Легенда за велосипедистите

  • Title: Легенда за велосипедистите
  • Author: Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova
  • ISBN: 9789545297007
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
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    • ☆ Легенда за велосипедистите || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova
      235 Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Легенда за велосипедистите || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova
      Posted by:Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova
      Published :2018-012-05T08:00:56+00:00

    About “Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova”

    1. Svetislav Basara Rusanka Lyapova

      Svetislav Basara Serbian cyrillic born December 21, 1953 in Bajina Ba ta, Yugoslavia, today Serbia is a contemporary Serbian author He is the author of than twenty literary works, including novels, story collections, and essays He has received numerous Serbian literary awards, and his novel Fuss about Cyclists Fama o biciklistima is considered by his countrymen to be one of the ten best novels of the last decade.He received the NIN Prize for the best novel published in Serbia in 2006 for the novel Uspon i pad Parkinsonove bolesti The Rise and the Fall of Parkinson s Disease.

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    1. Kowalskyyy!The Evangelical Bicyclists of the Rose Cross are lurking the shadows, their numbers are made up with people like George W. Bush Jr, Emil Cioran, Steven Hawking and Woody Allen. They have existed for centuries and they meet in their dreams and plot for the final battle when the forces of good will vanquish the worldly forces of evil. Some say that they have existed ever since the Tower of Babylon was destroyed and the Architects who attempted the infernal tower's creation began to plan [...]

    2. Book upon book upon book read by MJ, another capsule review scrunched and scrunched and scrunched, another five or six idle likes from the idle masses. The MJ GR reviewing production line is: ON STRIKE! You hear me, ingrates?! I have signed up instead to the Evangelical Bicyclists of the Rose Cross, and I will be reviewing instead the correspondence from Joseph Kowalsky, beginning with a letter from Sigmund Freud to Manny Rayner, outlining his new theory about GR reviewers whose phallic reviewin [...]

    3. The first 75 pages of this book floored me. Basara posits a sect whose members question the nature of reality and strive to separate themselves from the lies that they see pervading all existence. Various documents surface throughout the book, including a "lost" Sherlock Holmes story; correspondence between Sigmund Freud and characters in the book; newspaper editorials discussing the ideological stance of some mysterious document called the "Dictionary of Technology;" and many other fragments an [...]

    4. My reading of such was enhanced by reading while in Beograd, but suffered from drowning in pivo and being unable to access a corresponding bucket of espresso. This was a novel with warm nature and the Indian Summer of Serbia in late September kept me in uncertain straits. I swear to not finding my equilibrium until aboard an Airbus across the Atlantic.

    5. Prvi put sam pročitala roman koji ima ovakav nivo mistifikacije - do te mere da pored metafikcije izražava u sebi i sumnju o sopstvenoj mistifikaciji (deo kada se spominje sam roman i sumnja u njegovu verodostojnost)!Delo tretira mnogo tema - istoriju, odnosno vreme kao neshvatljiva mešavina prošlosti i budućnosti, ustrojstvo društva i njegove zablude, čovek i stalna potreba da svoj smisao traži u nečem što ga prevazilazi, itd. Imala sam mnogo misli, ali me je forma romana sprečila da [...]

    6. reviewstaphorosis 4 starsThe fragmentary history of the Evangelical Bicyclists of the Rose Cross. Members receive dream instructions from future members, and arrange events so as to prevent the reconstruction of the Tower of Babylon.This book was presented to me as "the best of Serbian sarcasm". It may well be, and it certainly has overtones of sarcasm throughout. The concept is absurd, the construction interesting, the writing strong. Serbian authors seem to tend toward the experimental, and I [...]

    7. There is something inherently heretical about bicycles. A mode of transport that's powered by man alone, which looks impossible but that anyone can master, whose adherents buzz back and forth through cities with little care for rules since the big cities of Europe are built either for cars or mass transportation. The illusion of freedom and free will (free wheel?) that can end under the wheels of a bus at any second.Anno Domini 1347, Monsignor Robert de Prevois, the Inquisitor of Paris, received [...]

    8. This is difficult to review because it's not so much a novel; in that the 'story' is a smattering of journal articles, poems, epistles, universal omniscient narration, historical documents, illustrations and biographies of the Little Brothers of the Evangelical Bicyclists of the Rose Cross (a nod to the Rosicrucian secret society, i believe). If the numerous form don't make it disjointed enough, the book is steeped in esoterica, Marxist politics, and classical European philosophy, notably that o [...]

    9. Евангелски велосипедисти бдят над световната история: knigolandiafo/2009/12/b Светислав Басара и „Легенда за велосипедистите“ потапя читателя в тайните на мистериозна секта, която, въртейки педалите, направлява човешката история. Те са Ордена на „Малките братя“ - Евангелските ве [...]

    10. An extremely creative book in both the story and the form it takes. A bizarre sect shows us how some beliefs, for people who are not believers, cannot be understood. The bicycle is a symbol of man and woman, religion and change. A belief that the future changes the present. At times hard to follow with the creativity and intelligence of the writer. At times funny. But always challenging the reader to challenge what is considered to be the acceptance of normality.

    11. If you have a sense of humor and a weakness for conspiracy then this is the book for you. Witty histories, letters, and manifestos from an evangelical group of bicyclists who meet in dreams to shape the future. I can't say I approve of all of their theology (they consider the female soul--bicycle frame--weaker because it lacks a horizontal cross bar) and I did need to brush up on eschatology and the history of iconoclasm, but this is my favorite Open Letter publication yet.

