Hauntings and Other Fantastic Tales

Hauntings and Other Fantastic Tales Vernon Lee writes in the Preface to Hauntings My ghosts are what you call spurious ghosts of whom I can affirm only one thing that they haunted certain brains and have haunted among others my own

  • Title: Hauntings and Other Fantastic Tales
  • Author: Vernon Lee
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  • Page: 428
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  • Vernon Lee writes in the Preface to Hauntings, My ghosts are what you call spurious ghosts of whom I can affirm only one thing, that they haunted certain brains, and have haunted, among others, my own First published in 1890, Lee s most famous volume of supernatural tales occupies a special place in the literature of the fantastic for its treatment of the femme fata Vernon Lee writes in the Preface to Hauntings, My ghosts are what you call spurious ghosts of whom I can affirm only one thing, that they haunted certain brains, and have haunted, among others, my own First published in 1890, Lee s most famous volume of supernatural tales occupies a special place in the literature of the fantastic for its treatment of the femme fatale and the allure of the past, along with the themes of thwarted artistic creativity and psychological obsession This collection, which includes the four stories originally published in Hauntings and three others, enables readers to consider Lee s work anew for its subtle redefinitions of gender and sexuality during the Victorian fin de siecle The appendices, which include extensive excerpts from writings by Lee s predecessors and peers, including Algernon Charles Swinburne, Walter Pater, and Lee s brother Eugene Lee Hamilton, allow the reader to see how Lee takes on the themes and preoccupations of the late Victorian period but adapts them to her own purposes.

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    About “Vernon Lee”

    1. Vernon Lee

      Vernon Lee was the pseudonym of the British writer Violet Paget 1856 1935 She is now known mostly for her supernatural fiction she wrote also essays and poetry she contributed to The Yellow Book She was a follower of Walter Pater.An engaged feminist, she always dressed la gar onne, and was a member of the Union of democratic control 1.Her literary works explored the themes of haunting and possession The English writer and translator, Montague Summers described Vernon Lee as the greatest of modern exponents of the supernatural in fiction 2 She was responsible for introducing the concept of empathy Einf hling into the English language Empathy was a key concept in Lee s psychological aesthetics which she developed on the basis of prior work by Theodor Lipps Her response to aesthetics interpreted art as a mental and corporeal experience This was a significant contribution to the philosophy of art which has been largely neglected The Lie of the Land , in the voume Limbo, and other Essays , has been one of the most influential essays on landscaping.Additionally she wrote, along with her friend and colleague Henry James, critically about the relationship between the writer and his her audience pioneering the concept of criticism and expanding the idea of critical assessment among all the arts as relating to an audience s or her personal response She was a strong, though vexed, proponent of the Aesthetic movement, and after a lengthy written correspondence met the movement s effective leader, Walter Pater, in England in 1881, just after encountering his famous disciple Oscar Wilde Her interpretation of the movement called for social action, setting her apart from both Wilde and Pater.

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    1. Violet Paget (given-name of writer Vernon Lee) was a lesbian, a female dandy, a disciple of Walter Pater, and an acquaintance of Oscar Wilde, so it should not be a surprise that these four tales of the supernatural are filled with gorgeous descriptive passages (particularly of Italy) and sexual ambiguity. What is a surprise to me is how well-crafted and scary these stories really are. Each tale (making allowances for a little inversion) is about a "la belle dame sans merci," a fairy temptress wh [...]

    2. Vernon Lee's tale Amor Dure represents a high-mark in ghostly literature and is essential for all those seeking classic supernatural fiction. The rest of the tales included in this volume are exquisite baroque attempts at tackling the same theme, perhaps being outshone by the dazzling power of the initial story, but each tale is in its way delightful. Recommended for all those running away from tepid, ephemeral modernity and into the cold, diaphanous arms of the ghostly.

    3. Long out of print. I only knew of her as recommended in a book by Montague Summers, then found this accidentally in a used book shop recently. A cross between Poe and Le Fanu, and perfectly seductive and intelligent. The critic Maurice Baring described Violet Paget (her real name) as 'by far the cleverest person I have ever met in my life'. But it was a male-dominated society so she decided to write under a pseudonym. Fucking men, eh?

    4. A truly interesting and successful ghost story (in my view) has to focus on the people being haunted, on the effects that ghosts or the belief in ghosts have on the living. These four stories by Vernon Lee are perfect examples of the right way to do the ghost story. In fact they’re among the best I’ve ever read.

    5. This is another one of my series of articles for Florence News and Events, one of our English-language expatriate publication here in Flowertown--hence the journalistic tone. Any criticisms before we go to press appreciated!Vernon Lee’s Victiorian HauntingsIn 1889 Violet Paget’s family rented the Villa Il Palmerino in Maiano, a hamlet in the hills just north-east of Florence, between Fiesole and Settignano. She will live there, between her many travels, until her death in 1935 at the ripe ol [...]

