Seducing the Duchess

Seducing the Duchess Love and marriage don t have to be strangers Gambling Carousing Flirting Charlotte Duchess of Rutherford will do anything to escape her painful marriage and force her husband to divorce her But when

  • Title: Seducing the Duchess
  • Author: Ashley March
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love and marriage don t have to be strangers Gambling Carousing Flirting Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford, will do anything to escape her painful marriage and force her husband to divorce her But when Phillip, Duke of Rutherford, promises a divorce if Charlotte will help him become a better husband for another woman, she wonders if she really wants to lose him

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      419 Ashley March
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      Ashley March has never forgiven Margaret Mitchell for making her fall in love with Scarlett and Rhett in Gone with the Wind and then not giving them a happy ending She likes to think that she makes up for the injustice done to them with each romance novel she writes When she isn t telling stories about sexy, headstrong heroes and intelligent, independent heroines, Ashley stays busy chasing after her two young daughters, semi attempting to do housework, and hiking in the beautiful foothills of Colorado now writing as Elise Rome

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    1. Review originally posted at Fiction Vixen.I have to be upfront and say that I am not this book’s target audience. I didn’t know this until I started reading, but within the first 16 pages it was glaringly apparent. I hate reading about cheaters. If I hear a book has infidelity I’ve learned to just skip it. Otherwise I usually spend the whole book pissed off. It is a rare day when I believe in the relationship after they’ve cheated on one another. It has happened a time or two though, I h [...]

    2. I should have liked this more than I did. It contained a lot of plot elements I find fun in a romance.The hero marries the heroine for revenge against her brother. Then he proceeds to be a total ass after the wedding night, going back to his mistress and ignoring the heroine. Finally, he decides it's the heroine he really loves and has to try and win her back, a plan which includes abduction.Fun, right?Not really. Just too many little quirks that ruined it for me.First of all, this novel is not [...]

    3. The first time I read this, I gave it two stars and here are my thoughts from the first time, I will follow it up with my opinion on the reread. I have liked and defended some really bad cheating H's in my time, but I can't find any sympathy for Philip, the H. The story is about Philip and Charlotte the Duke and Duchess of Rutherford. Philip marries Charlotte because her older brother attempted to run off with Phillip's fiancée Joanna, who is now Lady Gray. The elopement was unsuccessful, with [...]

    4. 2 ½ stars – Historical/Regency RomanceThis one is rather hard to rate. I can't quite give it full 3 stars because I didn't care at all for the H/h, nor did I ever feel invested in their emotions or relationship. The constant "love/hate/love/hate" bickering seemed repetitive and was somewhat exhausting, especially since I never actually felt the "love" between them. I honestly wasn't that interested in the outcome of all their drama. But the writing showed a lot of promise, so I'll definitely [...]

    5. Favorite Quote: Truly, she had quite a talent for swearing. He had never known his head resembled a horse’s testicle. Rather a fascinating comparison, that.Philip Burgess, the Duke of Rutherford has been pining for and trying seduce his wife for the past six months. Having been married three years to Charlotte, you would think he wouldn’t have to win back the woman he married. But, Philip didn’t marry for love, he married for revenge. After Charlotte’s brother stole away Philip’s fianc [...]

    6. You knowis COULD'VE worked but then the author decided that, while Phillip had been whoring around for their entire marriage, Charlotte isn't allowed to! We're made to believe she did, but it's a lie and she's remained all nice and near-virginal for him. True love! Everyone gets off completely free except Charlotte, the one person who was the victim in the entire debacle. She loses her entire family because they disown her for marrying Phillip, she's humiliated by Phillip directly right after th [...]

    7. I enjoyed Philip and Charlotte's bickering and fighting in the first half of the book but then it got repetitive and annoying in the last half. I was saying, "Just say I love you, kiss and make up already. Enough with the freaking games!"I liked this book. The poem he wrote for her was beautiful. I did like how they messed with each other, it was very entertaining. This book was a lot funnier, sweeter, and more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Overall: 3 starsRecommendation: If you like bic [...]

    8. This is the debut novel by Ashley March and while I did not love it, she seems to be a promising new author to keep an eye on. This story follows Philip Burgress, Duke of Rutherford, and his journey to get his wife, Charlotte, back. Philip and Charlotte were childhood playmates along with Charlottes brother Ethan and Joanna, a nearby neighbor. Philip was groomed to be a duke and with that all that that entails.g ruthless, cold and unfeeling. Joanna was destined to be his bride against her wishes [...]

