an insurrection. The other follows their primarch as he tries to keep some powerful war machines away from Horus. The loyalties and merits of both sides are definitely open to interpretation.

    16. Mike Lee's writing is straightforward and unimaginative with language, so for me, it was pretty damn boring. I skipped much of the battle sequences because there was no depth to them, just action: this happens then this happens then this happens too. Pulp. I liked the divided plot lines and the endings were well done. Too bad it was such a chore to read.

    17. Great look at how the fallen became the fallen, as well as The Lions faults and mistakes that led to it.Zahariels reluctant move to betry his primarch was super believable and in no way obvious.Looking forward to the next in the series.

    18. As intense as others. Yet unravelling the war : Warmaster against Imperium, order against chaos and the warp luring at the end of everything.

    19. Good information about the Dark Angels, and the book had a clear narrative structure. However, it lacked the depth of internal struggle/drama of many other horus heresy novels.

    20. A great improvement from Descent of Angels. Probably due to the change of authors. Actions sequences flow much better and the story line/s are much more interesting and the characters much better developed

    21. Fallen Angels, written by Mike Lee, is the eleventh instalment in the Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy series. It is a direct sequel to Mitchel Scanlon's fifth addition, Descent of Angels, following the footsteps of two Dark Angels Chaplains, Brother-Redemptor Nemiel and Brother Zahariel.The plot is split into two perspectives – one within the Chapter's home planet, Caliban, and inside an Imperial Forge world, Diamat, threatened by an attack commenced by the Traitor Legions.Both sides of the stor [...]

    22. The Lion El'Jonson, primarch of the I Legion (Dark Angels), leads a (relatively) small team to the forge world Diamat, which is under attack by an Imperial Army fleet that has sided with the Warmaster Horus, primarch of the XVI Legion (Sons of Horus). Shit gets real when the Sons of Horus make their entrance! But has The Lion come to Diamat to rescue the Mechanicum or grab their forge output for himself?Luther, The Lion's adoptive father, is sulking back on their homeworld of Caliban. He continu [...]

    23. This review covers both this one as well as Mitchel Scanlon's "Descent of Angels"Overall this story, written by two authors, was great. It tells the story of the I Legion, the Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes from it's beginnings on Caliban to it's opening role in the Horus Heresy.I gave Scanlon's book three stars though I really meant 3.5 stars (Can't figure out how to give half ratings) as the only thing that marred the book was the lackluster ending. But the rest of the book, and yes I mea [...]

    24. Interestingly enough, while most people appeared to have disliked Mitchel Scanlon's first Dark Angels novel, Descent of Angels, because it went too slow and didn't really "get to the good stuff," I quite enjoyed that novel, and felt it had enough interesting about itself that I didn't mind its leisurely pace, and lack of an Imperial involvement until the last 100 pages or so. It had its faults, certainly, but I didn't mind the pace. This novel, I'll admit, doesn't drag horribly (except in one no [...]

    25. Jamaarja, dat is valsspelen hé, Mike Lee: 't is geen anthologie en 't is geen novelle, 't zijn gewoon twee verhalen van elk 200-of-zo bladzijden, elk afwisselend een hoofdstuk.Zo ongeveer het enige dat de twee verhalen bindt, is dat het over de Dark Angels gaat. En voor de rest heeft het een geen neerslag op het ander, of omgekeerd.Verhaal één is een onmiddellijk vervolg op Descent of Angels, waar op het einde Luther (en Zahariel en een resem anderen mee) naar Caliban gestuurd werden. Het be [...]

    26. Where Descent of Angels was a dull trudge, with little happening and lame characterisations, Fallen Angels redeems it with cool battles, great characterisations and awesome moments. Gone is the Mary Sue Zahariel and the annoying Nemiel, who despite being barely old enough to count as teenagers some how manage to be central to all of the important, and in their place are two much more interesting and enjoyable characters, who rightly deserve to be in the thick of it. Mike Lee takes all the reason [...]

    27. This one is a sequel to "Descent of Angels" so be warned - if you are not familiar with the first book this one may seem a little bit fuzzy.After being sent to Caliban Luther, Zachariel and other veterans start to work on their new task - recruiting new aspirants and bringing up Calibans weapon production capacities to the greatest levels possible in order to support further Dark Angel Legino's war efforts.On the other hand Namiel - now serving directly under Lion El'Jonson's command - embarks o [...]

    28. Whoops! Somehow managed to forget adding this one back when I started it. Anyways, the novel itself more than made up for the tedium and poor writing of its direct predecessor, "Descent of Angels." In some ways, it even made that book retroactively better, as much of the character development that from that work finally got some proper payoff here. Plot pacing worked nicely as the story switched back-and-forth between the two main characters every chapter, and the action sequences were top-notch [...]

    29. In a word: Meh. It wasn't really bad by any means, but errors that should have gotten fixed during editing were everywhere, I dislike the back and forth method of storytelling, and the writing itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It did put an interesting perspective on the events that conspired at Caliban and put it in a way that makes sense for the Fallen to fall and was by far the most interesting portions of the work, filling in the gaps beautifully. But the action on Diamat seemed [...]

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