Cute Devil

Cute Devil Akiyoshi Tohru is the picture of an ideal student Not only does he have perfect attendance and top grades but he s the student council president of his all boys school But the school princess Narus

  • Title: Cute Devil
  • Author: Hiro Madarame
  • ISBN: 9781427818034
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Akiyoshi Tohru is the picture of an ideal student Not only does he have perfect attendance and top grades, but he s the student council president of his all boys school But the school princess , Naruse Futa, takes a shining to Akiyoshi and a princess always gets what he wants Will Akiyoshi be able to escape Naruse s sadistic clutches

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    1. Let me begin my little rating by telling you all that I read a LOT of manga, and I own just about every yaoi that has been english language released.I have read everything from hand-holding cuddly to hard-core edgy, and I must say that because of an experience in reading yaoi I can safely say that this book hugely entertained me!I know all the cliches of boy loves boy, or non-con boy falls in love, and true, its in this book. But what suprised me is the seemingly unobtrusive way that the seme fo [...]

    2. Have we established yet that I don't like mean seme characters? Because I don't like mean seme characters. This is your standard "seme is a jerk, forces himself on uke, uke does not seem to actually LIKE seme, but can't seem to get rid of him and for some inexplicable reason falls in love (this is love?)" story, the twist being that the seme (Naruse) is an adorable-looking kid (at least, until he grows up--over summer break, no less), and the uke (Akiyoshi) is the one guy in the class not intere [...]

    3. I wanted to put this on my Romance shelf, but I'm not sure a relationship based initially (primarily??) on violation---however common the plot in gay erotica of all formats--counts. I also am not sure how to review mature yaoi in general, having read very little in this genre.So, removing context, perhaps I should focus on the art. Didn't love it. The first drawings were pretty ridiculously proportioned: long, thing bodies and limbs that make the heads look weirdly small. Didn't have the emotion [...]

    4. Read it while listening to BLCD! Naruse was so cute! He look like an "uke" but he's actually a "seme",! I start to really love this manga after Naruse hit his growth spurt & come out looking so HOT! Even Akiyoshi-kun thinks so too

    5. Ok. This is one of those yaoi's that is so close to being something that I would love, but it's lacking heart (and some other things). First off, it begins with rape--or the rather the forced-seduction yaoi rape, bute on. It's rape. But even if we were going to set that aside as "yaoi rape" and something that doesn't seem to be traumatizing or even wrong in the world Madarame has put her characters in, there's still a few more things that are just meh. Akiyoshi is an airhead to the point of obno [...]

    6. Because of the cover, I thought this was going to be a manga with beautiful art, but it is not. The "Cute Devil" (who isn't) looks very weird, when he is supposed to look cute. In fact, he looks monstrous. And he behaves like a monster. He likes to force himself (a.k.a, rape) on the naive uke whenever he wants (in school!). For some reason, uke ends up liking him **sneer**. Girls, take note: the story is not cute, nor eye-candy, nor romantic, nor hot. Don't waste your time reading this.

    7. Nekota Yonezou’s Hidoku Shinaide/Treat Me Gently is eerie similar to Madarame Hiro’s Kawaii Akuma/Cute Demon, both authors used the same trope, one which is quite prevalent in yaoi: boy wants boy and rapes him because he doesn’t have the balls to say it or act in a respectable manner, and after months of sexual assault, the victim eventually falls in love with his attacker….Since the review is actually about two different books/series, it's a bit on the long side.To read the entire revie [...]

    8. I love the story of the oblivious and unpopular Tohru who at first doesn't realize he's being pursued by the tricky Naruse, then when he gets it he runs screaming in the other direction! I've reread this book so many times I cant count em all!

    9. Seriously? This is considered romance? I don't get it. And I don't understand why Tohru put up with all that.

    10. Didn't like the art or the storyline. I realized finishing it won't change my mind about it either so no need to go through hell forcing myself to like it

    11. I really wanted to enjoy this, only thing i would recommend is the art style, it's really strange but enticing -or at least i find it that way- the story is just boring.

    12. Read at least (2) timesRead these a long time ago but now they're starting one about the oldest brother - and I was always fascinated by him. So! Re-read time!

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