    9. I was very dissapointed with this one. After reading some good reviews and the blurb, I thought this sounded pretty interesting. So I went straight over to amazon and downloaded it. UGH.let's just say the good reviews weren't very accurate imo. It stared off good but halfway thru it got repetative and I started to get bored. The H/H just kept going back in forth and it drove me crazy after awhile. I didn't really connect to either of them. In the end I was happy it was over and that's not a prom [...]

    10. Genel olarak kitabı beğendim eğlenceliydi. Ama o hödük dük beni sinir etti.3 sene karısını görmezden geldi (kafasına taş mı düştü ne yaptı anlamadım orayıda) sonra karısına aşık oldu. Hele birde karısına büyük marifetmiş gibi 6 aydır metresime gitmiyorum senin için terkettim onu demezmi, sanki düğünün ertesi günü karısını metresi için terketmemiş gibi Tam zopalıktı. Charlotte az bile yaptı ona :D

    11. Seducing the Duchess (The Bridal Pleasures) by Ashley March Historical Romance - Oct. 5th, 20105 stars I often rate how much I enjoy a book by how emotionally involved I was with the 2 main characters. I was dazzled by this author’s story about a Duke who is determined to woo his Duchess even if she fights him at every opportunity! This fresh story was a fun and moving book that readers will love.Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford was young and naïve when she was seduced by her husband, Phillip [...]

    12. I liked this one because it was different from the usual HR books that I read. And that first chapter where she is kidnapped by her husband was just great. But their love story is a messy one, and a sad one.Why is then their story such a mess? Well Phillip whispered words of love and got her to marry him. Everything was perfect, their wedding night was perfect, until next morning when he told he he had only used her for revenge and he packed up and left her to go to his mistress. Poor Charlotte [...]

    13. Kitabın konusu diğer hist.lere göre değişikti, güzeldi de aslında ama nedense okurken pek hoşlanamadım ben Sırf bitirebilmek için zorladım kendimi, neyse ki son 30 sayfanın falan yardımı oldu baya Kadın beni çıldırttı davranışlarıyla, adama da ayrı sinir oldum koskoca dük ne hallere düştü diye Neyse kitap çok şükür bitti Yazarın başka bir kitabını okurmuyum bilmiyorum zaman gösterecek

    14. I don't know if it was the mood I was in or if this was simply one of the worst books I've read. I don't want to be cruel, but damn, this book was agony to read and it just went on and on even though we knew there was going to HEA. Ugh, I was so angry, I just started reading the dialog because I could care less what was going on in the minds of these characters. This book has really put me off the regency romances for a while I just can't do this again. Yeah, that bad folks.

    15. Review by C.M. Lessard for Romance Novel NewsThe Duke of Rutherford wants his wayward wife back. After three years of neglect and cruelty, Philip has decided to woo his wife Charlotte and revive their marriage. But it won’t be easy. While Philip had set his wife aside in favor of his mistress, Charlotte has been living a separate life, coquetting and carousing with other men. She hopes her scandalous behavior will make Philip petition for a divorce - but he kidnaps her instead.Philip takes her [...]

    16. Geçmişi Unut-Ashley Marchİlk başta konu çok güzeldi bunu belirtmeden geçemiyeceğimYazarın tarzını biraz Sherry Thomas'a benzettimBu benzetmemde ki sebep ise yazarın Anlaşmalı Evlilik romanın ile konusu oldukça benzeşiyorduAma onun kadar usta henüz olamamışYeni bir yazar orjinal adı Düşes Seducing 'ın puanı 5/3,66 hikaye ben 166'cı sayfaya geldiğimde henüz tam oturmamıştıÇok güzel bir konu yakalanmış ama ne yazık ki heba edilmişBazı yerlerde gereksiz ayrınt [...]

    17. This is one of a very few books I have ever read more than once, and I loved it even more the second time around. This was a lovely novel. I enjoyed the lyrical play of words and though it had more inner monologue than I usually like it was handled so well that it didn't annoy. That sounds bad but it isn't.I really liked to read their thoughts often, as they were always fresh, it wasn't a constant reminder of how horrible the situation was as is so common with inner monologue(got it, bad, OK shu [...]

    18. “Seducing the Duchess ” by Ashley March What would you do to try and capture your wife's heart once again? Would you send her flowers, write her a poem, or what about going as far as kidnapping her in front of society's upper class? That is exactly what the Duke of Rutherford does. He kidnaps his wife back to win her love. The Duke of Rutherford realizes that his only true love is his wife Charlotte and not his mistresses. He broke her heart by telling her on their first night of their marri [...]

