Cutia neagră

Cutia neagr Distins cu Premiul Femina Etranger romanul Cutia neagr prezint printr o serie de scrisori pe care i le trimit personajele povestea unei familii a rela iilor dintre membrii s i domina i de pasiun

  • Title: Cutia neagră
  • Author: Amos Oz
  • ISBN: 9789738731585
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • Distins cu Premiul Femina Etranger, romanul Cutia neagr prezint , printr o serie de scrisori pe care i le trimit personajele, povestea unei familii, a rela iilor dintre membrii s i, domina i de pasiune, ur , invidie i dorin e de r zbunare Este, totodat , i un mozaic complex al realit ilor politice, religioase i etnice ale societ ii israeliene contemporane.

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    • Best Read [Amos Oz] Ù Cutia neagră || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
      340 Amos Oz
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Amos Oz] Ù Cutia neagră || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Amos Oz
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    About “Amos Oz”

    1. Amos Oz

      Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner is an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He is also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He is regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz has been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

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    1. ΕΚΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΟ!! αρχικά δεν ήμουν σίγουρη πως μια απλοική ιστορία της σχέσης ενός ζευγαριού θα με κάνει να μην μπορώ να αφήσω κάτω ένα βιβλίοΚι όμως έχω δυο φίλους που επέμεναν να διαβάσω Οζ! Και τελικά δεν είχαν άδικο! Το Ισραήλ, η πολιτκή, η θρησκεία, ο φανατισμός, οι σχέσεις, τα [...]

    2. A Caixa Negra é um romance construído através de cartas, que os personagens trocam entre si, relatando os seus pensamentos, sentimentos e acções, e revelando-se tão profundamente que, desde a primeira carta, criei por eles sentimentos diversos: por Michael repulsa; por Boaz carinho; por Ilana empatia; por Manfred admiração; por Alex ah!, por Alex quase me apaixoneiDepois de seis anos de silêncio Ilana escreve uma carta ao ex-marido e, tal como Pandora, abre uma caixa negra libertando os [...]

    3. Like much of Amos Oz's work, Black Box is not about the story. Indeed, the book is built around the premise that unresolved childhood trauma brings disaster to all the people around when the child grows up, but in truth the book is all about people: dysfunctional people who hit, scream, beg, and blackmail, get divorced or separated, and still try to reunite with each other. As sides, the epistolary style of the book engages the reader in mind games (will I turn the pages and see who wrote this? [...]

    4. God, CAN this man write or what? Think about it, here you’ve got a novel about a divorced couple and their arguments, a husband and white trying to decide on the fate of their child while working on making their lives miserable, all written in a form of letters. A novel composed of letters, I dare say I didn't believe it could work in this century. Certainly not for this theme. Certainly not as a way of telling a story. For there is a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. It is not just [...]

    5. Amos Oz transports us to a land full of sorrows, consequence of a failed marriage. In this place, created in his brilliantly written epistolary style, we face bitterness, disappointments, humiliations and even some cruelty engendered by words. In this apparently dry landscape, however, the author also presents us with understanding, compassion, and, above all, some remaining love, even after the painful divorce, even after whatever life has brought. An amazing piece of work of Amos Oz highly rec [...]

    6. Um livro que não me conquistou de todo. É bem intencionado na tentativa de descrever sob todos os ângulos possíveis uma relação que terminou, num estado de Israel contraditório nos seus extremismos e sonhos. Mas nao passa disso mesmo e não recomendo.

    7. I picked up this book with little enthusiasm. Based on the summary, I was convinced that I would not care for it. The GoodReads summary was as follows, “examines the lives of a contemporary Israeli couple whose marriage has ended in disaster.” My initial reaction was “that sounds boring and depressing.” Boy, was I wrong (about the boring part, it is not exactly uplifting). I loved this book. The Black Box is an epistolary novel told through a series of letters, memos, notes between a for [...]