    6. Psychological Horror in Oke of Okehurst. The use of psychological horror in Oke of Okehurst is similar to many other applications within the context of Victorian fiction. Upon reading Lee’s novella, the first connection that I made was with another short story, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In both texts, the reader learns through the statements of their doting “loving” husbands that they suffer from nervous conditions. In the Yellow Wallpaper, the opinion of her husba [...]

    7. Hauntings is a collection of short fiction by a somewhat little known late 19th/early 20th century writer. Most of the stories don’t deal with actual hauntings, per se, but rather with weird, possibly supernatural events.Some of the stories, like “Amour Dure,” pulled off the suspense quite well. Others, like “Dionea,” were weaker. Regardless, they all had interesting ideas behind them.“Oke of Okehurst” and “A Wicked Voice” worked well as a pair (and kudos to the editor for putt [...]

    8. I found "Amour Dure" and "Dionea" to be the strongest, the most frightening. "Oke of Okehurst" focuses more on the various characters and how they relate to each other; the dynamics are interesting but distract me from the supernatural element. "A Wicked Voice" felt less developed, like a weaker version of "Amour Dure." The element of becoming obsessed with a somewhat forgotten past is there, but it occurred less gradually and was resolved quickly. That may be in part because it's shorter. I pau [...]

    9. Having already read Amour Dure, Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady, A Wedding Chest, The Virgin of the Seven Daggers and A Wicked Voice, I skipped straight to:Dionea - a little girl found lashed to a plank, washed up on the Italian beach presumably from a shipwreck and is raised in a convent, but who grows up to be a sorceress of love potions Oke of Okehurst - Or, A Phantom Lover - a painter goes to live with a couple in order to create their portraits; the wife bears a striking similarity to her [...]

    10. Amour Dure: 4 starsDionea: 5++ starsOke of Okehurst: 5 starsA Wicked Voice: 3 starsPrince Alberic and the Snake Lady: 4.5 starsA Wedding Chest: 3.5 starsThe Virgin of the Seven Daggers: 3 stars

    11. I will be returning to the rest of this collection asap!3.5Now that I've read all of the stories that comprise Hauntings, I have to say this was a really great read. The prose are long and the descriptions somewhat longer but I would expect no less from a disciple of Walter Pater. Taken as a whole I find that the scholarly introduction proves to be a little bit misleading when it talks about strong themes throughout the collection, some stories it doesn’t mention, obviously because they don’ [...]

    12. Florid in a way that only 19th Century Horror Fiction can be, but despite that (or perhaps because of it) totally enjoyable. The first tale, Amor Dure, is one of those labyrinthine historical tales, that comes around full-circle in the author's present, whose experience we know only from his diaries. For me, it's the best of the four.Not sure if it's a fault of the book, or of the transfer to Kindle format, but it's hard to tell where one tale ends and the next begins, at least in the transition [...]

    13. Vernon Lee! Another revelation. A Victorian woman who never let her position in society hold her back. Openly a lesbian, she lived in Italy and wrote some memorable short stories. Inspired by the aesthetic movement and by the decadence of poets like Baudelaire, there is a shocking sensuality in her ghost stories. 'A Wicked Voice' is particularly powerful, as the protagonist is spellbound by an operatic voice from the past that has the power to kill. Layer after layer of meaning can be uncovered [...]

    14. This is just the kind of book I would expect to have chosen from a shelf of old, archaic titles. Nothing spectacular about the plots and story-telling, but as this happens to be one of my genres of choice, the reading went well. I'd call this an in-betweener book--something to read when your original choice is indisposed.

    15. Firstly I love how Vernon Lee was a woman writing under a pseudonym. Secondly, her portrayal of the supernatural and the femme fatale are so well done that it's difficult to envisage where she got her inspiration. My favourite story was most definitely Amour Dure - obsessive, unrequited love, eerie church scenes and a dead woman; what more does a scary story need?

    16. I enjoyed this far more than I had anticipated. As other reviewers have mentioned, the remorseless women in these tales only add to the flavor of the story. I would also agree that sometimes they stories are florid but to me it increased my enjoyment of these tales. All in all, it was perfect reading for a time when blustery winter weather was all around me.

    17. I ended up skipping the last story because I really couldn't get into it from the off but out of the 3/4 that I read, all were great, I'm looking forward to looking at some of this authors work!

    18. I liked this little book of spooky stories.To me the last story is the weakest, but even this was interesting in its way.Nice reading for the lover of the macabre. :)

    19. A collection of ghost stories from a largely forgotten author. I enjoyed her use of language and found her stories refreshingly unpredictable.

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