    19. Bir arkadaşım tavsiye etti kitabı bende bi heyecan başladım ama bi türlü içine giremedim kitabın güzeldi aslında ama daha güzelde olabilirdi atlaya atlaya okuma isteği yarattı bende fazlamı ayrıntı vardı neDükümüz kızmızın abisinden intikam almak için kızımızla ilgiliyor ve evleniyor(abisi nişanlısını ayartmış evlilikte olmamış) kızımızla evleniyor ilk geceden sonrada kıza gerçeği söyleyip metresine gidiyor kızımızı kendi haline bırakıyor 3 yıl s [...]

    20. The only reason why I read this book was because I had to judge it. Otherwise it is not a book that I would have bought or even given a second glace to in the book store. So I picked it up knowing that I would hate it and ended up falling in love with Philip and Charlotte.The book started off after Charlotte and Philip had already been married for three years. But this was not like most of the books that I have read where they are so in love and everything works out great. Let me say this I HATE [...]

    21. The reading slump is dead. Long live the reading slump!I did have my issues with this book, but I still enjoyed it immensely. Snappy dialogue, a heroine who fights back (instead of hiding out in the country, doing charity work with orphans etc.), and the angst! The glorious, glorious angst!What didn't work so well? The vague setting/time period, a hero who professes his love but I'm not quite sure how he got there, and characters who are both manipulative a-holes. Still, I really enjoyed. Plus i [...]

    22. I got roped in by the hype reviews I found the story to be only OK for me for a debut, I will give Ashley March another try with her next release before I make a decision if I will continue reading this author. It could have been any number of factors that influenced my decision on the book at the time I read Seducing the Dutchess, there was something that just didn't figure right with the story to me, so maybe with the second book the light may come on and I will have "I get it" moment and it w [...]

    23. Güzel bir hikayeydi akıcı ve yer yer eğlenceli yer yer sinirlerinizi zıplatan:)Bazen bayan karaktere hakveriyoruz bazende erkek karaktere.Başlarda bu nasıl bir kitap diyorsunuz çünkü şimdiye kadar okuduğumuz çoğu kitaptan farklı, bize göre ters düşecek şeylerle karşılaşıyorsunuz ama ilerledikçe bazı şeyler yerine oturuyor ve aslında bambaşka şeyler yaşandığını anladıkça kitaba kapılıyorsunuz.Yazarı takip edeceğim ve birkez daha şunu anladımki bu hikayeyi [...]

    24. I'm in the minority, but I really like this one. H (Duke) hurt by childhood friends when his best friend elopes with his fiancée. H decides to get revenge by seducing and marrying friend's sister. He makes her fall in love with him, marries and beds her, tells her about his revenge and leaves her (He has a mistress). h decides to cause scandal enough to make him divorce her. He has a hard time groveling because of his pride and his rank (training by grandfather) and makes many mistakes trying t [...]

    25. Oh, this was a weepy book. A VERY weepy book. 15 tissues' worth of weepy. It was cathatic and I liked it, but I give you fair warning, it REALLY puts you though an emotional wringer. Okay, the summary: Philip Burgess, Duke of Rutherford, is very good at being a duke not so much at being a husband. Philip and Charlotte (the squire's daughter) have known each other since they were children. Charlotte had always looked up to him, and secretly adored him. Charlotte's elder brother Ethan was Philip's [...]

    26. I am always interested in the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation in romances. To me, one can know the skill of a writer by the way they can come from a start of anger and bitterness etc to HEA. So to me, Ashley March had set herself up with an interesting task. Did it work? Surprisingly yes until the end where it just ended abruptly. Sighess it's back to the search for that perfect forgiveness book for me

    27. Pengaen ngasih 3,5 tapi ga ada Maunya sih kaih 5 bintang, tapi di awal di jelasin kalo Phillip ini punya mistress, tapi yg bikin aku masih bisa maafin dia, 6 bulan yang lalu dia udah "dismiss" mistress nya demi mengejar kembali istrinya yg jadi wildJadi begini cerita nya[image error]Phillip sudah sekitar 6 bulan mengikuti dan memata2i istrinya , Charlotte yang berkeliaran kesana kemari, bermalam entah di mana, ketemu dan ngumpul dengan cowok, flirting, gambling.d whoring (?)Kenapa sih rumah tang [...]

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