    8. Before starting to read this book, I read some (very few) comments on it. Most of them talked about a love story and about humor Maybe it's me, but I didn't find anything funny in this book. And I would hardly call it a "love story". I would rather say it's a book about death and violence. A sad book about death and violence. It only gets 3 stars from me because I found the beginning tiresome and naive, full of clichés and superficial. I found the end quite exquisite, though boring sometimes. A [...]

    9. "Crna Kutija" je roman pisan u formi pisama.Bivši supružnici na relaciji Izrael-USA,potaknuti određenim problemom njihova zajedničkog djeteta (tinejđera Boaza)ponovo uspostavljaju kontakt pismima.Njihov brak završio je na vrlo ružan način,optužbama i izbacivanjem obitelji na ulicu ,pa su i pisma,koja pišu jedno drugome,"začinjena" optužbama,zlobom,strasti i neskrivenim divljenjem.Bivša supruga, Ilana,ima novi život,novog supruga i kćer.I njezin novi suprug Michael se pridružuje d [...]

    10. Even if my rating is not very high, I think it was a book worth reading.Written as an array of letters offering different perspectives on the events, it slowly unfolds its layers of plot and reveals the nature of the characters.

    11. A heartcrushing family drama unfolds through letters. This book makes me want to buy a set of waterman stationery, and start a correspondence with friends, enemies and ex-lovers.

    12. Този роман не ме стопли чак толкова като другите книги на Амос Оз. Сигурно заради разправиите и претенциите между героите. Но все пак накрая Оз успява да накара читателя да притихне и резултатът е същият – отново среща с хора от сякаш реални семейства. Ако романът не беше в [...]

    13. I rank it as one of the best books I've read. An epistolary novel, it explores the relationships between four people - a woman, her ex-husband, their son, and the woman's current husband. The letters exchanged by the ex-spouses reveal a psychopathological relationship of passion and lust twisted into abuse, manipulation, and betrayal.It's a book about pain, but there are also moments of humor, tenderness, and beauty. It offers a deep, detailed analysis of a relationship between a man and a woman [...]

    14. Absolutely loved it, it wa unbelievable! I am definetely a new fan of this author, he has a unique way of expressing the culture and the beliefs of different people when they are both alone and in a grop. I think it's a really good book, and the characters are really complicated. At least for me.

    15. בקריאה הראשונה נהניתי יותר, לפני יותר מעשר שנים, הרגשתי שזמנו של הספר עבר וחלף

    16. Droši vien līdz galam neatkodu visu, ko autors vēlējās šajā grāmatā pateikt, bet izbaudīju labas literatūras smagumu.

    17. Black Box by Amos OzI keep hearing about Amos Oz and the Nobel that he is expected to get, for some years now. It seems a sure bet to say that he will. He has the necessary good work and the political favor that this prize involves.I see on that a few of my friends have rated Black Box with a maximum of five stars. I will not do the same, although I still have to make up my mind, by the end of these lines how much shall I put. I could appreciate it as a good book, although not great from where [...]

    18. "Come dopo un incidente aereo, ci siamo messi a decifrare, per corrispondenza, il contenuto della scatola nera.D'ora in poi, come sta scritto nella nostra sentenza, non abbiamo più nulla da rivendicare a vicenda." E' un romanzo epistolare, questo di Amos Oz, che attraverso le lettere scambiate tra i vari personaggi - Alex, l'ex moglie Ilana e Michel, il suo nuovo marito - ci svela a poco a poco l'antefatto, dandoci anche parecchie informazioni sullo stato d'Isralele negli annji settanta : uno s [...]

    19. The Black Box by Amos Oz4 StarsThis is purely and simply a brilliant character study of four people told through a series letters between Ilana, the twice married Israeli mother of Boaz, Alex, Ilana's first husband and biological father to Boaz who now lives in America, Michel, Ilana's first husband, Boaz, Zakheim, Alex's attorney, and Rahel, Ilana's sister. Ilana and Alex's marriage was a difficult one full of abuse and infidelity. Alex abandoned Ilana and Boaz and no communicated took place be [...]

