After Worlds Collide

After Worlds Collide When Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer Earth is destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet Bronson Alpha with about a year of warning enabling a small group of survivors to build a

  • Title: After Worlds Collide
  • Author: Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer
  • ISBN: 9780446303835
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When Worlds Collide 1933 by Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer Earth is destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet Bronson Alpha, with about a year of warning enabling a small group of survivors to build a spacecraft and escape to the rogue planet s moon, Bronson Beta Filmed, with major changes to the story, as When Worlds Collide 1951 After Worlds Collide 1934 byWhen Worlds Collide 1933 by Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer Earth is destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet Bronson Alpha, with about a year of warning enabling a small group of survivors to build a spacecraft and escape to the rogue planet s moon, Bronson Beta Filmed, with major changes to the story, as When Worlds Collide 1951 After Worlds Collide 1934 by Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer Continues the story of When Worlds Collide, with both exploration of Bronson Beta and conflict with other groups of survivors.

    When Worlds Collide When Worlds Collide is a science fiction novel co written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer they both also co authored the sequel After Worlds Collide It was first published as a six part monthly serial September through February in Blue Book magazine, illustrated by Joseph Frank. When Worlds Collide film When Worlds Collide is a American Technicolor science fiction disaster film from Paramount Pictures, produced by George Pal, directed by Rudolph Mat, that stars Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hansen, and John Hoyt.The film is based on the science fiction novel of the same name, co written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer. The plot concerns the coming destruction of the Earth When Worlds Collide Productions Home J.Paul Jackson is a Visual Artist from Houston, Texas He works in all mediums of Art, including Painting, Sculpture and Illustration At the age of , he completed his first large scale painting and by the age of was showing in coffee shops in the Houston area. When Two Worlds Collide Netflix Kaoru s unexpected new roommate is Rilakkuma, a bear with a zipper on its back that spends each day just lazing around but is impossible to hate. Justice League Worlds Collide DC Animated Universe Justice League Worlds Collide is the title of an unproduced Justice League direct to video film set in the DC Animated Universe It was originally going to be produced concurrently with the first season of Justice League Unlimited, bridging the gap between the second season of Justice League When Worlds Collide Chapter , a Harry Potter This is my first Harry Potter Transformers crossover I m going to play around with the timeline a bit so instead of where Transformers Movie started, I m going to make it so that it would coincide with Harry s summer after fourth year. When Worlds Collide Rotten Tomatoes First published in , Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer s speculative novel When Worlds Collide was immediately purchased by Paramount as a possible project for director Cecil B DeMille. Three Worlds Collide All The Tropes Wiki FANDOM Three Worlds Collide is a web novella by Eliezer Yudkowsky of the semi firm SF variety.As previously mentioned, it is a First Contact story it deals with the ethics and tactics associated with meeting Starfish Aliens, among other things.To some extent it also reads like a thought experiment about game theory it was, after all, written for a blog about human rationality. Clash of Cultures Two Worlds Collide ushistory e Clash of Cultures Two Worlds Collide Montezuma was the unluckiest of kings History elected him to oversee the ruin of the last great Central American empire. When Two Worlds Collide Shadowing William Shatner on the William Shatner and Jeff Cook of Alabama are seen at The Grand Ole Opry on Feb , in Nashville, Tenn.

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    1. Philip Wylie Edwin Balmer

      Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, he was the son of Presbyterian minister Edmund Melville Wylie and the former Edna Edwards, a novelist, who died when Philip was five years old His family moved to Montclair, New Jersey and he later attended Princeton University from 1920 1923 He married Sally Ondek, and had one child, Karen, an author who became the inventor of animal clicker training After a divorcing his first wife, Philip Wylie married Frederica Ballard who was born and raised in Rushford, New York they are both buried in Rushford.A writer of fiction and nonfiction, his output included hundreds of short stories, articles, serials, syndicated newspaper columns, novels, and works of social criticism He also wrote screenplays while in Hollywood, was an editor for Farrar Rinehart, served on the Dade County, Florida Defense Council, was a director of the Lerner Marine Laboratory, and at one time was an adviser to the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee for Atomic Energy which led to the creation of the Atomic Energy Commission Most of his major writings contain critical, though often philosophical, views on man and society as a result of his studies and interest in psychology, biology, ethnology, and physics Over nine movies were made from novels or stories by Wylie He sold the rights for two others that were never produced.

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    1. At the conclusion of Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer's classic sci-fi novel "When Worlds Collide" (1933), the Earth is spectacularly destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet that had been dubbed Bronson Alpha. Only 103 people, it would seem, managed to get off our world safely, aboard American scientist Cole Hendron's rocket ship, and land on the rogue planet's sister world, Bronson Beta. It is a marvelous cliffhanger of an ending, leaving the reader wondering just what might have happened t [...]