    12. DISCLAIMER: I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.

    13. What a crazy, intriguing, weird, fun book. Here's a solid review by another Basara/Serbian Literature fan: damiankelleher/drupal/

    14. I admit I put this one down about 1/3 of the way through. I guess I was not in the mood for this level of surrealism. Readers who enjoyed Cloud Atlas might like the disjointed nature of the story, with different scraps from different people in different time periods not clearly linked into a larger story-arc (that's up to the reader to piece together, and I didn't stick around to see if it all came together in the end). Though some of the writing was very good--some well-crafted thoughts and sen [...]

    15. Fama o biciklistima (The Cyclist Conspiracy) is a patchwork compilation of historical documents, scholarly papers, photographs, short stories, and poetry concerning the Order of the Evangelical Bicyclists, an esoteric, transhistorical cabal that meets secretly in dreams. Psychoanalysis combines with Plato and Augustine's City of God in a theology that knows no temporal restraints, manipulating history from the future in a plot to reunite humanity and the heavens. Chronological time figures promi [...]

    16. This is a weird one. There is a secret society titled The Evangelical Bicyclists whose members travel through time and dreams to mold historical events of the past and future. The grand conspiracy is laid out through the "discovery" of discontinuous documents ranging from philosophical letters to Freudian analysis to transcription of a king. There isn't much of a plot per se; the reader has to triangulate truth through these scattered clues, which are affected by the fluidity of time in the narr [...]

    17. Won this book via First-Reads first time winning! :) The three-star rating I am giving the book is more of a reflection on me than on the book itself. While I think the idea of telling the story through various documents (letters, diagrams, journal entries) is very creative and unique, it results in the book constantly changing tone and complexity. There was one point where there are so many footnotes, intended paragraphs of side information and multiple columns of text going on all at once that [...]

    18. This was a fabulous joyride of a book. Written in a completely unorthodox style, The Cyclist Conspiracy is a collection of short stories, letters, poems, interviews, dictionary excerpts, cartographical instructions, and even a lost story from the files of Sherlock Holmes. With a variety of narrative voices and styles jammed within a single novel’s pages, one would expect a confusing a disjointed disarray of artistic ego-stroking – and yet, despite that potential – Basara’s vision comes t [...]

    19. This is a hard book to really get a feel for. It is something that I have been wanting to read for a while and the premise itself is something so interesting, that I feel that almost any actual end product was bound to end up disappointing. The structure of the novel is a bit scattered, there are letters, manuscripts, diagrams and even poems and whilst there is a thread of connection through these different elements, I do not know if they are connected closely enough to really work as a whole. T [...]

    20. I think more than anything this book showed the incredible versatility of the author. From academic writing to twisted journal entries to poetry, Basara somehow manages to make all the forms unique and interesting.I liked the idea of the "conspiracy," particularly the idea of a sect that aims to see things from all sides. However, I think I missed a ton of what was important about this book because I don't know enough about Serbia, its political, cultural and religious history, and what was goin [...]

    21. What a strange book. That said: I loved it, even when it drove me half mad. All the reviews of this one will likely use the term "Borgesian" to describe it, and rightfully so. More than Dan Brown or even Umberto Eco, Basara earns the right to have the Argentine master's name associated with his text. This is not a novel but a collection of (fictional) documents edited to shed light on a secret society, so secret that many of its members are not aware they are members. Along the way are philosoph [...]

    22. I'm not sure what I think yet, I hunger for someone either a) familiar with Serbian culture or Serbian lit or just this guy's overall work to read and discuss this with me! I could look for Serbian reviews/criticism, but I'm afraid the google translate problem will interfere with my understanding. Anyway! The Cyclist Conspiracy is basically an absurdist take of secret societies and the ills of the human condition using a collection of fake literature - imagine you found a box in someone's person [...]

    23. I really liked it. I guess I'm just not sure of its importance: it's fun to read, like a puzzle; it's more about figuring out what's going on than anything else. I don't think it's deep, really; it's parodying depth, or people trying to be deep, or mysticism, but it's trying to partake of the thing it's parodying. He's trying to be a mixture of Eco and Borges, but Borges' virtue is in part in his brevity, and Eco can keep both a plot and a parody of mysticism going. Part of the fun of conspiracy [...]

    24. "The Cyclist Conspiracy, Svetislav Basara’s second novel to be translated into English (expertly by Randall A. Major), is a dizzying, vertiginous ride in which the real is constantly at loggerheads with the unreal." - Malcolm Forbes, BerlinThis book was reviewed in the September/October 2012 issue of World Literature Today. The full review can be read at the WLT website: worldliteraturetoday/2

    25. A challenging read. I loved untangling the riddle of what the Little Brothers are and what it is they are planning to achieve. The form was unusual and the conclusion is left open. Not as unsatisfying as Pynchon(?) but on a similar level. Don't read this if you are looking for a light read and a traditional story narrative.

    26. Забавна, но не дотолкова, че да я препоръчам за четене. Може би, защото Уди Алън е ненадминат в неговият хумор, сатира и забава. Всички останали са бледи копия, дори и Велисопедистите. Мога да отделя няколко забележителни странички от Басара, но за мен това не е достатъчно. С д [...]

    27. This book was a fun but challenging read. I say challenging because the book is written in the form of many documents than jump back and forth through history. As soon as you begin to see the direction of one document, or begin to understand the style of it, you have to shift gears to a completely new level. Although this is not easy reading, it is stimulating and I recommend it!

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