    20. Sometimes events do have a way of coinciding at the same time. When I was reading ‘Black Box’ there was a huge fracas about the divorce bill being passed in parliament and whether or not if it was going to go through despite the fact that 52% of the Maltese population wanted it (there was a referendum in May 2012) Black Box touches upon the subject of divorce, and this being Amos Oz, much more.It’s a simple story. Through various letters and telegrams and estranged wife is asking for her h [...]

    21. E' stata una gran bella lettura questo romanzo epistolare di Amos Oz.L'epistolario fra Alec e Ilana dopo 7 anni di assoluto silenzio in seguito a un divorzio conflittuale, rileva una forte ambivalenza di sentimenti, un intreccio di amore e odio, di passioni non del tutto assopite. E'un gioco di specchi, un caleidoscopio di vissuto, di realtà e individuali. Non c'è mai del resto una verità sola e assoluta, ma diversi punti di vista della stessa.La scatola nera è anche uno sguardo acuto sul co [...]

    22. This is the third time I read Black box!One of the best novels, full of warmth, passion, human strengths and weaknesses It shows the full complexity of our emotions and relationships. Connects love and jelaousy, friendships and love, family relations and passion, and it only goes to show how things are never black and white. The fact that I like most about it is that all of them - Illana and her ex-husband, and her current husband, and their children, ex-husband and his lawyer, form kind of emot [...]

    23. How thin is this line between love and hate? And how things and feelings can change over the years depending on new situations in our everyday life? At least for me this was the main idea and wondering about these things while reading this novel by Amos Oz. A unique text written entirely in epistolary form. Letters exchanged mostly between an ex married couple, a lawyer of the man, a new husband of the woman and their son. Sounds confusing? Perhaps it does but it's not, very soon someone gets ea [...]

    24. Uno splendido romanzo epistolare in cui alle passioni e alle anime del mondo israeliano - dal socialismo al sionismo al revisionismo religioso - si alternano le passioni dell'animo umano. Odio e amore hanno una radice comune e confini incerti, che le lettere tra Alec e Ilana, divorziati da anni, ricostruiscono a poco a poco, “Come dopo un incidente aereo, ci siamo messi a decifrare, per corrispondenza, il contenuto della scatola nera”. C'è il ricordo della felicità, “non c'è una felicit [...]

    25. Nekad mi je čak malo nelagodno (govoriti) koliko je Amos Oz izvanredan. Ne znam što bih mogla reći, a da već nisam rekla, nakon svake njegove pročitane knjige. Takva mudrost, talent, lakoća izražavanja, duhovitost "Crna kutija" je epistolarni roman, predivna, snažna priča, kakvu samo pravi majstori znaju stvoriti. Čitava povijest jedne obitelji u manje od 300 stranica, priče s kojima se manje ili više svatko može poistovjetiti (čak i ako kaže da nije tako, oh, posebno tada!), a na [...]

    26. Having been in some kind of weird state of mind lately, I haven't been reading much. This is the first normal book I've read in a while, and it took awhile, with gaps of time in between. An epistolary novel, it first took me some time get into it, and then, once I did get involved, it just seemed to get so intense - mind you this was partly my state of mind. But this is a complex work. The variety of issues within Israel it brings in - the fanatical and irreverent views on religious and their po [...]

    27. This is a novel in letters, a firm which, when well written, allows for multiple points of view to be presented. And multiple points of,view are helpful when you are dealing with a woman, married to her second husband, who begins a correspondence with her first, from whom she has been estranged since their messy divorce. The story line, and the characters, though, are a little overwritten, and some of the letters would have required 40 or 50 handwritten pages, but it is all saved by Oz' masterfu [...]

    28. Unforgettable and intenseA powerful book with unforgettable remarkable characters that are very well built in their flaws as much as in their strength. It is amazing how the author makes such a gripping a book in which we only get to know the relationship between the characters through letters they write to each other. We see love, hatred, passion, good deeds, evilness, hope, despair and there are no villains or good guys. A touching and involving story written by an exceptionally talented write [...]

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