    2. After Worlds Collide seems almost an afterthought compared to When Worlds Collide. It is not nearly as compelling a novel and may have made a better movie to sequel the WWC movie than a novel. The story involves more politics and conflict than the science of surviving on a new planet by a small group of barely prepared humans from the USA. Other nation's groups that made it caused the conflict. Of course post-apocalyptic survival has been the subject of a legion of SF novels since. I would have [...]

    3. I would give this 3.5 stars if I could.This is a worthy successor to After Worlds Collide. One of the U.S. spaceships has escaped the destruction of earth and landed successfully on the rogue planet of Bronson Beta. But what happened to the other U.S. craft, and to those ships that attempted the same voyage from other countries on Earth? This novel follows the exploration of Bronson Beta by the new "colonists," the discovery of the remains of its past civilization, and the struggles of the commu [...]

    4. Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer’s 1932 science fiction novel “When Worlds Collide” left its handful of survivors from Earth on a new planet, just waiting to be exploited colonized. It was inevitable that a sequel would follow. “After Worlds Collide” was published in 1934, originally appearing as a six-part serial in Blue Book magazine.The first book was an exciting adventure fantasy that was, considering the time it was written, fairly decent in its attempt at scientific verisimilitude. [...]

    5. Wonderfully suspenseful, filled with imaginative and descriptive imagery, and a plot that never stops twisting, this book will definitely hold your interest.I also really enjoyed how the enemy in the story was vanquished! With all those mentally, physically, psychologically and scientifically selected men and women for the voyage, it was an ordinary woman who was the one who literally "cut the head off the snake". I won't say anymore but I thought of what my Mom always said. "Never send a man to [...]

    6. I liked this one more than the first. More suspense and sense of the unknown once they reached the new planet. The ending felt a bit rushed and abridged.

    7. I have the 1973 edition with the Zagorski cover (kinda hokey). Earth's survivors land on the lesser rogue planet that was the companion of the one that smashed into Terra. They immediately set about the task of survival, but discover that they aren't alone. I won't spoil the surprise. After that, it's one thing after another until the end of the story.I had one complaint and that's the pontific speeches given by two of the "leaders" of the group. Long-winded and full of male bovine solid excreme [...]

    8. Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer's 1933 After Worlds Collide is a tolerable 2.5- to 3-star sequel to the equally 1930s-ish When Worlds Collide. On the one hand, the grand, foreboding doom of the first novel is lost, forwell, Earth already got ka-blooied by the direct impact of Bronson Alpha, the wandering gas giant that had been torn loose from its own sun millions of years previously by the close approach of another star. On the other hand, now that the hundred-odd survivors aboard the Space Ark u [...]

    9. This is a must after you've read "When Worlds Collide". Ideally, read this about a year after you finished "When Worlds Collide" so that you'll have time for that novel to settle in your mind and create a place for itself.

    10. Wow! What an incredibly racist book. Also very repetitious. The ending seemed to be more summary. Read When Worlds Collide, but you can skip this sequel. It mostly consists of endless repetition of the same questions.

    11. Terrific sequel to When Worlds Collide, which left some plot threads unresolved. What happened to the other ships fleeing Earth? What awaits our heroes now? The sense of exploration and wonder is thick, interrupted bywell I'll say no more, only that I wish they had written further sequels to tell us more of this mysterious planet and its erstwhile inhabitants. Leave 'em wanting more I guess.

    12. So so sequelWhere the first book was exciting what with humanity facing an uncertain future with the Bronson planet's coming to destroy us, the sequel is kind of ho hum. A bit mundane since Bronson beta was inhabited at one time, that race choosing to die, but leaving enough behind good the terran castaways. A bit too pat for this reader.

    13. The first book (when worlds collide) was a great read, and kept me intrigued throughout the book. This book was, in my opinion, a step up from the first in the series. Extremely well written, imaginative, and captivating story.

    14. I first read this as a tween in the early 1970s and didn't give too much thought to the political story arc. Re-reading it recently I get the pushback but given when it was written, the details aren't surprising.Would be interesting to see how a good film adaptation would address that detail.

    15. I thought this was one of the bestxt books ever. 1950's syfy, but it is really good, but read "When World's Collide". Mankind at his finest, and his worst.

    16. Perhaps because this novel originally appeared as a magazine serial, it is more of a page-turner than its predecessor. Then, too, cliffhangers were harder to come by in a book that assured us of the end of the world practically from page one. Here, the story is all about the survivors of Earth trying to make a new planet their home.That planet is Bronson Beta, once the Earth-sized moon of Bronson Alpha. Bronson Alpha, if you recall, was a planet about the size of Neptune that smashed into Earth, [...]

    17. You know those times when you are having a conversation with someone and you feel the need to quote from a classic work of literature such as THE ODYSSEY or PARADISE LOST? Or perhaps you are sitting under the stars with your romantic companion and your conversation turns to which of Shakespeare’s sonnets contained a certain line?You don’t? Well, if not, you may have some difficulty identifying with much of the dialogue that vacillates between 1930’s colloquialism and such lofty references. [...]

    18. I actually enjoyed this book more than When Worlds Collide. The struggles humans face on the new planet are interesting.

    19. Follows on directly from When Worlds Collide with around 100 refugees from Earth arriving on the baby brother/sister of the planet that destroyed their former home. After Worlds Collide is, of course, quite dated - although there are some ideas that show great imaginary vision on Wylie's part. As with many books (especially of the Sci-fi genre) written before the PC brigade stomped down on such things, elements of the story are quite sexist or racist. Unusually for a novel of this time, the weak [...]

    20. You will recall that our heroes left Earth in ‘When Worlds Collide’ and landed on a brand new planet which has managed to move itself into (more or less) Earth orbit following the destruction of Earth and the Moon by a wandering rogue gas giant.This novel follows what happens next and jolly interesting and exciting it is too (as Lady Cynthia would say).Professor Hendron, the brilliant, if wildly verbose, scientist who masterminded the flight to Bronson Beta has been exhausted by the stress o [...]

    21. After reading the first book of the trilogy, When Worlds Collide, I just had to read the sequel: After Worlds Collide. I loved the first book so much and I wanted to find out what happened to the people I had learned to care so much about.We left off at the end of the first book with the survivors having landed on their new home planet of Bronson-Beta. We take up their story as they begin to explore the new world around them. Tentatively, at first, but then with enthusiasm. We soon find out that [...]

    22. Not sure.This tale had sexism in spades, racism in bucketfuls and elitsm in even more buckets.I remember the film W.W.C from way back and thought it cool at the time and a typical Hollywood affair where the americans prevail and save us all, in this case the species of man.I was blissfully unaware of a sequel/follow up story and almost wish I hadn't found it.It again, to me, was a bit preachy with the religious tone and bible quotes. I know this was written in the early thirties and some of the [...]

    23. Also short, this novel is more nationalism than science fiction, though it did correctly line up the future opponents of the USA.The first part here echoes and continues the previous story - landing on the new planet, setting up camp, exploring, finding lush farmland and remnants of a former civilization. Then a plane flies overhead, and the novel kicks off in a different direction.Russian, Japan and Germany banded together to build a separate ark, and from the moment they landed, they started i [...]

    24. At the conclusion of Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer’s classic sci-fi novel When Worlds Collide (1933), the Earth is spectacularly destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet that had been dubbed Bronson Alpha. Only 103 people, it would seem, managed to get off our world safely, aboard American scientist Cole Hendron’s rocket ship, and land on the rogue planet’s sister world, Bronson Beta. It is a marvelous cliffhanger of an ending, leaving the reader wondering just what might have happen [...]

    25. An engaging story that got off to a slow start for me. I found the characters and their reasoning a bit arrogant and long-winded at first, though I've come to conclude that this was to be expected given the era in which the book was written. I also read this book without having first read "When Worlds Collide" so I feel that I probably missed out on some important character-building information. In reading this science fiction of the past it's interesting to note how much our society's attitude [...]

    26. Satisfying sequel to the excellent When Worlds Collide. One of the fascinating aspects of speculative fiction is that it largely immune to becoming dated. The intellects of Wylie and Balmer are engaged in the pursuit of what it might be like for humans to survive and begin to forge a civilization on a new planet. Insight into human behavior is needed for this task and it could have come at any period from great authors. Will humans continue to fracture, divide and fight wars of domination or can [...]

    27. This is the sequel to the classic science fiction book "When Worlds Collide". Much like its prequel, the book is a bit dated and has some naive notions on science (atomic energy, in particular) and social interactions (characters are from the 1930's). The story starts out well. However, about halfway through the book it is as if the authors became bored and just wanted to finish. Shortcuts are made in the plot line. Conclusions are reached via hand waves. All in all, it is not a very satisfying [...]

    28. It's sometimes difficult to judge science fiction that is as old as this (it was written in the early 30s). Like in Brave New World, the gender roles seem laughably archaic. It's enlightening to see what writers assumed would change and what would remain despite the passage of time (i.e. men will always feel justified in literally or figuratively patting women on the head or the behind). Apparently no one will ever be more heroic than white American men although British men come in 2nd place. Th [...]

    29. This sequel to the 1932 book, When Worlds Collide, was written in 1934. Two things struck me in reading the book, first, the folks who traveled to Bronson Beta were really, really lucky to have everything they needed on the new planet. This very predictable literary convenience can be partly forgiven due to the early writing of the novel. The second interesting aspect to the book is the group of individuals who represent a mortal enemy to the survivors of Earth. Still, I can only give After Worl [...]

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